Will it be a Yes For NHS or Currency No Thanks?

  By G.A.Ponsonby  It's coming down to two clear issues in the race for the independence referendum.  The question is ...

Commentary | Monday, 18 August 2014 | Comments

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A currency union would save the rest of the UK fro

By George Kerevan  WHY are Labour and Conservative politicians so set on rejecting a currency union with an independent Scotland? ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 13 August 2014 | Comments

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Catalonia in Scotland's Independence Slipstream

By Mark McNaught In late July in Barcelona, I had the pleasure of participating in a round table d...

Commentary | Tuesday, 12 August 2014 | Comments

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Devolution alone cannot protect Scottish NHS from Tories says leading union

  By Martin Kelly  A leading trade union has warned that devolution alone cannot protect the Scottish NHS from the Conservative's privatisation agenda currently being implemented in the health service south of the border. Unison has said cutbacks to the English health service will eventually hit Scotland's own health ... Read More


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John Finnie to speak at SSP Independence meeting in Scotstoun

Independent MSP John Finnie to speak in Glasgow as Scottish Socialist Party steps up intensity of campaign for Independence with ... Read More

Patrick Harvie and Dennis Canavan take Yes message to Tranent

Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party's campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, is urging voters in the ... Read More

Support for SSP grows on wave of Pro-Yes optimism

THE Scottish Socialist Party has re-launched its Falkirk branch - the latest of many new branches across Scotland - as ... Read More

Scottish government says no to Whitehall fracking plans

Patrick Harvie, Green MSP for Glasgow and Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, is welcoming comments by Energy Minister Fergus Ewing ... Read More

Darling called on to distance himself from 'insulting' Food Bank comments

The SNP has called on No campaign head Alistair Darling to distance himself from what they said were heartless comments ... Read More

Scottish employment at record levels

Employment in Scotland is at the highest level since records began in 1992, statistics published today show. Published by the Office ... Read More

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By Stephen Bowman
The Proclaimers have a pro-independence song called 'Cap in Hand', one small part of which neatly sums up what it is to be Scottish.  The line 'We boast – then we cower' captures the essence of a nation that spends half its time bragging about its distinctiveness and its achievements, and the rest of the time suffering from a crippling lack of self-confidence.

"Sure I've got 'Scotland Forever' tattooed on my backside, but we're too wee and too stupid to become independent.  Can't I just listen to the bagpipes and wax lyrical about how pretty the mountains are?  All this self-government stuff…"

By Hamish Scott
It is over 300 years since the Unionist campaign of the 1700s to bring about the Union between Scotland and England.  We now have a Unionist campaign in the 2010s to retain that Union in the coming independence referendum.  Scotland, England and the world, have all changed hugely in the intervening period. 
Yet despite that change, we might be forgiven for feeling a strong sense of déjà vu when comparing the current campaign to that of the 1700s, for both campaigns bear considerable similarities in both their circumstances and characteristics.

By Derek Bateman
Let's lay this nazi thing while the apologists squirm their way this way and that. When a politician is asked if the SNP is a civic nationalist movement, there is only one answer. It is this. 'Of course they are. They couldn’t have garnered 45 per cent of the popular vote in a mature democracy like Scotland and been elected to government if they were anything else.

We’re actually quite proud in Scotland that our debate is not ethnically based and has been conducted in civilised terms. Our nationalists only want political independence. I disagree with them.'

By George Kerevan
Michael Gove is the Scots born cabinet minister who finds himself in charge of schools in England.  But what was Gove like in his younger days.
Here George Kerevan takes an offbeat look at what classroom exchanges may have been like.

Dear Joanne
We haven’t met but since we’re both writers, indeed both members of the same writers' association, I thought I’d drop you a line. We both live in Perthshire, you in a castle, me in a flat.
You used to work for Amnesty International; I used to be a member and still campaign on human rights. I’m sure we have lots of other things in common though my book sales, income and public profile are, well, let’s be kind and say a wee bitty less than yours.

  By G.A.Ponsonby

If Pat Lally has a daughter-in-law then she's probably hoping the brouhaha over Campbell Gunn's email blows over soon so that she can come out of hiding.

I've watched the latest media circus with a wry smile as yet another one of my end-of-year predictions comes true.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
Yesterday the world according to BBC Scotland turned upside down.  I tuned in to Good Morning Scotland to be regaled with the news that Scotland was set to deprive the north of England of jobs.
One of the poorest regions of the UK, said a concerned BBC reporter, stood to lose a significant number jobs due to a controversial policy being pursued by the SNP.

  By Derek Bateman
I’m not buying the Clever Conspiracy line over Gordon Brown messing up the No strategy. He has mined key initiatives carefully crafted over the months which have had to be held together in the face of glaring inconsistency and sometimes ridicule. He has left the Better Together leadership facing awkward questions and created a fissure in the united front for Unionism.


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