By Mark McNaught
I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the meetings between UK defence minister Phillip Hammond and US defense officials during his recent visit to Washington.  The evidence is growing that a part of the UK is going to vote for independence later this year, a nation which happens to house the totality of the UK nuclear arsenal and is determined to definitely remove it from its territory.

By Derek Bateman

I was girdin’ masel  for a hurl at Gordon Brown with no little distaste I have to say since I can’t think of the sulking beast of Fife without a sense of dread and longing for a talent so wasted.

So I was pleased enough to be side tracked by the latest attack on my good self in the mainstream media. The latest appears in…can you guess? Yes, the Daily Telegraph which not only omitted the context of my remarks but lifted them straight from Britain’s house magazine of doctrinaire bigotry, the Daily Express.

  By George Kerevan
IF HISTORY tells us anything it is don’t trust Gordon Brown with your pension. In 1997, in one of his first acts as chancellor, Brown abolished tax relief on advance corporation tax (ACT). Unfortunately, this technical move penalised pension funds, robbing £5 billion from their annual income, and producing a £100bn loss in value. True, Mr Brown’s dawn raid on the pension funds did let him reduce the headline rate of corporation tax, boosting bank profits. We all know where that led.

  By Stephen Noon
Gordon Brown is not a stupid man.  He knows that what he is saying today on pensions is nonsense and he has specifically selected his statistics to present a picture that is wildly far from reality.  That is a clear and deliberate choice. 

It is the cheapest sort of negative campaigning, twisting the truth with the sole aim of frightening people.

By G.A.Ponsonby

Jim Murphy authored an article which appeared in the Scottish Sunday Express at the weekend.  The piece was the Labour MP's latest contribution to the independence debate.

Murphy's article was the appetiser for UK Labour's cavalry ride into Scotland this week in order to save the beleaguered Better Together campaign.  Gordon Brown will follow on Tuesday and Ed Miliband will bring the circus to a close on Friday.

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