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Acclaimed Holywood actor, Brian Cox, is to be the voice behind the new cartoon character Duggy Dug it can be revealed.

The Dundee born filmstar, famous for his roles in the Jason Bourne trilogy and Planet of the Apes, will be the voice of Newsnet Scotland's radical new cartoon creation, which is based on a highland terrier.

The project, a collaboration involving a professional artist, animator and filmmaker, will see Duggy explore some of the key issues of the independence debate in a humorous and informative mix that will both entertain and educate.

Duggy Dug, is a scruffy yet likeable old Scotttish terrier whose eyesight isn't the best - but who uses his nose to sniff out fact from fiction as he wanders through some of the more controversial areas of the debate, wisecracking along the way.

Explaining the reasoning behind the character, Newsnet Scotland's communications officer Lynda Williamson said: "The independence debate is currently dominated by fear and pessimistic claims from the No campaign. 

"We believe a loveable cartoon character is just the thing to counter the relentless negativity and scaremongering."

Ms Williamson added: "Duggy Dug isn't just likeable though, he also knowledgeable and those watching the cartoons will be taken on an enjoyable yet informative wee journey."

Commenting, Brian Cox said: "One of the most effective ways to combat fear is through humour.

"If we can provide a few laughs, at the same time as showing just how ridiculous some of the anti-independence scare stories actually are then it can only help.

"I think Duggy Dug has the potential to inject a bit of fun into the referendum debate, and that's surely good thing."

Ms Williamson added: "To get the services of someone of the profile and calibre of Brian Cox is quite a coup for us.

"Currently we are developing a custom site where people will be able to view all of the animations, the first of which is under development and will be released in July. 

"Duggy also has his own twitter account @Duggy_Dug and his own Youtube account where you can see the first pilot animation.

"We are currently trying to raise funds for the project and would urge people to donate in order to maximise its impact and allow us to bring the independence facts to as wide an audience as possible."


Those wishing to donate can do so by clicking the image:

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