Iain Clark is a Glasgow-based photographer specialising in portraiture.

“I am fascinated by the human condition and the huge variety of faces that I see every day. I believe that each and every one of us is unique & special. When I work on a portrait I strive to bring out something of the sitter’s soul.”
While still a student Iain started by developing his own black & white images in a cupboard in his parents’ house. He used to spend his Saturdays taking pictures in Glasgow’s East End (still a favourite haunt) seeking out unusual faces before returning to the cupboard to print and view his subjects.

New technology has enabled Iain to develop his arresting style. The freedom afforded by digital photography and the ability to manipulate his images has brought to life the vision he has carried in his head for years.


“All people have an aura but not everyone is aware of that.  When I am working with my subjects I have to be able to pick up on that & translate it into my portraiture.”

Iain’s videos can be viewed here and his gallery features in the Arts and Culture section of the site.


call me dave
2011-05-01 16:22

Yes I enjoyed the videos and the photography. I sometimes envy talented people who have the guts to break into the arts in whatever way that attracts them.

My life is all technology and electrical systems sizes of cables and so on .

Good to look into the other worlds that are out there.

Good luck.
Scottish republic
2011-05-01 20:58

Quite wonderful photographs.

Actually stopped me in my tracks and love the eye this photographer has.

Something quite involving here and a large variety of subjects studied.


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