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Prime Minister David Cameron is to visit Glasgow tomorrow in a bid to bolster the anti-independence campaign in the wake of the TV debate that saw Alistair Darling struggle against First Minister Alex Salmond.

The Conservative leader will be the main speaker at a dinner event to be held in Glasgow by pro-Union lobbying organisation the CBI.

  Nicola Sturgeon has said a Yes vote is the only way to deliver real powers to Scotland’s islands and ensure our island communities can use their vast natural wealth to grow the local economy.
Ms Sturgeon will today begin a series of campaigning visits to the islands that will see her answer questions from floating voters on the crossing from Aberdeen to Lerwick, before spending the day campaigning on Shetland. Ms Sturgeon will then, on Thursday, travel to Orkney to take part in public meetings before visiting the Western Isles next week.

  By a Newsnet reporter
No campaign claims relating to North Sea Oil reserves are coming under increasing pressure following interventions by a leading industry body and respected academics.
A Statement from the UK’s leading offshore industry body giving support to Scottish Government estimates have been bolstered by similar interventions by two leading Professors in Petroleum Accounting and Energy.

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Yesterday the Scottish independence referendum took over twitter when ordinary people began tweeting messages containing their reasons for supporting a Yes vote in September's historic ballot.
However few were prepared for the volume of tweets that saw the hashtag #YesBecause dominate twitter, becoming one of the most trended tags in the world.

  Nicola Sturgeon is today outlining key guarantees for pensioners offered by independence – and challenged Labour to back them instead of backing the Tories.
The Deputy First Minister has accused the Labour party of supporting Conservative plans that would see payments to Scottish pensioners cut, hitting some of the poorest members of society.

  By Martin Kelly
The threat by London based pro-Union parties that they will block a currency union with an independent Scotland is a pre-negotiation bargaining position, a world renowned economist has said.
Nobel Prize winning economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz has said he believes Westminster’s currency bluff is nothing more than campaign rhetoric, saying that "The position of England today is obviously bargaining, trying to change the politics of the electoral process."

  By a Newsnet reporter
Gordon Brown has repeated false scares relating to cross-border cooperation on organs transplants and blood transfusions, saying they could end if Scots vote Yes.
Appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival, Mr Brown told an audience that Scottish independence could threaten existing agreements on health between Scotland on England.


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