Labour for Independence has promised to target every Labour voter past and present in 2013 to persuade them of the benefits of independence and show how it could be the key to a rejuvenated Scottish Labour Party.

In a New Year message, founder Allan Grogan says Labour for Independence is determined to move from being solely a social media group to a ‘boots on the ground’ campaign.

“In the New Year we will continue to meet with Labour party members, voters and those in power who will grant us a voice. We will ensure that by 2014 the people of Scotland will know where the true Labour stance is on issues affecting Scotland,” says Mr Grogan.

“In the coming year we will hold true to our conference promise. To move our campaign from a solely social media one, to a boots on ground effort. We will target every Labour vote past and present assuring them of the benefits of independence and the hopes of a rejuvenation of the Labour party under the banner of Yes.”

Mr Grogan describes how in six months, Labour for Independence has grown from a Facebook page with a small following to becoming an important player in the referendum movement.

But he warns that while he is delighted with the support Labour for Independence has attracted, there was still much work to be done.

“For the good of our party, for the good of the people of Scotland, we cannot rest on our achievements. There is much to do and we eagerly await the challenges ahead.

“We are delighted to have been embraced by the Yes Scotland campaign as part of a wider pro-independence family. We look forward to working alongside the pro-Yes parties in ensuring a yes vote in 2014.

“I truly believe that the best hope we have for the people of Scotland, is to ensure an alternative to the antiquated Westminster rule.”

Labour For Independence was set up by Scottish Labour Party member Allan Grogan who became frustrated at the continual refusal of party bosses to acknowledge support among a sizeable number of Labour party supporters for independence.

The group is rapidly growing within the Labour party and has also began to recruit ambassadors around the country which is already expanding the groups reach in communities.

LFI held their first conference in Glasgow in November 2012. Speakers included, Dennis Canavan, Blair Jenkins, Tommy Brennan, Jeane Freeman and Ricky Ross.


call me dave
2013-01-06 02:23

This is a vital lever in the independence debate. Only by showing ordinary people that it’s not just about the SNP will real progress be made.

Independence is the prize and then Scottish political policies can be argued and voted on.
I can live with a diverse collection of parties when we know that there is only a Scottish conversation taking place and that the decisions will be in the interests of the country.

Roll on 2014.
2013-01-06 02:47

The more this group makes inroads into Labour territory the better. For Alastair and his No pals this is their worst nightmare. It’s like a war with a second front and more difficult for the Tethered Together lot to fight as they are now fighting their own party instead of the SNP. I think they’ll probably try to ignore them but I don’t see that tactic working for very long.
I wonder whether it will be the Tories or LibDems that form the next Independence group.
Al Hutch
2013-01-06 11:55

Dear WRH2

I would be shocked if there is not some kind of similar group in the Lib Dems being set up as we speak. Having worked for the party in the past I can assure you opposition to independence is not that strong…. after all they believe in Federalism.

The only thing holding them back could be it would kill the party forever in Scotland and strange as it may seem some people do still believe in what they stand for (or used to stand for)

2013-01-06 03:05

This is a great addition to the wider campaign.
If LFI can pull this off it will really scunner the Labour Party’s unionist heirarchy.

o/t Have watched this e-petition more than double its signatures since yesterday, Please feel free to help it along (link in first posting)…/……/
2013-01-06 08:45

We have plenty of social survy evidence showing that upwards of two thirds of Scots would like Scotland to be independent,but a big percentage of them fear we simply cant afford it.And the biggest chunk of that percentage are Labour voters.They are being badly let down by their leadership.The evidence shows we can well afford it,naturally enough for such a wealthy country.Its important that Labour voters go into the referendum with a clear understanding of what an independent Scotland can achieve for all her people.
2013-01-06 09:38

This year will be a tipping point in the campaign. Without a viable set of positive policies to offer, the NO campaign will swiftly run out of any momentum gained through the year of team GB. This is where Mr Grogan’s contribution of feet on the ground will prove most effective. As the olympics disappear into yesterday’s news and an uncaring Westminster reality bites, convincing the soft no Labour voter to take that final extra step will prove vital. Good luck to Mr Grogan on his initiative.
2013-01-06 09:39

Labour in Scotland have embarked on a suicide mission with their blind following of the Westminster Labour Party neo-liberal agenda and their use of hate and fear as their only weapons to fight the independence movement in Scotland.
2013-01-06 10:07

This is excellent news, Labour voters can only be persuaded by “their own”. Well done Allan Grogan.
2013-01-06 12:04

What I find hard to take is not one of the Labour party mp’s has decided to stand up and say enough is enough of this blindly following the Tory party policies. The first mp to decamp and move to visibly support this group will go down in history as atrue legend as many more will be sure to follow and it will go along way to ensuring the yes vote.

All it takes is one for the damn to burst. I find it almost unbelievable that no one has had the courage to do this noble act and help their country onwards to a far better future.

Surely to God they must see the party they once belonged to as the vanguard of the working class has now been hi-jacked by career minded trough swillers.
Does anyone care to try and explain why this is so.?
2013-01-06 12:15

I think it unlikely that any Labour MPs will jump ship- or should I say gravy train, but MSPs? Now there’s a thought! Malcolm Chisholm is half way there. He could start a mini stampede if he went the whole hog!
2013-01-06 12:40

Sorry Indy I meant MSPs.

2013-01-06 13:36

Excellent News …Is about time too, and its about time Johann Lamont paid attention to whats going on within her own party.
2013-01-06 14:31

LFI will connect to parts of the Labour heartland that the best SNP canvassers ever could reach because of the trust factor or lack of it.

LFI will be believed and followed where others wouldn’t and it’s LFI who will clinch this Referendum for Independence with 65 -75% 0f the vote rather than 50 -55% of the vote, simply because of their ability to reach into the heart of the Labour Movement.

Then there is the Catalan Referendum – also in 2014. Great news, their massive support for independence from Spain will give hundreds of thousands of Scots the confidence to support a YES Vote they currently lack.

Overall it’s looking good for a YES Vote.

VOTE YES Next Year – sounds sensible and it looks like it’s going to happen, how do you feel about that?
2013-01-06 15:05

I feel quietly confident.I think more people are realising that a wealthy,oil-rich country can,indeed,surv  ive and thrive.
2013-01-06 15:59

Came across this…  ndependence

Onward and upward!
2013-01-06 16:36

I agree with the sentiments above.

Lamont’s head is in the sand. She wont even recognise Alan or the LFI movement. I’ve been an SNP supporter all of my life, (since school) but I’m not that blinded that we couldn’t be doing with some help along the way for the big goal that is independence.

I really hope that LFI get the message out to the Labour supporters.

If LFI keep the socialist ideals of the old Labour party and show up Lamont’s right wing debacle, then the LFI may just convince labour supporters that independence is the right thing to do.

As some have said …we can do party politics after the Yes vote. Maybe LFI will take some seats of the ConLabourites …lol
red kite
2013-01-06 17:20

Labour in Scotland is not a political party – it is a political machine. It controls almost all the postal votes, which is a significant number in the west Central belt.
A political party has beliefs and ideologies. A political machine on the other hand has de facto control over the way votes are cast.
The postal vote system needs to be supervised and opened up to scrutiny well before the referendum.
2013-01-06 18:41

I think we need to be aware of just how important Scotland is to Westminster Labour, which of course think as one now with the Tories.

If they lose their Scottish MP’s, they may only rule occassionaly in the coming 100 years, and only then with serious coalitions.

So they will do anything to keep us, and I mean absolutely ANYTHING.
They have no morals, and no real interest in Scotland, it is only for their own self interests.

The real shame lies at the door of Scottish Labour, who are totally devoid of principles having overturned all their policies in order to support the Tories and undermine the peoples of Scotland.
Let us show them the door!
2013-01-06 23:22

This initiative could be the way to expose the current Labour party in Scotland to labour voters.

If they target labour MSP constituencies, starting with Pollok, and reveal in plain language what Johann Lamont plans to do re means testing for prescriptions, higher education, care for elderly, etc; her endorsement of the renewal of trident; and her best pals act with Tories.

I think it really needs to be driven home so that people in these areas can’t fail to realise that the Labour party of the old days is long gone and independence is the only way forward to a safer future.
2013-01-07 06:35

Good Luck to Labour for Independence.

From people I’ve casually talked to, including trades unionists, I think you’ll find a lot of support around Scotland, and it helps take “ownership” of Independence solely from the SNP in the public mind.

It means for non-SNP voters, there will be an alternative in 2016. Scottish Labour should watch this very closely, then almost certainly jump ship from the NO campaign.

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