Get the Claymores out the Thatches…

By Derek Bateman  Damn! I’ve been trying to keep to my own agenda and not be side-tracked by others. But ...

Commentary | Thursday, 17 April 2014 | Comments

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Increasingly desperate Unionists

  By Campbell Martin  The British Unionists are losing....and they know it.  Just over five-months from the Independence Referendum, most polls ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 16 April 2014 | Comments

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George Kerevan: A small risk for the greater good

JOHN Smith, Labour leader and prime minister who never was, died 20 years ago next month, on 12 May, 1994. ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 16 April 2014 | Comments

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Confidence grows as Scottish investment hits six year high

  By Stefan Bienkowski  Scotland's economic recovery is well and truly underway with businesses reporting higher levels of confidence and optimism in the first three months of this year, compared to the same period twelve months ago. In its quarterly business survey published today, the Scottish Chambers of Commerce(SCC) stated that all sectors had reported back with higher levels of confidence ... Read More


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Power outage update

First Minister Alex Salmond chaired a further meeting of the Scottish Government Resilience Committee (SGoRR) this afternoon where he was ... Read More

Power restored after outage

Local communities in the north of Scotland hit by a power outage on Wednesday evening have had their electricity fully ... Read More

Academic pours scorn on Commons Committee report on education after Yes

Another No campaign attack has suffered a setback after a senior academic described claims on higher education as being based ... Read More

Countdown begins to best Games ever

With 100 days to go to the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, at least 100 young people from across the ... Read More

Scottish Independence: Yes or No? - A new book by Alan Cochrane and George Kerevan

In September 2014, a referendum will be held in Scotland to decide whether or not the nation should become independent.  ... Read More

Millions of criminals’ cash to fund future football stars

Millions of pounds confiscated from criminals is to be invested in Scottish football for young people as part of the ... Read More

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  By G.A.Ponsonby
"The nationalists are in utter chaos over currency.  Alex Salmond's Panama Plan would be an absolute disaster for Scotland, leaving us without anyone standing behind our banks and resulting in sky-high interest rates for our mortgages and loans.  The only way to keep the strength and security of the pound is to vote to stay part of the UK."
The words of the Better Together campaign almost exactly one month ago.

  By Mark McNaught
I have never lived for a long period of time in the UK, so I hadn't appreciated the current depth of BBC mendacity.  Living much of my life in the US, I became addicted to Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, my parents watched Masterpiece Theater, and assumed all of the BBC was that good.  We didn't get Jimmy Savile.
Living in France and following the Scottish independence referendum, I am often blocked from viewing BBC videos because I am not a fee payer.  Those which I can view are mostly snippets of speeches with biased commentary.

  By Derek Bateman
You can tell by the response that it's true.  Low-level leaks without credibility don't draw joint statements of denial like that of Osborne and Alexander.  Inconsequential briefings don't attract instant rebuttals from Number 10.
They have been caught, bang to rights, telling giant lies to the British people and it's now a mad scramble to recover in case the truth takes hold.  And, of course, it has taken root.  Every Scot now knows that the men who run Britain will look him/her in the eye and lie to their face.

  By David Ferguson
"The Commission has no intention of beginning to speculate about different scenarios relating to the upcoming referendum in Scotland and their possible implications."
These are not the words of that chap who writes for the Telegraph – Mr Alan Cochrane. They are not the words of some BBC Scotland hack with a degree in Sociology of Batman and Underwater Bagpiping from the University of Ecclefechan.

By Ken Ferguson

From Labour's ambition for an “irreversible shift of wealth” to working people 40 years ago, to the Blair/Brown love in with the rich, is quite a leap.

The recent death of Tony Benn recalled that earlier period when the rich really did – briefly – fear for their world of wealth and power. However it also threw a harsh spotlight on the reality of today's Labour Party.

Blair and Brown, in power with big majorities at Westminster, used that power to harness Labour to the world of casino capitalism unleashed by Thatcher which shifted vast wealth and power into the grubby hands of the super rich.

The Dowager Duchess of Hamilton has pledged to campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, declaring: "It's what Scotland needs and it"s what my husband would have wanted."
The duchess, who prefers to be known plainly as Kay, knows that some people will be surprised that a member of one of Scotland's leading aristocratic families supports Yes, but says a desire for an independent Scotland transcends any position or political allegiance.

  At the turn of the year Newsnet Scotland published the results of an academic study into the referendum coverage broadcast on early evening TV news programmes.  The study found that news items were favouring the No campaign over the Yes campaign by a ratio of three to two.

STV and BBC Scotland were found to be equally at fault, but both rejected the study findings.

  By George Kerevan
THE independence debate is resolving into a battle over who owns the soul of Scottish social democracy – SNP or Labour?
Both parties claim a passion for social justice, but Labour denies the SNP can be simultaneously nationalist and progressive.

Nationalists, on the other hand, see independence as the best guarantee of equality and an alternative to being shackled to a City-dominated Union in which the welfare state is being dismantled. Who is right?


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