George Kerevan: A small risk for the greater good

JOHN Smith, Labour leader and prime minister who never was, died 20 years ago next month, on 12 May, 1994. ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 16 April 2014 | Comments

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Is the war over yet?

  By G.A.Ponsonby  It feels like the blitz.  The heavy artillery has been deployed [again] to bombard the Scots into ...

Commentary | Wednesday, 16 April 2014 | Comments

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A response to Professor Colin Kidd's interview in

By Ashley Husband Powton Eleanor Roosevelt stated that 'Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people'. Throughout ...

Commentary | Tuesday, 15 April 2014 | Comments

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Is the war over yet?

  By G.A.Ponsonby  It feels like the blitz.  The heavy artillery has been deployed [again] to bombard the Scots into submission. Yesterday was 'Hammond Time' as the Defence Secretary became the latest Tory Tourist to enter the forbidden zone known to some as North Britain (copywrite Gordon ... Read More


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Academic pours scorn on Commons Committee report on education after Yes

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Scotland’s Electoral Future consultation launched

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100 jobs created by US Kaiam Corporation

A US based optical components company, Kaiam Corporation, will generate 103 new jobs in Livingston, First Minister Alex Salmond has ... Read More

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  By G.A.Ponsonby
Newspaper sales in Scotland are tumbling.  The Daily Record, Scottish Sun, the Scotsman and Herald are all suffering as readers move to the internet in their droves.
The new web based medium is fast replacing newsprint as the place to go for comment, analysis and news.  The web is playing a critical role in the independence referendum as a recent poll for online site Wings Over Scotland found.

  By Lesley Riddoch

Why are women still lagging behind men in support for Scottish independence?  At first the gender gap was ignored, now thousands of column inches have been written.

A small raft of explanations have been floated – chief amongst them the notion articulated by Professor John Curtice that women lack the hunter-gatherer instinct and tend to be home-makers not risk-takers. ScotCen Social Research Director, Rachel Ormston observes more men are “heart” nationalists who support Scottish independence as a matter of conviction than women who are more pragmatic, assessing and practical.

Looks like word has gone out around the Better Together network to report anything that can be sexed up into a cybernat scandal to feed to the media. Today’s story about a Labour MP having to hide his face in the street and undergoing threatening behaviour in his constituency office looks like a version of this tactic.

It is being conflated by Darling with criticisms of bosses telling their staff how to vote based on dodgy information to construct what the lawyers call a tissue of lies to defame the Yes movement.

  By Dave Taylor
The Panelbase poll for Wings Over Scotland confirms the reduction in the No lead that our poll showed 3 weeks ago. Indeed, it has the Yes vote a shade higher than our poll found.
Whilst it’s always nice to have your own poll results confirmed, the actual level of support for Yes and No isn’t guaranteed to reflect what these two Panelbase surveys show.

  By George Kerevan
SUPPOSE that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had gone missing over the Atlantic. Britain would be hard put to mount a search mission because its air and naval forces are now denuded. The RAF’s entire fleet of Nimrod maritime reconnaissance aircraft were withdrawn from service in 2011, as a crude economy measure by the Treasury.
Of course, we could put up a few Hercules transport planes with binoculars, plus the odd Royal Navy frigate with a helicopter. But any passengers floating in a rubber dingy in the Atlantic are going to have to rely on the Americans, Canadians and Norwegians (who have long-range Lockheed P-3 planes) to supply the backbone of any aerial search effort.

By G.A.Ponsonby

Alex Salmond is in the USA this week.  The First Minister is meeting businesses and giving speeches and interviews.  He's promoting Scottish business and culture and of course his visit coincides with the annual Scotland Week celebrations in the USA.

But Mr Salmond has struggled to grab the headlines over here.  One reason was a speech given by former Labour MP George Robertson.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
Last Thursday, just as I woke, I turned on the radio to hear a news bulletin on Good Morning Scotland.  They were going through the newspaper headlines, and yes, there was an anti-independence story included in the review.
The Scottish Parliament Information Centre had produced a report into the SNP's revolutionary childcare proposals.  It was the front page headline in the Scotsman newspaper, and duly read out by the radio Scotland presenter.

By Bob Duncan

National Collective cartoonist Greg Moodie has embarked on what he describes as a 'drinking' tour' of independence websites, with a different major site hosting one of his works each Saturday.

In the past few weeks, Greg has stopped off for a wee dram at both Bella Caledonia and BBC Scotlandshire. This week it is the turn of Newsnet Scotland to host a little number inspired by the extraordinarily high profile of UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage.


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