By Derek Bateman
Damn! I’ve been trying to keep to my own agenda and not be side-tracked by others. But when I read the Guardian with mounting disbelief, I realised I was off chasing someone else’s hare again.
Here is a key sentence from Martin Kettle’s column‘Nationalist opinion could become more militant if the talks become bogged down. Even acts of violence are not inconceivable in certain circumstances or places…’

  By Campbell Martin
The British Unionists are losing....and they know it.  Just over five-months from the Independence Referendum, most polls still give the Unionists a small lead but the direction of travel is unmistakeably from ‘No’ to ‘YES’.  With such momentum likely to continue, the British Unionists now know they are facing defeat in the real poll on September 18th.

It is for this reason that the already fear-stoked message of the Unionist coalition – Tory, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP – has recently taken-on an air of total desperation. Last week, former Labour MP George Roberston had his audience squirming – he was speaking to a liberal-centrist American think tank – when he claimed Scotland re-taking the status of a normal independent nation would be “cataclysmic in geo-political terms”.

JOHN Smith, Labour leader and prime minister who never was, died 20 years ago next month, on 12 May, 1994. Like his political hero Hugh Gaitskell, Labour’s other lost leader, Smith’s demise at the comparatively early age of 55 was sudden, unexpected and shocking.
His departure from the political scene produced a rare wave of genuine sympathy from political opponents, as well as from friends and supporters. More significant still, the gap he left in Labour’s hierarchy would have a profound effect on the future of British politics and so on many lives, in Britain and in the Middle East.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
It feels like the blitz.  The heavy artillery has been deployed [again] to bombard the Scots into submission.
Yesterday was 'Hammond Time' as the Defence Secretary became the latest Tory Tourist to enter the forbidden zone known to some as North Britain (copywrite Gordon Brown).

By Ashley Husband Powton
Eleanor Roosevelt stated that 'Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people'. Throughout his myopic article, Professor Colin Kidd, respected expert in his field, vocal public supporter of the no-campaign and purveyor of his own grandiose important relationships with both current and ex Labour party (Prime) ministers, reduces the independence campaign to an argument more fitting of a cheap tabloid newspaper. 


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