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  By a Newsnet reporter
First Minister Alex Salmond will use his speech in Carlisle this evening, marking  St George's Day, to highlight the strong and enduring friendship that will continue between Scotland, England and the rest of the UK, following independence.
In his speech, the First Minister will tell his audience that the social and family ties that bind people on both sides of the border will endure after Scottish independence.

  By a Newsnet reporter
A London based newspaper has been ridiculed by independence supporters after it published contradictory front page headlines on different sides of the border.
The Daily Express has been widely lampooned after its Scottish publication ran with a front page headline which claimed pensions north of the border would only be secure if Scotland remained inside the UK.  In Scotland, readers of the newspaper were presented with a headline that said: "Pensions Safer Within The UK".

  By Anne-Marie O'Donnell
The Scottish Government has pledged £1m to support foodbanks in Scotland in a bid to battle the effects of Westminster austerity cuts.
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the move at the SNP conference on Friday to combat the effects of changes to the benefits system which has left the most vulnerable struggling to meet basic needs.

  Pro-Independence campaigners in Fife have called on the Labour leadership to disown "ill judged and deeply offensive" remarks on nationality and ethnicity by a Fife Labour MP.
Speaking at a referendum hustings organised by Unison Fife Retired Members on Thursday 17 April, Thomas Docherty MP claimed that in the event of a YES vote, for thousands of families where one parent was born in Scotland and the other was born somewhere else in the UK "everyone is going to have to decide which of their grandparents is going to be a foreigner to them".

  By a Newsnet reporter
The organisers of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games have bowed to public pressure and scrapped plans to feature the demolition of a row of multi-storey flats as the centre-piece of the opening ceremony.
In an announcement this afternoon, Games' chief executive David Grevemberg said: "We made it clear from the outset the absolute priority was safety and that this event would only happen during the opening ceremony if it was safe to do so.

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