By G.A.Ponsonby
Falkirk MP Eric Joyce has been suspended by the Labour party after he was arrested following claims that he punched and head-butted a Tory MP in Strangers bar in the House of Commons.
The Labour MP was still being held at Belgravia Police station at tea time tonight as new claims relating to the incident emerged.

According to media reports, it took five police officers to arrest the Scottish Labour MP who it is alleged assaulted several people in the House of Commons bar.  A glass panel was smashed as Joyce was led away.

Conservative MP Stewart Andrew has alleged that he was left with a bloody nose after being head-butted by the controversial Labour MP.

It is also claimed Labour whip Phil Wilson was left with blood stains on his shirt after he was struck by Joyce as he tried to intervene.

Mr Andrew has said that he intends to press charges against the Scottish Labour MP.

Eye witness reports claim that Joyce went “berserk” after complaining that there were too many Conservatives in the bar.  Female Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price is reported to have stepped in bravely in order to prevent further trouble.

Mr Joyce was taken to a cell in the House of Commons after being restrained by officers.  He was then transferred to Belgravia Police Station for questioning.

This morning, Labour leader Ed Miliband took the decision to suspend the controversial MP.  In a statement issued by Labour, a party spokesman said:

“This is an extremely serious incident.  We have suspended Eric Joyce pending the results of the police investigation.”

In the Commons, Speaker John Bercow said: “Members will be aware of reports of a serious incident in the House last night.  I have been informed by the Serjeant at Arms that the honourable member for Falkirk has been detained in police custody.

“The matter is being investigated.  I take this matter very seriously, as do the House authorities.”

Police are reported to have begun interviewing bar staff who were on duty when the incident took place.

Mr Joyce, served in the Army Education Corps before pursuing a career in politics and was elected as MP for Falkirk in 2000.

In 2010 he resigned as shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland after pleading guilty to failing to provide a breath test.

Topping the MPs expenses list in 2009, Joyce has now claimed over £1 million from the public purse.  In 2010, the Labour MP became the first parliamentarian to claim over £200,000 for a single year.


# Wee-Scamp 2012-02-23 19:19
Is he in an SNP winnable seat?
# Jiggsbro 2012-02-23 19:21
Quoting Wee-Scamp:
Is he in an SNP winnable seat?

Yes, in as much as it’s a Scottish seat.
# rhymer 2012-02-23 22:33
A mere 50% more votes than last time.
It CAN happen.

I really think there is not a safe labour seat in Scotland anymore.
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 19:25

Party Percentage of votes
Labour 45.62%
Scottish National Party 30.2%
Conservative 11.2%

Name Party Votes % of votes
Joyce, Eric Labour 23,207 45.62
McNally, John Scottish National Party 15,364 30.2
Mackie, Katie Conservative 5,698 11.2
Leach, Kieran Liberal Democrat 5,225 10.27
Goldie, Brian UK Independence Party 1,283 2.52

Majority 7,843 votes
Electorate 81,869
Turnout (50,868) 62%

courtesy of Tartanfever
# bigbuachaille 2012-02-23 19:26
Quoting Wee-Scamp:
Is he in an SNP winnable seat?

Ony until Autumn 2014 at the latest.
# GuidedByPollard 2012-02-23 20:41
Quoting Wee-Scamp:
Is he in an SNP winnable seat?

It is now, it never was when Dennis Canavan was the MP – I’ve always voted SNP but have a lot of respect for Dennis, who was popular and actually had time for his contituents….in the 12 years since Joyce was MP I haven’t seen him once in the area
# Hirta 2012-02-23 21:04
Yes, he’s in my seat :O)
# bringiton 2012-02-23 19:38
Why wasn’t he suspended by Ms Lamont ?
I thought she was now in charge of all things relating to Scottish Labour?
# Pleo 2012-02-23 20:08
I heard she asked Miliband to devolve extra powers to “Scottish” Labour so that they could suspend their own members, he said he would consider it if there was a yes vote on independence.
# Edna Caine 2012-02-23 21:32

– I believe the word is “LOL”
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 22:03
You meant ‘a No vote’

…it’s OK, I’ll keep you right with your jokes. LOL *;09
# rhymer 2012-02-23 22:36
[quote name=”Alba4Eva”]You meant ‘a No vote’ quote]

Nope. Think about it again
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:29
Ha, ha, I get it…. 🙂
# gopher3 2012-02-23 20:26
Quoting bringiton:
Why wasn’t he suspended by Ms Lamont ?
I thought she was now in charge of all things relating to Scottish Labour?

She had to phone her Boss and get him to do something.
# Louperdowg 2012-02-23 19:40
Here is a tribute to Eric Joyce, courtesy of John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett.…/

I remember going to see the terrible duo once in Glasgow and John announcing he was going to the pub and that Willy had gone to see his auntie in Saltcoats so there would be no concert.

He was cheered off the stage!
# hindmost 2012-02-23 19:41
The nearest any Labour MP has come to striking a blow in the class war in decades.
# Hing em high 2012-02-23 19:56
Are you sure that it had anything to do with class warfare? It might be that he just doesn’t ahem like Welsh boys!I didnt see anything in Andrews profile to suggest he went to public school or to Oxbridge!

Eric Joyce, class warrior – I fell over laughing at that thought!
# hindmost 2012-02-24 11:01
Clearly I’ll need to explicitly tag comments like this with a “sarcasm” tag
# clootie 2012-02-23 20:07
Credit to the Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price. It is a brave act to step into such a situation.

Well done.
# drumsmudden 2012-02-23 20:11
Too much!! you can say that again.
He has now been in custody for 21hrs.
Do they not get released when they have sobered up–he may, once again, be refusing to give samples.
# Fungus 2012-02-23 20:28
He may be being held pending an appearance at court. Usually happens if the crime is seen as being serious or there is a risk of the accused absconding or there are previous convictions for the same alleged offence. Though it may well be different in England.
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 22:15
They are holding him incase he gets on the first train at Euston and makes a dash for the border… they will also be worried that Salmond will grant him political asylum (along with the panda’s), for ‘striking a blow’ against the Tory’s!
# balbeggie 2012-02-23 20:32
He has been selected by the Boxing team for the Olympics.…/…
# farrochie 2012-02-23 20:52
I trust that SNP management will use this sorry tale to gently remind MPs, MSPs and councillors that there is a lot at stake in the next two years. One stupid act, or ill-thought remark can seriously compromise our aim.
# Tattie-bogle 2012-02-23 21:00
I’ve already made a comment using old batman as a reference but these days thats all i see when it comes to unionist KBLAM! KAPOW! BOOSH! i might spell this wrong but could we accuratly describe it as unionist = onomatopoeia.
# rhymer 2012-02-23 21:05
Quoting Tattie-bogle:
I’ve already made a comment using old batman as a reference but these days thats all i see when it comes to unionist KBLAM! KAPOW! BOOSH! i might spell this wrong but could we accuratly describe it as unionist = onomatopoeia.

Micurate on your own mat !
# Tattie-bogle 2012-02-23 21:11
Quoting rhymer:
Quoting Tattie-bogle:
I’ve already made a comment using old batman as a reference but these days thats all i see when it comes to unionist KBLAM! KAPOW! BOOSH! i might spell this wrong but could we accuratly describe it as unionist = onomatopoeia.
aye the michael

Micurate on your own mat !
# Tattie-bogle 2012-02-23 21:06
Quoting Tattie-bogle:
I’ve already made a comment using old batman as a reference but these days thats all i see when it comes to unionist KBLAM! KAPOW! BOOSH! i might spell this wrong but could we accuratly describe it as unionist = onomatopoeia.

accurately lol
# raisethegame 2012-02-23 21:06

Just saw this tweeted by Magnus Llewellin, Dep Ed of the Herald

“Which senior #SNP MSP has been subjected to online abuse by a Labour opponent? See The Herald tomorrow to find out.”
# tartanfever 2012-02-23 21:18
intriguing !

has lamont sent an email asking one of our fine male members (oh la la) out on a date or something ?
# Fungus 2012-02-23 23:28
Must be one of those Cyberlabs
# Arraniki 2012-02-23 21:11
Pace# drumsmudden 2012-02-23 20:11
Too much!! you can say that again.
He has now been in custody for 21hrs.

You have to be in custody for a respectable period of time before qualifying for a seat in the HoL.
# Harry.Shanks 2012-02-23 21:38
This’ll be the Labour fightback they’ve been threatening since 2007.

If you can’t beat them, nut them.
# cokynutjoe 2012-02-23 21:48
Is this the first rumble in the Commons since George Galloway duffied up John Reid?
Dianne Abbott to the rescue on that occasion I believe.
Jocks! who would have them, what.
# gus1940 2012-02-23 21:54
If he is convicted of a criminal offence is he kicked out of The Commons resulting in a lovely juicy By-Election?
# oldnat 2012-02-23 22:02
Only if he is jailed for 12 months or more – which would be unusual in a case like this (though that would depend on what he is charged with).
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 22:21
Currently, as I see it, his behaviour has made his position untenable… He will not survive this.
# Edna Caine 2012-02-23 22:16
You’ve got to just love this headline from LabourHame –…/2976

“Why alcohol is a problem for the UK, not just Scotland”
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 22:23
Did youse all hear that? He’s still in custody because of another incident since he was arrested. There is concern about his health and welfare, and nobody is ruling out the possibility of a by-election! BBC main news.

Tune in for the Scottish news at 10.30 and see what they say!
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 22:29
I never liked the man, but if he has flipped out and completely lost it, then that’s sad. No one deserves the consequences of a mental breakdown.
# Jenny2603 2012-02-23 23:08
The more we’re hearing, the more this looks like some kind of breakdown and as you say no one deserves to suffer that.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 23:18
The Evening Standard might be able to shed some light on the current situation Jenny.

He is understood to have had marriage problems and colleagues have noted that he started drinking more heavily in recent months. In 2010 he resigned as shadow Northern Ireland minister after pleading guilty to failing to provide a breath test.

The full article is here.…/…
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:31
I’m still unclear how this is being talked about as a potential by-election though, assuming he hasn’t done anything to make a sentence of over a year likely.
# Jenny2603 2012-02-24 00:16
I think the potential by-election would arising from this would be triggered on mental health grounds, rather than a criminal conviction.
# Jenny2603 2012-02-23 23:40
Aye I think that might well be at the root of it. He’s not the first to go off his bean with the drink. Best thing he can do for himself and his constituents is resign and get his head straight.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 23:45
The thing is though Jenny he won’t resign.

As another poster put up, on another thread, he has too much to lose, financially, if he resigns. He’ll drag it out to the bitter twisted end.
# Jenny2603 2012-02-24 00:15
That’s the modern way -refuse to resign until someone is forced to chase you out with a broom. The thing is, if his defence is that he’s suffering some sort of serious mental illness then he can’t really continue. If not and he’s saying this is how he usually behaves then I would imagine the electorate will administer the boot at the earliest opportunity and I would include using the council elections in May as a means of sending a message in that. Either way I don’t see him lasting.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 22:33
[Sally Magnusson’s slot] Joyce threw himself at the Tory, headbutting and punching him while surrounded by police. There is a broken window in the Strangers Bar.

No more about incidents in the police station (or was the “incident in custody” the attack while he was still in the bar, surrounded by police?), or about concerns for health and welfare, or by-elections.
# Zed 2012-02-23 22:29
BBC Andrew Kerr on Twitter

It’s been alleged the Labour MP for Falkirk, Eric Joyce, was involved in an incident AFTER being taken into police custody last night.

Hmmnnn….How serious is this going to get I wonder?
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 22:38
I’m unsure if that was something that happened at the police station, or if that is also describing what BBC Scotland reported, that he threw himself at Andrew, headbutting and punching him, while he was surrounded by police. That is, while still in the Strangers Bar, but after the police had arrived and “detained” him.
# Fungus 2012-02-23 23:31
he is alleged to have decked the custody sergeant.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:43
Oh, WOW!

Indeed, the extension of the attack on Andrew is being reported elsewhere as happening while he was surrounded by five security guards, not police, which wouldn’t count as “in custody”.

But still, how does this add up to a by-election? Would decking a cop (assuming that happened) turn this into a year in pokey?
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 23:48
Well for one thing it would mean that instead of facing one set of assault charges he will now be facing two sets of assault charges. That in itself will surely lead to a stiffer sentence, if he is convicted. Either way I don’t think the sentence will not be long enough to force a by election. Only time will tell.
# balbeggie 2012-02-23 22:45
from twitter:

Old Holborn‏

For clarity, @EricJoyce thinks it’s fine to keep someone banged up for 42 days without charge. He voted for it. See you in April, Eric.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 22:50
# jafurn 2012-02-23 23:33
And if you have nothing to hide it will all be ok
# oldnat 2012-02-23 22:46
I found it interesting that the criticism of Joyce in STV’s vox-pops was much more severe than those selected by the BBC.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 22:47
It gets even better.

I was watching EBC News 24 during the adverts on another channel and saw the ticker tape running along the bottom of the screen come up with the suggestion that Joyce may be in even deeper trouble than just “assaulting” a Tory.

Allegedly he was involved in an incident after being taken into custody!

I guess he didn’t like the colour of the
Desk Sergeant’s tie or something!

The Mail seem to have an in depth article on him, no mention of his little “incident” after being taken into custody but they do have this little beauty.…/…

Born in Perth, he signed up as a private in the Black Watch when still a teenager, but took a sabbatical to earn a religious studies degree from the University of Stirling and later attended Sandhurst to gain an officer’s commission.

Well that religious studies degree course certainly was put to good use last night!

I wonder whatever happened to the “Turn the other cheek” approach?
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 22:54
Quoting Arbroath1320:
I was watching EBC News 24 during the adverts on another channel and saw the ticker tape running along the bottom of the screen come up with the suggestion that Joyce may be in even deeper trouble than just “assaulting” a Tory.

Allegedly he was involved in an incident after being taken into custody!

I guess he didn’t like the colour of the
Desk Sergeant’s tie or something!

Might have been the incident described on the news where he threw himself at the Tory again, while surrounded by police. If they had already detained him by then, that could count as being “after being taken into custody”. [ETA: See above, there is indeed an alleged incident of assault on a police officer, at the police station!]

The really interesting bit was the line “nobody is ruling out a by-election”. There seemed to be a sub-text that he had completely lost it and may be unable to avoid resigning his seat. I don’t know how that would work though.
# Legerwood 2012-02-23 22:53
O/T but it does involve MPs and their guid conceit of themselves.

Apparently since 2001 they have been RENTING 6 fig trees for the atrium in Portcullis house (MPs office block at Westminster) at a cost of £30,000 per annum…/…
# balbeggie 2012-02-23 22:57
The Evening Standard’s report of the incident:…/…
# xyz 2012-02-23 23:00
OT – put questions to Lamont and Rennie:…/…

I doubt the Labour zombies at BBC Scotland would allow anything too challenging though..

For example:

Why are you working so hard to deny prosperity/independence for the people of Scotland?

Why do you think Westminster should control Scotland’s wealth?

If Scotland gains her independence will you be remembered as the parcel of rogues?

How will history judge you for working so hard to deny self determination for the people of Scotland?

How you look yourselves in the mirror each day when the people of Scotland consider you to be self serving **** Edited to remove abusive comment – NNS Mod Team? – enemies of the people of Scotland?

Well I’m sure some of you guys and galls can do better than my ruminations above ..
# jafurn 2012-02-24 00:23
Any one of them would do for a start but they should be asked by Mr Brewer,Mr Campbell and their cohorts…even just once if they could ask a serious question…sorry of course it’s not gonna happen I’m drifting off into airy-fairy land again
# proudscot 2012-02-23 23:27
They interviewed three people in Falkirk on the news earlier for a quick comment on the incident. One guy gave his opinion that no-one was above the law; a second guy said something to the effect that he hadn’t voted for him; but the third person, a vacuous looking female, muttered something along the lines of “I think he’s done all right …” I don’t know whether she was meaning he’d done well to nut a Tory, or she was just one of the “red rose on a donkey” voters, who also think Lamont is fit for purpose!
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:33
She said he’d done all right until now, and she was surprised when she heard what had happened. Given his track record, I suppose that makes one of her.
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-23 23:44
…over a 200,000 pounds in expenses in one year on everything including oil paintings…

…Aye, he certainly done alright…. for himself!
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 23:52
I love the clip they showed on Disreporting Scotland tonight. It was when he was being interviewed by Gordon Brewer who asked him about the three pictures he had put an expense claim in for. His response was “They were nice pictures” Because of that we, the tax payer, have to foot the bill for them. I think the bill came to just over £100. The poor wee MP. He couldn’t afford to buy the pictures out of his own pocket!
# Hing em high 2012-02-23 23:49
I think she was a red rose donkey. That was how she came acrossto me. She had me cynically impersonating a sheep.

Guy number one was sensible in saying that none of us is above the law, but as we know Orwells words are as true today as they were in the past.

The other guy was the ground down cynic or at least that is how he came across.

It is however all to easy for media professionals to make people look and sound something other than what they are or what they intended.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-23 23:59
I guess they couldn’t find Catriona Renton then. 😀
# Sleekit 2012-02-23 23:39

Scotland Vies With England for $52 Billion Offshore-Wind Future

Scotland and England, haggling over the possible breakup of the U.K., are competing to create a hub for the country’s $52 billion offshore wind industry.

Leith, the port area of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, and the northeast English coastal town of Hartlepool are vying for a 150 million-pound ($237 million) investment from Spanish wind-turbine maker Gamesa Corp Tecnologica SA.
# J Wil 2012-02-23 23:39
Did I hear it suggested on Newsnicht that he was ill and that he still has not been charged? Is this the case for the defence being constructed already?
# Stakhanov 2012-02-23 23:45
Yes, seems no charges yet, strange given the large number of witnesses…
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:56
Well, he’s been charged now. New thread, troops.

They may have had to wait until he was sufficiently compos mentis before they could actually charge him.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-23 23:46
I didn’t hear Newsnicht, but they did say on the BBC1 news that he had not yet been charged with anything. The bit about him being “ill” had overtones of mental illness though, saying that there was concern for his health and welfare.
# millie 2012-02-23 23:47
J Wil.
I don’t really know anything about this man. If he is ill, it is very sad. I wish him well.

However, there is a feeling that news releases on this are being ‘managed’, –

Can you really imagine if it was a member of a ‘non-establishment party’, it would be being covered 24/7 by BBC Scotland.

The media management of the Purcell affair is still too fresh in my mind.
# scottishwatersnotforsale 2012-02-23 23:52
3 charges of assault -sky news
# oldnat 2012-02-23 23:56
Common assault – the lowest level of assault charge in England.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:02
Here is the EBC’s take on the Joyce situation so far.
# dundie 2012-02-23 23:59
Fair comment – he only nutted a Tory MP. To be honest, that’s a political comment, not an assault… OK, I’m joking!
# jafurn 2012-02-24 00:13
I wish you weren’t
# sneckedagain 2012-02-24 00:04
Anydefence of his actions on thegrounds that he is mentally troubled automatically removes any justification of him remaining as an MP
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:08
You’d think, but aren’t these guys pretty much always allowed to hang on till the next general election, even if they never darken the doors of the Palace of Westminster again?

It would be outrageous, of course, but that never stopped them before.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:13
Just look at the actions of Broon the Loon.

Famous for his consistent non appearances in the House of Commons!
# Alba4Eva 2012-02-24 06:57
Just keep reminding the good people of Falkirk that they have no representation in Westminster.
# jafurn 2012-02-24 00:15
Quoting sneckedagain:
Anydefence of his actions on thegrounds that he is mentally troubled automatically removes any justification of him remaining as an MP

If there was any truth in that argument michael Moore would have been a goner long ago
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:18
The difference between Joyce and Moore is this.

Joyce is reported to have had a breakdown this is why everyone is talking about him standing down now.

Moore is one long breakdown. No one has known anything different from him so he appears “normal!”
# oldnat 2012-02-24 00:17
As well as serving a prison sentence of over a year, another ground for disqualificatio  n of an MP is “persons detained under the Mental Health Act 1983”.

Neither of these seem likely in the light of current information.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:32
You mean, if he’s been charged with common assault, you think he’s not detained under the Mental Health Act, and not likely to be?
# oldnat 2012-02-24 00:36
Someone detained under the Mental Health Act is actually detained in an appropriate hospital. Since it seems that Joyce was released on bail,that doesn’t seem to have happened.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:38
Ah. I hadn’t picked up about the bail thing. So I don’t entirely understand all this by-election talk. Unless there was credible speculation at the time that he was likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act, I suppose.
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:46
I wonder if we are about to enter new territory here.

Are we about to see, not necessarily immediately, the first M.P. who is asked to step down/resign on mental health grounds?
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:49
By-election is the last thing the Labour party wants:…/…

Curtice thinks not. Too scared of the Nats.
# oldnat 2012-02-24 00:54
I’m quite sure that Labour don’t want a by-election! However, if Joyce’s recovery would be boosted by giving up as an MP, he might still resign on his own.

Of course, we are just speculating!
# oldnat 2012-02-24 00:49
My take (which could be wholly wrong!) on the story was that the journos had been talking to his friends among Labour MPs, and that they weren’t ruling out Joyce resigning due to his current circumstances and health.
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:51
What, from a Scottish constituency? NOW?
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:54
Always a first time for everything! 😀
# Old Smokey 2012-02-24 00:18
Last nights Newsnight Scotland, line up of stories, in order ; Rangers latest then the CPPR story, then tucked at the end Eric Joyce story.
The CPPR piece was interesting as they used Derek Bateman to front the story, who interviewed Joy Armstrong of the CPPR. When aske about being bias, she flushed a bit an retorted that the CPPR are not bias and is not affliated toany party. Sorry Joy, were not talking about CPPR per say, the question should have been are you bias, which we know that you are.
Its an interesting comparison with CBI Scotland
When Iain MacMillan speaks his usual bile, its put down to ‘CBI Scotland’. in reality its Iain MacMillan.
Same with Joy Armstrong talking tosh, she tries to infer that the accusation is against CPPR and not key personel such as her thats bias. Dissapointed in Derek Bateman not being more thourough,perha  ps he wasnt aware that Joy Armstrong is a Labour activist
# Soixante-neuf 2012-02-24 00:34
From the Hootsmon.
One party source said: “The only reason he got reselected was because of the trade union vote – he is not popular in the constituency party.”

Another said: “He is innocent until proven guilty, but his future in the party and as an MP beyond the next election has been over for quite some time.”
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 00:37
Nice to know you have the backing of your local party then!
# jafurn 2012-02-24 01:00
We are off on a tangent again..…/…

Scottish independence: Explain your oil fund, expert tells Alex Salmond

Are we being asked to believe that having all this oil and gas is a bad thing?
# jafurn 2012-02-24 01:02
Sorry that should have said I am off at a tangent

Is it at a tangent or on a tangent….serious question
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 01:06
I think your talking about a tangent jafurn.

I must admit I have always used the “off on a tangent” phrase myself.
# jafurn 2012-02-24 01:12

now I get it,,,,,
from the comments….
Friday, February 24, 2012 at 12:43 AM “Explain your oil fund, expert tells Alex Salmond ‘. ………..Eh, Well. …. It works like this; we get the oil, sell it, and put the money in oor oil fund bank account. ……How’s-zat ? …. Is that a’right ?

works for me.

sorry I meant to add the link but I was still laughing…comment no 9…/…
# jafurn 2012-02-24 01:24
What you been up to then tartanfever…

Friday, February 24, 2012 at 12:56 AM Pending Moderation

Have you been asking pertinent questions again?
# call me dave 2012-02-24 01:09

Q1: We are expected to believe that.

Q2: tangent

Touches the circumference of a circle at one point radius at right angles to centre ( from what I remember)

Maybe its a bike for two!

Maths: phatooie!!
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 01:22
To be honest my reading of this article is that the writer, one Eddie Barnes, is all over the place.

One minute he is talking about Professor Kemp, next he is rabbiting on about the CPPR crowd.

The thing I took from Professor Kemp’s remarks was that he was not questioning A.S.’s ideas about the oil fund, in fact he was positively backing it.

He also laid out the principled case for an oil fund saying that, even now, a separate investment should be made from North Sea oil revenues, with or without independence. Referring back to the mid 1980s, at the highest point of oil production, he said that the country had allowed its oil booty to be consumed in unemployment benefits rather than be used up as an investment for the future.

I believe he was putting forward suggestions that A.S. might find it useful to explain exactly how this oil fund would work.

He said ministers needed to show “how will it relate to the Scottish budget” prior to a referendum to show people how it would work before they vote on independence.
# jafurn 2012-02-24 01:36
I agree with your take on it.
When I asked the question ‘Are we being asked to believe that having all this oil and gas is a bad thing?’ it was meant as a general question because everywhere I look I see this report or that analysis seeming to infer that having all this oil and gas is somehow great for any other country but when it comes to Scotland then …
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 01:49
My apologies jafurn, I misinterpreted your post.
# uilleam_beag 2012-02-24 01:43
That was precisely my reading of the professor’s comments as well. It would appear the Scotsman’s framing of this is pure mischief-making – many readers don’t look far beyond the headline!
# Arbroath1320 2012-02-24 01:47
That’s the Hootsmon for you! 😀

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