Miliband seeks US link dividends

By George Kerevan It is a rite of passage that aspirant British prime ministers seek an audience with the incumbent ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 23 July 2014 | Comments

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The purpose of the heart

By Paul KavanaghWe’re told the independence campaign is a battle between head and heart, at least a lot of f...

Commentary | Monday, 21 July 2014 | Comments

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The BBC? Stick it up your Juncker!

  By G.A.Ponsonby  Jean-Claude Juncker is a name that few in Scotland will have heard of prior to the start ...

Commentary | Saturday, 19 July 2014 | Comments

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Fallon claims over Red Arrows Games fly-past called into question

  A fly-past by the Red Arrows at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, which saw the display team leave  a trail of red, white and blue smoke in the sky, has led to suspicions that the stunt was politically motivated.Questions were raised after it emerged publicity material for the Games had said the world famous display team would use ... Read More


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Yes Scotland endorsed by Pride Glasgow Chief Executive

Hot on the heels of Scotland’s biggest LGBT event, Pride Glasgow’s Chief Executive has given his backing for a Yes ... Read More

Glasgow benefiting from Scottish Government infrastructure spending

Glasgow is set to be a key centre for bio-medical science as the new facilities under construction at the Southern ... Read More

Indy supporters donate thousands for Foodbank after Yes Cyclist's 500 mile marathon

A Glasgow Foodbank will benefit from the generosity of Yes supporters after they donated thousand of pounds to a crowdfunding appeal. The ... Read More

Sillars and Scottish Socialists to outline case for independence

With many people yet to decide which way to vote in the referendum, former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars is ... Read More

Labour for Independence to host national event in Edinburgh

Labour for Independence have announced their latest event as part of a national tour which will be held in Edinburgh this ... Read More

Palestinian Archbishop to be given warm welcome at Edinburgh Airport

His Eminence Archbishop Atallah Hanna will arrive in Edinburgh tonight to begin a week-long Scottish tour.  The Archbishop of Sebastia from ... Read More

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A qualitative content analysis of BBC Radio Scotland’s coverage of the 2014 Referendum on Scottish independence:

This is a research project submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the BA Broadcast Production (Honours) at the University of the West of Scotland.  It is reproduced here with the permission of the author, David Crossan, who was supervised by Prof. John W. Robertson.  The methodology used in the study together with references can be found at the end of the submission where a link is provided to the full document.

  By Campbell Martin
Imagine, if you can, living in one of those oppressive states elsewhere in the world, like North Korea or China or Saudi Arabia.
Actually, from a UK Government perspective, the last two are not oppressive regimes, contrary to all available evidence.  China and Saudi Arabia are good customers of the UK, so small matters like human rights, torture of civilians and state executions are overlooked. 

By Peter Geoghegan
Since the European (and local) election results were announced, our media has been convulsed in solicitous, navel-gazing paroxysms. 'Are UKIP the future of British politics?' news anchors ask of pointy-heads. 'Why are voters rejecting the political system' opine newspaper columnists.

In Scotland, news that UKIP scraped a European seat was paraded by some as confirmation that Scots are just as xenophobic as their counterparts o'er the border, regardless of their electoral preference for Labour and the SNP. (Less was made of polling that suggests UKIP success was likely to bolster support for a Yes in September.)

By Sandra Webster

The normally publicity- seeking Tory employment minister Esther McVey was asked to attend the Scottish Parliament’s welfare committee late last month. She declined but instead sent Neil Couling, work services director of the DWP.

It really made no difference that the minister wasn’t in attendance as the mandarin spoke with his master’s voice. Using cold statistics as his weapon of choice, he attempted to explain that benefit sanctions were good for those who received them, and food bank use was not demand but supply led. He attributed the growth in their usage as people “maximising their economic choices”.

  By Jimmy Kerr
Now that the Scottish Referendum campaign has entered the official campaigning period, it might, given the strict regulations that cover elections in the UK, seem reasonable to expect media coverage to even out and become more balanced. 
However, if anyone thinks that we are about to see an end to the relentless slew of distortions, half truths, outright lies and sheer poison that pours out of the British media, all directed at stopping Scotland pursuing a greater degree of autonomy, then they are mistaken.

Highland MSP John Finnie does a bit of time travelling...

It's the summer of 2017, and a hot summer's night in the Highland capital of the newly independent Scotland.

Many of the population have been drinking all day. The town centre party gets out of hand and the armed police officers intervene.

By Mark McNaught
The election of David Coburn as the first Scottish UKIP MEP from Kensington, who plans to run for a seat as an MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford in London in 2015, has brought the first Tea Partier to Scottish politics. It is also further evidence that dark money plutocratic conservative groups are tightening their stranglehold over Westminster. For Scotland, only independence can assure that they do not suffocate their government as well.

By George Kerevan
The people have spoken – the bastards. But who actually won the European elections? If you watched the BBC, the answer was Ukip. But the reality is very different. A closer look at the actual electoral maths shows the centre-right (ie the German bloc) has won out over the centre-left. Angela Merkel’s victory is the real political result of these European elections.

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