Readers may be interested to know that at 19:45 on 28th April, Newsnet Scotland finally broke through the 100,000 monthly unique visitor barrier.
With over three days left to run in the month, we currently stand at 100,045 unique visitors for April.

The total, currently still rising, is an incredible 6700 higher than our previous highest unique visitor total of 93,299 achieved in March this year.  Our current projection suggests that April will see a total of 108,000 people who will have visited Newsnet Scotland at least once in that month.

Incredibly, the 100,000 barrier was on course to be reached BEFORE our promotional leaflet campaign kicked in.

We would like to thank everyone who promotes the site either through leaflet distribution, emails to friends or word of mouth.

Sadly, despite seeking clarification months ago from the BBC, we remain mystified as to their criteria for determining what media outlets are deemed allowable in the broadcaster’s regular promotion of other news vendors – both in their online and broadcast services.

We continue to witness our state broadcaster read out, present to camera and provide links to exclusively pro-Union publications.

However we take comfort in the fact that, that despite an almost blanket ban by the BBC on any mention of this site, we continue to be the fastest growing online vendor of news and opinion in Scotland.


2013-04-28 22:40

If it isna illegal it’s surely immoral for a British public body like the BBC to act in favour of one side only of a situation that will be put to the test in a democratic referendum. The same applies also to the London treasury paid for partly by Scottish taxes, yet they and other “British” Govt. departments use our taxes in a partisan way to bolster the prospect of continued London Rule. Nae surprise though I suppose when you look back on the history of the British Empire of which they think Scotland is a part.
2013-04-28 22:47

Great news. I have told a lot of people about NNS who in turn are passing the message on. And they all enjoy the website. So you must be doing something right……
2013-04-28 23:54

A great achievement Newsnet, what we all need to do is promote this and other websites even more vigorously over the coming months whether online, by word of mouth or by leafleting. I’d imagine that a doubling of the readership of Newsnet and all the other great online sites by this time next year will go a long way to giving ourselves a fighting chance of winning the referendum.
2013-04-29 02:37

I’m looking forward to the 30 minute or so evening news program from a Scottish point of view – that’s BBC Scotland 😉
2013-04-29 09:12

Where can I find a statement of the aims and purpose of NNS? I have seen one somewhere but cannot remember where.

flying haggis
2013-04-29 11:53

Its on the Home page. Right at thwe very bottom.
2013-04-29 12:44

Well done, I finally got out this morning nice and early and delivered about two hundred leaflets through letter boxes in Finnieston which I recently purchased. Managed to leave some in the Doctors surgery and the Dentists also. Bit early to leave some in the local pubs but might do a wee pub crawl at the weekend and drop some off on the way.
Heading out this afternoon to tackle the huge blocks of flats on St Vincent street.
Spoke to one person this morning who was interested about the leaflet, I explained that Newsnet was just one of a few new media outlets online which are giving the MSM a run for their money and also that you were more likely to get facts and figures than the heavily opinionated and one sided print media.
flying haggis
2013-04-29 13:21

excellent, thats a good idea,

2013-04-29 13:40

Congrats NNS, big pat on the back for all the team. You must be really proud of yourselves, starting with just an idea to where you are now!!! This site and a few others give me hope in the dark days of the relentless brainwashing that is our London based media.

However, as you will know we need to push on from here!!

@CJMasta – Great work!!! big pat on your back also!!! Have a pint in the Ben Nevis for me :))
2013-04-29 16:46

Thanks BigHeed, just back from delivering another pile this afternoon. If I keep it up at this rate i`ll be needing another 1000 leaflets soon. Working for the next 4 days but will be leaving a small pile on the bus every day on my way there.
The Ben Nevis is my favourite pub in that part of town, Quality wee establishment with plenty of fine Whisky`s. Any excuse to go there is a good excuse.

2013-04-29 15:54

Scotland has been better served by the fact that you are here. It’s bad enough reflecting on the drivel that is pumped out by the MSM and their chums in Better together. But it would have been far, far worse had we not access to this site and the articles and contributions that set the record straight.

Keep up the good work.
2013-04-29 16:31

Seconded ,thirded and fourthed etc.!

2013-04-29 18:49

Congratulation’s, NNS you very much deserve it.

The job your are all doing at “Newsnet Scotland may very well be the most important thing you will ever do in your lifes. And my most sincere thanks for giving the people of Scotland the opportunity to have a free and honest media outlet amid the morass of bias and dishonesty being thrown at us by the BBC & MSM.

A thousand thanks would not be enough for the respect and confidence you have helped our country attain, keep it going.

Saor Alba.
2013-04-29 20:31

Well done NNS, between Rev Stu at Wings Over Scotland and yourselves, you’re doing the lions’ share of truthful independent media provision in Scotland and it seems to be really hurting the newspaper propagandists and the BBC, who are being shown up for the Unionist farce they all are.
2013-04-30 10:23

Well done NNS. I havent bought a paper since the first day you appeared- and this from someone who made his living from newspapers.
What a sad reflection on the road the MSM decided to go down. They only have themselves to blame.
BTW I note Craig Murray has joined the debate re BBC bias.…/…
2013-04-30 13:23

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