Support for Gaza in Scotland

By Stephanie Pride  AS the bombs continue to fall on Gaza and the death toll mounts, support for the besieged ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 29 July 2014 | Comments

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Yes means more than being a 'Proud Scot'

By Paul Kavanagh Despite claims from the Naw camp that it’s in the bag for the Union, I’m not thinking about ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 29 July 2014 | Comments

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Irish lessons for Scottish Independence

By Colm Ó Broin  Despite the many predictions made during the Scottish independence debate nobody really knows what the future ...

Commentary | Sunday, 27 July 2014 | Comments

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Carmichael threatens to tighten Westminster's grip if Scots vote No

  By a Newsnet reporter  Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has said that the UK Government's priority in the event of a No vote would be to strengthen its presence in Scotland. Speaking to the Herald newspaper, the Lib Dem MP said that Scots would need to be reminded that they were governed by Westminster and not just ... Read More


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Westminster 'Gung-Ho' approach to Fracking criticised

There is a clear contrast between Westminster’s "gung-ho" approach to Fracking, and the evidence-based, consensual approach being pursued by t... Read More

William McIvanney and Frank Skinner voice support for a Yes vote

William McIvanney, one of Scotland's most celebrated literary talents, and top English comedian Frank Skinner, have each voiced their support ... Read More

Yes Scotland endorsed by Pride Glasgow Chief Executive

Hot on the heels of Scotland’s biggest LGBT event, Pride Glasgow’s Chief Executive has given his backing for a Yes ... Read More

Glasgow benefiting from Scottish Government infrastructure spending

Glasgow is set to be a key centre for bio-medical science as the new facilities under construction at the Southern ... Read More

Indy supporters donate thousands for Foodbank after Yes Cyclist's 500 mile marathon

A Glasgow Foodbank will benefit from the generosity of Yes supporters after they donated thousand of pounds to a crowdfunding appeal. The ... Read More

Sillars and Scottish Socialists to outline case for independence

With many people yet to decide which way to vote in the referendum, former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars is ... Read More

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by Peter Thomson
Quhit’ll ye dae wi yon herrins heids?
Quhit’ll ye dae wi yon herrins heids?
We’ll makkit thon in tae laifs o breid
An aa manner o things.
So starts a song sung by the gutting gangs of the NE of Scotland in times when the silver darlings swam in shoals up to 30 miles long as they migrated around the Scottish coast.  The song itself is a nonsense song.  The lassies who sang it did so to help while away the hours of repetitive work gutting, salting and packing herring.

by David Malone
Libya has everybody wanting to know what is going to happen in Libya.  And worse, for the Libyans, everyone wants to have a hand in deciding what does happen.
Saudi is interested because with the drop in oil output and the price heading above $100 a barrel, Saudi Arabia is feeling the pressure to raise its output to compensate.  It has said it would, but now people are openly wondering if Saudi can make good on its promise and if they really have the reserves they say they have.  Doubt at every turn.

by Kenneth Roy

Among its many curiosities, the national entitlement card for young people in Scotland has succeeded in turning language on its head. In the lexicon of official Scotland, the word 'voluntary' no longer means what it says. It now means 'compulsory' or 'compulsory in effect'.

When we first looked at this card for 12 to 25 year olds, we claimed that a national ID scheme was being introduced at the school gate. Our basis for this claim was the new policy of Breadalbane Academy in Aberfeldy, and other schools in Perth and Kinross, to make the production of the card obligatory for pupils wishing to enter the school building. We said – it seemed a fair enough deduction – that, in order to gain access to their own education, pupils were being required to hold one of these cards whether they liked it or not. If this is not 'compulsory', what is?

Holyrood’s Public Petitions Committee has claimed that there are "too many unresolved issues" surrounding the conviction of Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, the man convicted of planting the bomb that downed Pan Am 103.
The committee agreed to allow a petition, lodged by the campaign group Justice For Megrahi (JFM), calling for an inquiry into the conviction.  The petition attracted the support of Cardinal Keith O'Brien, head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, as well as Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Investments in Scotland's growing renewables industry have proven the strength of close working between public and private sectors, Alex Salmond said as he announced details of a two-day global green finance conference to be held in Edinburgh in September.
The Scottish Low Carbon Investment conference will take place on September 27th and 28th following the success of last year's inaugural event, attended by around 550 delegates from government, low carbon industries and the financial sectors.

by Jolene Cargill, Social Affairs Editor
While we are up to the eyes in statistics about poverty in Scotland, reports on the latest research barely seem to scratch the surface.
This week women’s charity Engender launches a campaign to get past the rhetoric and tackle the root causes of poverty.  The Who Counts? campaign was developed after research with women’s groups across Scotland.  Thousands reported feeling forced into poverty as a direct result of low-pay, poor health and housing or lack of access to childcare and education.

by Alex Porter, Economy Editor

'Black Wednesday' was the day the British Conservative party lost its overwhelming advantage over the Labour party in terms of economic credibility.  John Major's government was forced to withdraw the pound sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) on 16 September 1992 after they were unable to keep sterling above its agreed lower limit.  George Soros, Quantum Fund founder, the most high profile of the currency market investors, made over US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling.  The cost to the UK Treasury was later revealed in 2005 under the Freedom of Information Act to be £3.3 billion

by G.A.Ponsonby

A research consultancy which last year produced a report challenging the SNP's claims for minimum pricing for alcohol has produced another report, this time claiming Scotland’s renewable sector is ‘costing jobs’ and might fail without ‘UK subsidies’.

The new report called Worth the Candle? is from Verso Economics, a Kirkaldy based research and consultancy company headed by Richard Marsh and Ruth Brown.  A new study carried out by the firm claims to have found evidence that more jobs are lost than are created in Scotland's green energy sector, 1.1 lost to every 1 created.


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