Labour and Tory councillors in East Lothian have combined to vote down an SNP motion that would have guaranteed no evictions because of the bedroom tax. 

Other councils controlled by the anti-independence parties have recently voted down similar motions from their SNP groups.  These councils include West Dunbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, and the City of Aberdeen, amongst others.

East Lothian SNP Group Leader, Cllr. Stuart Currie, said:

“It is frankly a disgrace that both Labour and the Tories have become as one on the issue of the bedroom tax. Their council deputy leader even told the meeting that he supported the welfare changes and that Iain Duncan Smith had been welcomed to East Lothian recently. Today they could have voted for a motion which not only would guarantee no evictions but also agreed to support campaign groups who want the Bedroom Tax scrapped.

“Today was a sad day for East Lothian but also a sad day for the Labour Party in this East Lothian. It would seem that they are so reliant on the support of the Tories on the council that they will not raise a finger to support a motion that would have given support to the many people affected who we represent. Today Labour let down the people.”


2013-04-24 11:52

Does not the council have the obligation to house people? So if they want to evict you do they not have the obligation to offer you suitable alternative accommodation? And, obviously if you are staying in council housing which is cheaper than private rental accommodation, is it not counter productive in decreasing the so called benefits bill by forcing people from cheaper council accommodation into more expensive private accommodation. Of course our wonderful leaders have not thought this through, but enforced a knee jerk law so they are seen to be doing something. They are only, however, just making the problem bigger.

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