National Collective has today welcomed the backing of its second Creative Ambassador, Alan Bissett, the award winning Scottish novelist, playwright and performer.

He joins a growing list of internationally renowned and respected creatives that are expressing their support of independence for Scotland.

In 2011 Alan was named Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Writer of the Year and his play Turbo Folk was shortlisted for Best New Play at the Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland in 2010.

His novels include Boyracers (2001), The Incredible Adam Spark (2005), and Death of a Ladies’ Man (2009), which was shortlisted for a Scottish Arts Council Fiction of the Year prize.

His most recent book, Pack Men (2011) was called a “landmark in Scottish fiction” by Irvine Welsh.

Alan also wrote and performed his own ‘one-woman show’, The Moira Monologues, which toured Scotland to great acclaim and is now in development with the BBC.

The short film which he wrote and narrated, The Shutdown, has won awards at several major international film festivals and was shortlisted for a Scottish BAFTA.

Alan has joined National Collective and revealed his support for Scottish independence, saying “past generations could only dream of it; future generations will be jealous to have missed it.”

He said: “I’ve joined National Collective as it’s a great place for artists to come together and talk about the benefits (and possibly even some of the drawbacks!) of independence. 

“Scotland is an incredibly creative country, which punches well above its weight in music, literature, theatre, the visual arts and fashion, and I want to be part of the exciting, new country to which these forces will contribute.

National Collective is the focal point for that, helping transform Scotland with the power of imagination.”

National Collective is an open and non-party political platform for creatives to engage with the Scottish independence campaign.  Read more here:


2012-03-27 09:58

Surely there’s a better term avaialable than ‘creatives’? How about ‘creative artists’? Or am I just a linguistic dinosaur?

But it’s always good to welcome another voice to the cause of Independence for our country.
2012-03-27 13:18

I am delighted to hear Alan Bissett has joined our cause.
Indeed Welcome Alan.
I will make sure to read your books now.
Any recommendation by Irvine Welsh is good for me.
2012-03-27 15:58

Alan Bissett has also put the following on Youtube vote Britain NOT…/
call me dave
2012-03-27 16:26

Saw this a while back and thought then that it was a wee bit OTT but a few months later on I can say that it certainly sits more comfortably with me now and resonates with every fibre of my being.

I have heard and seen so much bias and hypocrisy from the MSM and the unionist parties in the last two years that playing a straight bat and allowing a bit of give and take is not enough.

I despair to the lengths that they will go to keep Scotland under their heel.

More power to people like Alan Bisset and the strong message they send out on our behalf. Its blunt but it’s true and I hope it’s effective.

2012-03-27 17:41

Yeah seen this a wee while ago too and though it was hilarious, so cant say I’m suprised he’s a nationalist.

If anyone hasnt watched it yet, you should!!!

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