Former Labour MP John McAllion will join forces with former SNP MSP John Finnie to press the case for Independence at a public meeting in Edinburgh this week.

Both men will explain why they believe ‘Working class people will be better off with Independence’ at a Scottish Socialist Party public meeting in Craigentinny Community Centre on Thursday night.

It will be the first time both men have shared a platform together and the event is the latest in a series of public meetings the Scottish Socialist’s have held across the city in the run up to the 2014 Referendum.  Previous meetings at the Royal Commonwealth Pool, the St Brides Centre in Dalry and the Calton Centre in Leith drew large audiences.

SSP spokesman Colin Fox expects a similar level of interest in Craigentinny.

Speaking to Newsnet Scotland, Mr Fox said: “Many commentators believe the outcome of the 2014 Referendum will hinge on whether or not working class people believe they will be better off with Independence.  And with their living standards continuing to fall few would question this logic.

“The Scottish Socialist Party has therefore asked John Finnie MSP, John McAllion and Sandra Webster, SSP national spokeswoman, to come along and convince the people of East Edinburgh that Independence will mean a dramatic improvement in their standard of living and end hated policies like the ‘bedroom tax’.

“We have also asked them to explain why Independence would rid Scotland of the nightmare of Tory administrations without a mandate to govern here.  But above all we want our three speakers to explain how Independence will lead to a redistribution of Scotland’s wealth in favour of communities like Craigentinny and Restalrig who we believe need help the most.

“We look forward to a lively and informative evening.”

SSP Public meeting ‘Yes you will be better off with Independence’
Craigentinny Community Centre, Loaning Road.
Thurs 25th April at 7pm.
Speakers: John Finnie, MSP, John McAllion and Sandra Webster, SSP national spokeswoman.


2013-04-24 01:14

In many ways these meetings in traditional Labour areas are the most important we could have and we should be particularly grateful to the Socialists who are organising them and the speakers, especially those with strong Labour connections for rallying to the cause.

John Finnie continues to remind us of his Independence credentials and speaks at yet another Indy meeting run by Colin Fox and his team.

I was at one of their meetings in Gorgie (or was it Dalry) and I’ll certainly try to get along to this one. Keep up the good work Colin.


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