Much made over national security

By George KerevanWITH barely two weeks to go before the independence referendum, the Yes campaign has finally acquired momentum. The latest ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 2 September 2014 | Comments

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Why I will never buy the Herald again

  By G.A.Ponsonby  I broke my self-imposed vow not to buy hard copy newspapers when the Sunday Herald came out ...

Commentary | Monday, 1 September 2014 | Comments

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Scotland: The Day after ... In Europe

By Mark McNaught The resignation of Douglas Carswell from his Clacton seat, defection from the Tories to UKIP, forcing a by-election, ...

Commentary | Sunday, 31 August 2014 | Comments

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UK responsible for all of the debt confirms Treasury Chief

  By Martin Kelly  The Permanent Secretary to the Treasury has confirmed that in the event of independence the rest of the United Kingdom will be liable for all of the UK's debt. Yesterday, Sir Nick Macpherson, was giving evidence in front of a House of Commons Select Committee when he was asked about the £1.2 trillion of debt the UK ... Read More


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Harvie says Scotland is ready now

Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is hailing the vision laid ... Read More

Television debate will be 'Team Yes' versus 'Team Tory'

Previewing the next television referendum debate - a panel debate on Scottish Television on Tuesday, in which Yes will be ... Read More

Salmond: Yes vote will trigger global marketing campaign for Food & Drink sales

Alex Salmond will today pledge to work with the food and drink industry following a Yes vote to ensure they ... Read More

Yes will protect Scotland's EU membership as 100 Tory MPs vow EU exit

The threat to Scotland’s place in the European Union in the event of a No vote has been highlighted again ... Read More

Salmond: New voters' Hampden Roar will deliver success for Yes

Commenting on the surge in people across Scotland who have been signing up to the electoral roll to vote in ... Read More

A night for Scotland as stars take to the stage in bumper #VoteYes concert

A galaxy of Scotland's top talent is taking to the stage in the final push for a Yes vote in ... Read More

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The herried royal faimlie o Bahrain, unner pressure frae demonstratours tae reform the kintra's government an inbring democracie, haes caaed on assistance frae neibourin Saudi Arabia fur tae uphaud thair control.  In recent weiks, the kintra haes seen monie protests frae the majoritie Shia communitie, at claims hit is subjeck ti sectarian discriminacioun frae the minoritie Sunni communitie at hauds aa poleitical pouer.  The rulin faimlie, the Khalifas, is Sunni an aa.

A new scheme to catch cancer early and save more than 300 lives will be launched if a Scottish National Party government is re-elected in May.

The Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon unveiled plans for the £30 million Detect Cancer Early initiative at the SNP spring conference in Glasgow.

Ms Sturgeon said the initiative aimed to increase by a quarter the number of Scots caught in the first stage of the disease.

SCOTLAND’S councillors should receive a pay rise that reflects their workloads, according to Government advisors.

A new report by the Scottish Local Authorities Remuneration Committee said Councillors basic salary of £16,234 doesn’t reflect increases in workloads since bigger multi-member wards were introduced in Scotland in 2007 and has recommended an increase of 16.5% to £18,916.

The recommendation to “recognise the significant responsibilities of leaders and senior councillors” would see Glasgow and Edinburgh council leaders each receive £63,000, up from about £52,000, with the heads of smaller authorities earning at least £44,000.

by Graham Murray

QUESTIONS are being asked about why there has been no outcome yet from a year-long criminal investigation into the shamed former Labour leader of Scotland’s biggest local authority.

Twelve months have passed since Steven Purcell’s spectacular fall from grace at Glasgow City Council, after controversial admissions he used cocaine sparked a police inquiry into drug taking and possible corruption.

Last March, Strathclyde’s Major Crimes and Terrorism Investigation Unit said it was probing “allegations of drug taking” and “other matters” concerning 38-year-old Purcell, thought to centre on the awarding of contracts from the council’s £2.4billion budget.

Read part 1: Inflation and Deflation

by David Malone

The purpose of these two articles is to argue that because of the particular way in which our financial system evolved before the debt collapse, and the actions taken thereafter to bail out the banks and protect their debts, we are now seeing both inflation and deflation in different parts of the economic system.  I started to sketch out how I think these two 'opposing' forces have begun to re-enforce each other.

Rescue ettils conteinaes in Japan efter the yirdquake an tsunami at chappit the nor-eist o Japan on Fryday.  Tho at 8.8 on the Richter scale the quake wis yae o the lairgest at haes ivver bene recordit bi scientists, the shouggilin o the grunn an the destruccioun o biggins an infrastructure didnae create muckle loss o lyfe.  Japan haes the maist strick biggin codes in the warld, an the laich daith toll frae the yirdquake hitsel is a testiment ti the airts o Japanese engineers.

Houever nae biggin code cud proteck Japan frae the pouer an micht o the tsunami at follaed the quake.  A tsunami is creatit whan the fluir o the sea is mudged up or doun bi the yirdquake.  Whan this happens the hail buddie o watter abuin the quake-zone is liftit up or drappit doun, makin a wave-front at traivels out frae the epicenter.  Whan this wave-front wins tae shallae watters neir ti land, hit bings up on hitsel makin waves at kin grow monie meters heich.  Onlyke waves creatit bi the wind, at haes a gey short distance atween ilka wave crest, tsunami waves haes a gey lang distance atwein ilka wave crest, producin frichtsome waves at haes the pouer an strenth fur tae redd awaa biggins an conteinae spreidin deip inlaund.

According to a report published today by Tam Baillie, Scotland's commissioner for children and young people, and the Centre for Rural Childhood based at Perth College University of the Highlands and Islands, Scottish police are not doing enough to tackle the problem of international child trafficking.

The Labour party's large lead over the SNP in recent opinion polls is melting away according to a new opinion poll out this weekend.

The poll, conducted by Progressive Scottish Opinion, and based on those certain to vote for a specific party, shows that a swing of only 3% seperates the political adversaries as they head into their campaigns for the election on May 5.  If the election were held today 43% of respondents would vote Labour in the constituency ballot, ahead of 37% for the SNP. Scotland's smaller parties appear to be being squeezed as the two giants square up; The Conservates in Scotland record 11% in the poll and the LibDems now appear unable to form a coalition with only 5% just ahead of the Scottish Socialists on 2% and the Greens on 1%.


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