Journalist and now SNP MSP Joan McAlpine is reported to be switching from the Scotsman newspaper to the Daily Record according to

Ms McAlpine who is a former Editor of the Sunday Times Scotland and former Deputy Editor of The Herald will give up her weekly column in the Scotsman within the next couple of weeks.

Her new column is to be titled, ‘Joan McAlpine, an independent woman’ and will be appearing on Tuesdays.

Media reports have recently suggested that the Record is to adopt a more balanced coverage of Scottish politics and this move will be seen as evidence of a more mature approach to the SNP.

However it is expected that the paper’s editorial stance will still see it favour Scotland remaining in the Union and it will still support the Labour party.  Its two leading political writers, Magnus Gardham and Torcuil Crichton, are both very much pro-Union in their leanings.

The paper came under fire last year after dropping independence supporting columnist and successful actress Elaine C. Smith.  Ms Smith was replaced by BBC Scotland newsreader Jackie Bird.

Speaking to the Record’s Editor in Chief Allan Rennie said: “We are delighted to have Joan on board.  She’ll give us an alternative voice.  She knows the Record inside-out.”

Circulation figures for both the Scotsman and the Daily Record have been hit hard recently. 

January circulation figures for the Record are down almost 10% on last year’s total, falling from 294,000 to 264,737.  The Scotsman has fallen by 8.4% over the same period, going from 42,431 to 38,844.


# Alba4ever 2012-02-18 12:10
This can only be good news.
# aiberdeen sheep 2012-02-18 12:22
Speaking to allmediascotlan the Record’s Editor in Chief Allan Rennie said: “We are delighted to have Joan on board. She’ll give us an alternative voice. She knows the Record inside-out.”

what is it with these people , “alternative”

utter pap,
# Exile 2012-02-18 17:45
sheep, it’s an alternative to their editorial line and the general pro-Union nonsense they usually put out.
# proudscot 2012-02-18 23:51
Quoting Exile:
sheep, it’s an alternative to their editorial line and the general pro-Union nonsense they usually put out.

Exile, I don’t blame the DR rag for being pro-union, just as I am entitled to my pro-independence opinion. It’s their slavish pro-Labour and anti-SNP stance I can’t understand. How anyone with even half a brain cell can still support what the modern Labour party has become – full of corrupt, greasy-pole-climbing placemen, is a mystery to me.
# Marga B 2012-02-18 12:36
Strategic move by Joan. Taking them on on their own territory and getting visibility with the mass public. Let’s face it, writing for the Scotsman gives you nil visibility these days.

Salmond will be behiind this move, we can be sure, just one more piece in place on the runup to the referendum.
# Briggs 2012-02-18 12:58
As the editorial staff of both Newspapers are pro Unionist, I hardly thing the FM has anything to do with it.
# Marga B 2012-02-18 13:06
Yes, Briggs, but who reads the Scotsman these days? And I’m sure Joan would not make this move without it being closely consulted with the FM.
# ituna semea 2012-02-18 12:59
As a Scotsman reader and no fan of the Daily Ranger/Celtic I can say I am less than disgruntled at the possible departure of Ms McAlpine. Go lassie go!
# Fungus 2012-02-18 13:08
The idea of balanced reporting anathema ituna?
# Teri 2012-02-18 20:36
Dinna worry yersel, Ituna, George Kerevan will still be at the Scotsman so all is not lost.
# naemairleesplease 2012-02-22 18:48
Hi Ituna.
Sorry for being OT but did you know your username is an anagram of “Nauseate Mi”?
Is it meant to be?
# rhymer 2012-02-18 13:07
Wow !
Is there room between the football and gossip that
fills the pages of the record ?
A voice in the wilderness then
# Jester 2012-02-18 13:15
I won’t buy either of them and would recommend others do likewise.
# Talorcan 2012-02-18 13:22
Yeah, well that’s something I suppose: a nationalist getting a column published in that dreadful rag, but I still won’t be buying it. I know my enemy and it’s the Daily Record.
# daveniz 2012-02-18 13:30
maybe there is a glimmer of hope that the daily record is starting to realise that people are not buying there unionist labour lies or maybe its a cynical move to try increase independance minded people to buy there failing paper or maybe they can’t think of anymore lies so will let Joan write one column on a Tuesday then have 5 press days of trying to undermime her column but I really think the daily record are just hiring Joan so they can use her as an excuse whenever someone says they are unionist biased in there reporting hoping that’s enough to fool people! I stopped buying unionist papers ever since they had a don’t vote the SNP or the skies will fall in on us splattered on there front pages (even the sun papers noose on its front page) it demonstrated that these papers can not be trusted to ever tell the truth and supporting labour will tell any lie about the SNP just to get labour back into power! (no wonder for the daily record they must be missing the millions of £s of public money the labour party use to give them) also the sun was put in a difficult position by its London owners when they started supporting the Tories in England knowing they were unpopular in Scotland only went to the SNP by force of hand but they still stated on there paper they don’t support independance and with that stance shows they can’t be trusted to give facts about independance! so I do hope Joan does get a column in the daily record that isn’t edited to suit the papers agenda and that after people who are undecided or unionist (who had a realisation things are not what the media say they are) reading it realise that the truth about independance or any other issue (including labours antics) can not be trusted to give an impartial view be given by the paper!
# Briggs 2012-02-18 13:35
Go on daveniz …………your heart’s in the right place.
# Juteman 2012-02-18 13:45
I still won’t give that unionist rag my money.
# parsonrussell 2012-02-18 14:07
They are a failing tabloid who has lost touch with the population it is marketing itself at. I got fed up with the negativity in the Record a long time ago.

I feel this will be too little too late, and before very long it would be better called The Scottish Mirror, as it will increase the the amount of shared articles until it is just a clone.
# C2DEalba 2012-02-18 14:08
I would never buy the Daily Record. It’s banned in my house!

However, my man used to buy it for reading the sport at his work so I got him one of those smart phones and now he doesn’t need to.

I think it is good that an independence voice will be in the DR however I think its merely to place a point of balance in their reporting. However I can’t for the life of me get why a paper which intends to state it believes in the union can ever be objective about anything.
# mato21 2012-02-18 14:20
As I said earlier clutching at straws
Their income will be more important to them than presenting a balanced view of the going ons in Scotland

We shall see what it is in the fullness of time no doubt.I certainly will not hold my breath I’m likely to expire waiting
# Alba4ever 2012-02-18 14:35
The point is that a lot more people will read Joan’s views in the DR than the Scotsman.

If all nationalist-minded folk buy the Record ONLY on a Tuesday, the proprietors will soon get the message!
# mato21 2012-02-18 14:49
I agree with your post in its entirety

Remembering the bile and lies they have spewed out to date they would have to have more than one column once a week to make me think they were trying to operate an even handed viewpoint

As I say we shall see
# Holebender 2012-02-18 17:34
You made the point I was going to make. Send a message by buying the paper only on a Tuesday and that message will soon be heard.
# RTP 2012-02-18 15:53
I will not buy the Record but will have a look at it on Tuesday,hope she will not be censored in what she writes.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-18 16:27
RTP, if I’ve understood the article correctly it will not be for a couple of weeks yet before her articles start appearing.

As it was a certain J. Bird who replaced Elaine C. Smith as a columnist will Joan be replacing the afore mentioned Ms J. Bird I wonder? 😀

Boy her face will be a wonder to behold after Joan replaces her. (If that is the case)
# Caadfael 2012-02-18 15:57
In a quiet corner, a sleeping pawn moves, releasing bishop and rooke …
# jafurn 2012-02-18 18:57
Quoting Caadfael:
In a quiet corner, a sleeping pawn moves, releasing bishop and rooke …

Let’s hope it is only the pawn that wakes up and not the opponents
# ds12 2012-02-18 16:18
I’ve not bought that awful rag in over 25 years.I can remember a while ago they were giving them away free and even free I wouldn’t touch it.
Best of luck to Joan and I can fully understand why she is doing it however that publication is rotten to the core.
# ituna semea 2012-02-18 18:25
She will be able to hold her nose whilst pocketing the filthy lucre,poor soul!
# H Scott 2012-02-18 17:11
A sign of the times? The more realistic independence becomes the more some of the media at least will go with the flow even if it’s done cynically.
# mealer 2012-02-18 18:42
I think we must try to keep an open mind.If YES was sitting at 70% in the polls,would all the papers,without exception,conti  nue to ridicule their readership?I dont think so.Some of them would seek a more moderate position.Some may even come our way.Will that happen before the outcome is assured ? Well,time will tell,but I think we’ll see some repositioning long before then.Whats the Record going to put on the front page the morning after the referendum? “SCOTCH FOOLS” ?
# robbie 2012-02-18 19:24
I look forward to reading Joan,s articles in the D/R online.

Buying this disgusting red top labour rag though is a big NO,NO.
# A_Scottish_Voice 2012-02-18 19:32
The jury is out on this one for me.

Just because a persistent long term criminal helps an old lady across the road, I would not give him my house keys and ask him to house sit for me.
# oldnat 2012-02-18 19:41
Fair point. But if Joan can give a different message to those who have only heard “criminal” voices before, then that’s a good thing.

Think of her as the Salvation Army daring to go into potentially hostile areas to “spread the word”. Or, more cynically, that the Record realises that it can’t be so totally partisan and still try to combat its falling circulation.
# A_Scottish_Voice 2012-02-18 20:00
oldnat, I admire your optimism.
# oldnat 2012-02-18 20:21
I’ve been arguing for greater autonomy for Scotland since 1960. I’ve always had to be an optimist!

My optimism has been justified so far.
# Barontorc 2012-02-18 20:43
Good luck to Joan and if she can make things happen it will be fantastic, but how long will she last, or even want to be there? It must be a journalistic cesspit!
# jim288 2012-02-18 19:54
This is a good move. We need to get the message to the anti-independence and undecided. A day or two ago I managed to post a couple of items on the BBC on David Cameron’s visit and was appalled at the scaremongering and level of ignorance displayed. It’s the folk posting these sort of comments we need to get to and disseminating pro-independence views in the Record is the right strategy.

Will I buy the Record – nae chance. But will existing Record readers continue to buy it and hopefully take on Joan’s message? I think they will.
# snowthistle 2012-02-18 21:12
I wonder how many people buy the Record for it’s sports coverage and take no notice of the political articles at all?
All the men at my work start at the back and few get to the front during tea break, then they leave the paper in the canteen.
# Teri 2012-02-18 20:40
It matters not a whit whether any of us here start buying the Record or not. Most of us are already for Independence. What matters is that Joan is going to have a much wider audience, which will help spread the message farther.
# Dál Riata 2012-02-18 21:39
Good luck to Joan McAlpine stepping into that nest of vipers! I’m quite amazed they took her on!

Remember folks these are the early days of the death of Old Media. They, will, of course, rage against the dying of the light, meaning they will do anything to maintain, or even try to entice new readership. As the inevitable happens they will revert to the default setting of what they’ve been pumping out for years to what they believe to be their core readership, be it half-truths,
smears or lies.

But the battle will be lost. The internet is, and will be, the New Media, at least for the foreseeable future. And that can only be a good thing.

People are becoming more and more aware that what they get as ‘news’ from the press and media is agenda driven and ‘formulated’ to the demands of the money backers and political masters of these entities. People used to unquestioningly believe what they read in ‘the papers’ or what they saw and heard on the likes of the BBC. Not now. With the rise in the number of websites and blogs giving balanced viewpoints on ‘the truth’, people are beginning to start asking questions. And long may it continue!

The many reasons why independence for Scotland is such a positive thing will not be found or given by the fear-driving Old Media, but on places such as this in the New Media.

The Old Media won’t go without a fight, but its time has been and it will, eventually, be gone. The New Media is where the future is and will be. Scotland will be there, too, prosperous and forward-looking. I can’t wait!
# Wee-Scamp 2012-02-18 22:20
I hear Lord Forsyth is taking Joan’s slot in the Scotsman.

Only kidding 🙂
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-18 22:46
Oh I wish. 😀
# Angus 2012-02-19 02:09
Quote ‘the Record is to adopt a more balanced coverage of Scottish politics’

Naa, this cant be true?
Your kidding!
# Hing em high 2012-02-19 19:15
Fall over laughing! It must be a misprint or the Editor thinks its April 1st????
# Marga B 2012-02-19 12:47
Angus – front page, Daily Record online today (can’t see the date):…/…
# Jester 2012-02-19 15:27
Is it time to switch to Al Jazeera for unbiased news?
# lumilumi 2012-02-19 15:34
I know, makes me laugh!

But then, al Jazeera isn’t exactly unbiased, either. I bet they love to have a dig at the UK. Don’t lecture us when your own people aren’t all happy bunnies!
# fifestevie 2012-02-19 15:53
It is so simple just stop buying pro unionist rags encourage freind and relatives to do likewise then when sales fall a realisation might then take place .
# SJW 2012-02-20 18:49
I posted a fairly innocuous comment on this story yesterday and it has not appeared. I wonder why? Please dont tell me that censorship is prevalent even on here.
# oldnat 2012-02-20 19:01
Have a look at the policy…/…
# Angus 2012-02-20 22:19
Depends how much sway she gets with the Paper, if its some boring political column that none of the pie munching, Irn Bru guzzling, Football mental tradesmen look at then och well, but if she gets to have a front page headline against union, without going as far as a hangmans knot, then it will ofcourse be a huge benefit!?
# Alba4ever 2012-02-22 11:24
It’s a pity the link to Joan’s Bellacaledonia site appears to have disappeared from this site.
# Angus 2012-02-22 22:39
Quoting Alba4ever:
It’s a pity the link to Joan’s Bellacaledonia site appears to have disappeared from this site.

Aye, its a pity, but then the A-Z is a cracker!
# dogcollar 2012-02-22 23:12
Agreed Angus but we should be helping other pro independence sites I feel.

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