DUGGY DUG is a radical new cartoon character who we believe can play a big part in taking the independence debate into the heart of Scotland’s communities.

Not everyone has the time to seek out the facts and to study the arguments of the independence debate.  Sadly, many are hopelessly misinformed and rely on a media who appear ever more willing to promote each and every scare story churned out by those who oppose a return to Scotland of the powers currently reserved to Westminster.

Voiced by Holywood actor Brian Cox, Duggy Dug will use humour and fact in order to counter some of the more ridiculous scare stories.  Informed and witty, each animation will deal with a specific area key to the independence debate.

We need to raise £10,000 in order to complete the project and to promote it to as wide an audience as possible.  Our slogan is ‘His bark is worse than their bite’ and the more funding we raise then the louder Duggy’s bark will be.

The first animation, which looks at Scotland’s economy and oil, is already in production.

There are two methods of donating to the project, by direct bank transfer into our bank account or by using PayPal.

For anyone who wishes to donate directly, the bank account the details are:

Account number: 00117917
Sort Code: 83 26 32


There are two buttons, the donate button is for one-off payments, the subscription button is for regular automatic monthly amounts. Details of donors will be safe and will not be passed on to any other party.

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