By a Newsnet reporter
One time singing sensation Whitney Houston has been found dead at a Hotel in Beverley Hills.
The singer, considered to have had one of the best female singing voices of all time, was pronounced dead at 18:55 ET after attempts at resuscitation failed, there are not thought to be any suspicious circumstances.

Although Houston had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for years, her untimely death will come as a shock to fans and celebrities alike.

News rocked the showbiz world and Singer Aretha Franklin said, “I just can’t talk about it now.  It’s so stunning and unbelievable.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading coming across the TV screen.  My heart goes out to Cissy (Houston’s mother), her daughter Bobbi Kris, her family and Bobby (Brown).”

Dolly Parton, who wrote “I Will Always Love You,” said, “mine is only one of the millions of hearts broken over the death of Whitney Houston.  I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, ‘Whitney, I will always love you.  You will be missed.'”

Another entertainment legend, Quincy Jones, said he was “absolutely heartbroken” by the news.  “She was a true original and a talent beyond compare,” he said.

The star has sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide and her album “The Bodyguard” is one of the biggest selling albums of all time.  It was the soundtrack to the movie of the same name that saw the former singing diva appear alongside actor Kevin Costner.

The timing of her death comes months before the release of what was supposed to be a comeback movie “Sparkle” which is based on the story of pop group ‘the Supremes’.

After “The Bodyguard,” she went on to appear in several more movies in the 1990s, including “Waiting to Exhale.”

In 2000, Houston earned her sixth Grammy for best female R&B performance and, a month later, she was named female artist of the decade at the “Soul Train” Music Awards.

Her career stalled, however, in subsequent years as she entered rehab for addiction problems.  Many link the origins of her downfall to a relationship with singer Bobby Brown.

Drug and alcohol abuse led to several incidents in which the star displayed erratic behaviour and her career spiralled downwards.

Celebrity website claimed that, prior to her death, the singer had been partying heavily on Thursday and Friday night.

Singer Lionel Richie told CNN that Houston was one of the best.

“She had that voice that could just turn a story, a melody into magical notes,” he said.


2012-02-12 10:01

Very sad.
2012-02-12 10:53


2012-02-12 10:40

She had all God’s gifts. Beauty combined with a phenomenal musical talent and a perfect voice and delivery. It is indeed so sad for her and her family at this time. I think we all fell in love with her.
2012-02-12 11:10

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odds ON
2012-02-12 14:41

even Alan on the Telegraph as even that place has more variety and freedom in the comments.

you seem confused Zef… do you want variety or not?

Chateaulait 57
2012-02-12 12:31

Very sad,another huge talent wasted.
2012-02-12 13:19

Oh Zef!!!

Regardless of your own personal opinion, this is news and it is in the section called news. Whilst this news may seem “frivolous” to you, it is not to many others who spent many years enjoying this lady’s enormous talent, and who are saddened at her passing.

Calling for NNS to “sort yourself out” for reporting this news, seems churlish at best and inappropriate at worst.

I say inappropriate, because you seem to be using the news of this lady’s death to post something which is clearly a different agenda altogether.

At risk of being seen as impolite, I would suggest that you “sort your own self out” Zef, and post your complaint directly to the NNS Team who are responsible for what is said by posters on this site, and rarely (although there seems to be a deal of complaining from newer posters who don’t seem to have read the moderation policy, which is self-explanatory. You can access the policy by clicking on “contact us” at the top of the page, and other useful information as well:-)
2012-02-12 13:38

May God rest her soul
2012-02-12 13:39

Very sad I loved her voice and the songs she sang. A huge talent destroyed and perhaps a reminder to us all on here of what an uphill battle we have against drug abuse in Scotland, one we must never give up on. Every life is precious.
The Spirit Of Wallace
2012-02-12 14:03

I’m gutted..
2012-02-12 14:25

A huge shock to learn of Whitney Houstons death. What a stunning voice she had, that sent goosebumps through your body. Amazing vocal gymnastics indeed. What a sad loss to the music industry. When will we see her likes again. What a sad day for her family and friends.

Re Zef – You should be ashamed of yourself. Using somebody elses death to make cheap points says more about you than it does about anyone else. Disgusting.

Thanks for the music. Rest in peace Whitney.
2012-02-12 15:20

Yes, superb voice.
Sad, sad ending.
2012-02-12 17:23

It’s not often that NNS has international news but this is a valid piece of international news reporting here. The lady had an amazing voice and had millions of fans the world over, also in Scotland.

Her fate also draws attention to the devastating effect drugs can have on someone as talented as her. Not to mention “ordinary people”.

I’m reminded of the fate of one of my all time favourites, Billie Holiday, also prey to drugs. And also Amy Winehouse. Sad.

That said, Whitney Houston’s rendition of “I will always love you” is my #1 bleeeuuurgh hated song, I always change the radio channel if that comes on. So, no, I’m not a fan, but the lady had talent and an amazing voice, so it is a sad day.

(My #2 hated song is that Celine Dion thing from the film Titanic. I guess I just don’t like powerballads 😉 I listened to The Silencers earlier today and now to The Pretenders)
2012-02-12 19:51

Whitney had a phenomenal voice and her death is a tragedy of major proportions. To lose two singing sensations, her and Michael Jackson in such a short space of time is tragic.

Thankfully their voices are captured digitally for ever and a day. Shame they weren’t able to enjoy their fame and wealth into old age.

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