Alan Bisset at the Augustine Church, Sunday 3 March 2013, talks about the cringe, culture, Scottish literature and how Scots look at themselves.

The talk was part of an evening on Scottish Self-determination & Independence.



2013-03-08 17:35

This man is a genius! If only more SCots could hear him
Union City Blues
2013-03-08 19:23

When he spoke at the launch for Yes East Kilbride he was very entertaining but inspiring too. I often felt it was petty to complain about the way Scotland was presented in the UK media but he made me realise it is because of us being constantly belittled that so many Scots fall for the too wee, too little, too stupid BS.
2013-03-10 11:15

Absolutely fantastic stuff, cutting to the heart of the issue. Is Alan Bissett too young to be called a ‘national treasure’? In case anyone has not yet seen this, here’s the most perceptive summary of the reality of Scotland’s position in the UK that you are likely to hear in a long time:…/.
2013-03-12 00:46

I was going to say, before I watched the video, did anyone else find, when hearing a Scots voice on TV, that experience a bit of a start, of shame. God, do I sound like that.
Having watched Alan speaking, it seems I’m not alone.
The involuntary cringe in action.

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