Scottish Politics

  By Lynda Williamson
Scottish Green Party Co-convener Patrick Harvie has cautioned industrial giant INEOS against thinking it will be able to Frack in one of Scotland's most densely populated areas.
Mr Harvie was responding after it emerged the operators of the Grangemouth refinery and petrochemical plant, had acquired a 51% share of the shale section of the joint Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence covering the Midland Valley of Scotland.

  By a Newsnet reporter
A Better Together activist who was paraded in front of supporters alongside No campaign chief Alistair Darling, has caused embarrassment to the pro-Union group after it emerged she had posted offensive messages, some bigoted, on her private twitter account.
Yvonne Hama appeared alongside Alistair Darling last Saturday in a Better Together event in Coatbridge.  The activist from Airdrie also featured on the official Better Together website urging voters to vote No in September's referendum.

  By Sean Martin
TWO MSPs have criticised the Department for Work and Pensions after it refused to respond to concerns over the impact welfare cuts have had in Scotland.
SNP MSP Paul Wheelhouse condemned the DWP, run by Conservative politician Iain Duncan Smith, for not responding to his questions after he submitted an enquiry regarding a specific constituent’s situation.

  By Martin Kelly
A trade union has reacted angrily after it learned that Glasgow based public sector workers facing redundancy will not benefit from recruitment assistance being offered to other workers across the UK.

The Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS) has revealed that Glasgow HMRC staff facing redundancy have been excluded from an external recruitment exercise in other parts of the UK.

  The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) has announced its intention to step up its efforts in areas of low voter turnout and areas considered Labour strongholds over the final six weeks of the referendum campaign.
Oraganisers have arranged for another nationwide 'Mass Canvass' event on Wednesday, 6th August in which they aim to get as many of activists out on the streets talking to as many voters as possible in an attempt at persuading more people to register to vote in the referendum.

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