By G.A.Ponsonby

Famous for the worst political prediction in history when he said that Devolution would kill Scottish Nationalism “stone dead”, George Robertson is again having a go at the nats.

Lord George has been railing against the 'online menace' known as the Cybernat and accusing them of all sorts of online skulduggery.

Eschewing the old childhood ‘sticks and stones’ advice, Lord George has had enough of being confronted by those online polemicists who have, it seems, less respect for him than he thinks he deserves.

In an article in the Scottish Review, entitled 'Vermin and trash': abused at the hands of the CyberNats’ – the Labour Peer calls on the SNP, or the ‘new establishment’ as he describes them, to chastise the offenders.

The article begins by listing a series of dictators, terrorist events, wars, war criminals and totalitarian regimes - merging the mixture of unsavoury characters and events seamlessly with an SNP conference and SNP followers.

The Balkans, 9/11, Macedonia, Russia, Saddam Hussein, Milosovic, Nazis, Bosnia and Kosovo all feature as Robertson conflates each of them with Scottish Nationalism.

An introductory three paragraph rant is followed by a sentence that one has to read, not twice but thrice to make sure you haven’t misread:

"But I truly believed that Scotland had grown out of that nonsense."

Yes indeed, Lord George is suggesting that Scotland is currently in the midst of a totalitarian regime hell bent on using violence in order to rid Scotland of its political opponents.

But what evidence does he present to back up his claims?  None other than the Scotsman online forums.

Yep, that shark infested sea of despair frequented by loons and screamers from both sides of the constitutional divide and none.

George, it seems, was the author of a recent article that was not as well received as he had hoped and, savaged by the political equivalent of the theatre critic, he has decided to hit back.

The name calling and abuse on the Scotsman threads is well known, as is the fact that both sides indulge in it, few people, if anyone at all, take the comments seriously.

Scotsman online comments serve only as ‘evidence’ to be cited by Unionists (like George) in order to suggest that only ‘nutty nats’ indulge in such behaviour.  The lie is well worn and easily disproved if one takes the time to read the Scotsman, Daily Mail and Telegraph comments.

Robertson though, then goes on to completely undermine his own spurious argument by launching his own verbal tirade against these online hecklers calling them “a bunch of demented, screwed-up untypical bigots”.

The language is eerily similar to that made by the late David Cairns, who when Labour MP for Inverclyde described Scottish National Party supporters as “anti-English swivel eyed bigots”.

Perhaps the real cause of Lord George’s outburst isn’t the fact that he has been called a few unpleasant names by a handful of online critics.  Could it be that Lord George has just realised that a Yes vote in the independence ballot will see him reverting back to plain old George.

Here’s a prediction for Lord Robertson – Independence will kill your House of Lords taxpayer funded gravy train stone dead.

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