The tide goes out

  By Paul Kavanagh  We stand on the shore of the sea loch, and watch the tide go out. Now ...

Commentary | Friday, 19 September 2014 | Comments

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The Real Referendum Division

By G.A.Ponsonby In the lead up to the independence referendum, a national newspaper gave its front page over t...

Commentary | Thursday, 18 September 2014 | Comments

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A personal plea to the undecideds

By Sinclair Macleod  This is an unashamedly emotional post. On Tuesday 9th October 2007 our son, Calum, went to bed, ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 16 September 2014 | Comments

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Statement from Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond

  I have has announced my intention to stand down as SNP Leader at the Party’s Annual Conference in November and then as First Minister when the SNP have elected the next Leader following a membership ballot. My statement to the nation, made a few moments ago at Bute House, is as ... Read More


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Darlings for Yes

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Independent Scotland will have a successful and secure banking sector, says former Lloyds risk manag

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Generation Yes and National Collective set out to win the grandparent vote

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by Sue Varley


Although the claim of Professor Tom Gallagher that “Michael Russell's decision to single out English students for a massive financial levy is nothing less than racist.” has been well documented and commented upon on Newsnet Scotland here and his subsequent weak retraction and lack of apology here there is yet another side to this whole story that is worth taking a look at.

by Alex Porter, Economy Editor

Britain's public borrowing exceeded all forecasts in November hitting a record £23.3bn the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said on Tuesday.

The figure, which excludes financial interventions by the UK Government, is a significant increase on last November's borrowing requirement of £17.4bn casting doubt on claims that the UK economy is experiencing a recovery. Indeed, the figure soared past the previous borrowing record for a single month of £21.1bn recorded in December 2009.

by David Ferguson

It is March 2010, and I’m waiting anxiously to receive my copy of the Information Commissioner’s just-released judgment on my first FoI request. Will he rule in my favour? Will he order the Electoral Commission to cough up the statements that the Alexander campaign team provided to explain why they changed the source of the illegal Paul Green donation to Glasgow company Combined Property Services?

By Erik Geddes

Former First Minister Henry McLeish’s long-awaited review of Scottish football is a glaring example of just how badly wrong a former politician can get things when trying to salvage what is left of The Peoples’ Game.

But give McLeish his due - the idea of the smaller clubs being regionalised makes perfect sense. Equally, the accusations of the Scottish Football Association lacking openness, accountability and transparency were welcome, but long overdue. And did he really tell us much that supporters and observers of Scottish football didn’t already know about the SFA?

Many of the initial responses on Scotland’s back pages were tragically predictable in their excitement of McLeish’s plan which they hailed as ‘radical’ and ‘revolutionary’. In a classic build-up and crash down manner this euphoria has since cooled but the emphasis remains on the best interest of the elite being the be all and end all.

Newsnet Scotland has provided three clips of this week’s First Ministers Questions.  We show Iain Gray’s exchanges with the First Minister followed by those of the Conservative and Lib Dem leaders.

The third clip is of the remainder of the session.  As ever, we will provide no analysis of the session and invite visitors to watch the proceedings and form their own views.  This will allow each individual to determine the accuracy or otherwise of the events as described by the media in Scotland.

by Alex Porter

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Professor Tom Gallagher works in the Department of Peace and Ethnic Conflict at the University of Bradford. When he deliberates on the issue of racism in Scotland it is our duty and responsibility to listen to his views and examine our collective conscience on the matter.

The Scottish Government has commented on the release of a report by four US Senators today concerning the decision to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi from prison on compassionate grounds.

The claims by the senators, which are yet again featuring prominently in main news items broadcast and published by the BBC in Scotland, are believed to be based on months old discredited stories.


Put your hands up if you favour a free education system for Scottish students.  Probably all of you I guess.  Now put your hands up if you are a racist, I would hazard that none of you still have your hands up.

Well, guess what – you should all hang your heads in shame because the SNP's announcement of no tuition fees for Scottish students is probably racist.  Well, that's what Professor Tom Gallagher appeared to be implying in a letter to The Scotsman newspaper on Saturday.

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