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  By a Newsnet reporter
The Labour party has come under pressure from its own members to scrap Trident after 50 party branches - including 5 in Scotland - called for the nuclear weapon system to be binned.
It has emerged that the Constituency Labour Parties have made submissions to Labour's National Policy Forum - which is taking place this weekend - and scrapping Trident has emerged as a key issue with party members.

  An MSP is calling for the transportation of nuclear weapons through one of Scotland’s largest cities to cease after an anti-nuclear campaign group revealed nuclear weapons were in a convoy which passed through Glasgow late last Thursday night.
SNP MSP Bill Kidd has written to Defence Secretary Philipp Hammond calling for an immediate halt to nuclear convoys travelling through Glasgow – after CND revealed that nuclear weapons were driven through the city.

  By a Newsnet reporter
SNP MSP Annabelle Ewing has condemned the attitude of the UK Government on Dalgety Bay as an insult to Fifers – after the Ministry of Defence said that they expect Fife Council to help pay for the clean-up costs and flood defences from the radioactive contamination caused by the Ministry of Defence.

Ms Ewing has received a response to her letter from the MoD which states that they believe Fife Council should pick up the costs – despite the radium contamination on the beach being entirely the fault of the MoD.

  By Martin Kelly
The Ministry of Defence has today accepted responsibility for the radioactive pollution that has blighted one of Scotland’s most popular coastlines.
In a report published this evening, the MoD has pledged £10m towards a plan to remove radioactive material from Daglety Bay and reinforce, replace and extend coastal rock armour.

  By a Newsnet reporter
A BBC presenter has claimed that the rest of the UK would be unlikely to award shipbuilding contracts to the Clyde if Scots vote Yes in September's independence referendum.
James Naughtie, who presents BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland radio show made the claim during an interview with a representative of pro-Yes organisation Business for Scotland.

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