The BBC have been accused of sidelining the SNP after it emerged that theirs is the only Party Election Broadcast not available on the BBC’s online iPlayer.

When visiting the iPlayer site the link for the SNP election broadcast is marked 'Coming soon'.

The election broadcasts for Labour, Conservative and LibDems are freely available for viewing as are PEB’s for other smaller parties.  Indeed election broadcasts are available for some parties despite the fact that they were broadcast after the SNP’s.  The Conservative PEB was broadcast fully two days after the SNP yet has already been made available.

It is understood that the SNP have tackled the BBC on what appears to be yet another attempt at marginalising the party of government in Scotland; a press release from the SNP may be imminent.

This follows the announcement by the SNP that they plan to contest their exclusion from the BBC election debate in court on Tuesday.

The list of PEB’s available on iPlayer can be seen by clicking here.


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