By a Newsnet reporter

A new poll for the No campaign has backfired after it found independence is more popular than the status quo.

The YouGov survey on behalf of Better Together, which gave respondents three options found only 29% of people in Scotland support the status quo – the position of the No campaign – with 30% of those polled saying they backed independence and 32% opting for more powers.

The SNP immediately seized on the results calling them embarrassing for the No campaign, which has repeatedly insisted it will not campaign for more powers.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“What an embarrassing start to the year for the No campaign as their own poll boomerangs. The result tells us that independence is more popular than the status quo.

“And we know that the only way to ensure Scotland gets the powers over welfare and the economy that we need and to remove Trident is by voting Yes for independence this year.

“The No campaign has bizarrely asked questions on more powers for the parliament that they themselves blocked from the ballot paper. This poll is an absolute embarrassment.

“The reality is that this poll is consistent with a previous YouGov poll for the SNP that showed people want the Scottish Government to have powers over welfare, tax and pensions.

“But we know from history – and the latest revelations published this week – that Westminster parties can’t be trusted to deliver any more powers at all for Scotland.

“All Scotland got after the 1979 referendum was 18 years of Tory Government we didn’t vote for. It is clear Scotland couldn’t trust a Tory government back then, so why should we trust Westminster now?

“A Yes vote is a vote for good government from Scotland, where decisions are made by the people who live and work here – not by a remote Westminster system.”

However Better Together head Blair McDougall insisted the survey backed his own campaign’s anti-independence stance.

“The choice we face in September is between continuing the success of devolution as part of the wider UK or giving up on devolution and going it alone.

“Devolution has been a success and new tax-raising and borrowing powers are being delivered for our parliament.  The three pro-devolution parties are committed to strengthening and continuing the success of the Scottish parliament.

“Even the SNP, after a vote to remain in the UK, will have to become a pro-devolution party. It is clear there is already strong support among their own voters for devolution.”

Last week head of Better Together, Labour MP Alistair Darling, insisted the No campaign was not designed to define what follows a No vote and that the three parties who formed the anti-independence group would set out their own proposals at some point.

However the nationalists have argued that the No campaign must set out exactly what new powers will be handed to Scotland in the event of a No vote.  The option of more powers was blocked from appearing on the ballot paper after the UK Government refused to back the idea.

Responding to the poll, A spokesman for Yes Scotland said: “What this survey shows is that most people want decisions about Scotland to be made in Scotland, and the only way to guarantee that is with a ‘yes’ vote in September.  There is no option for ‘more powers’ on the ballot paper.”

A poll last year by YouGov showed most Scots wanted the Scottish Parliament to be given control of key areas.

Asked the following:

Currently the Scottish government has control over many policy areas, such as health and education. Other areas are run by the UK government (known as reserved powers). For each of the following areas, please say whether you think they should be run by the Scottish government or by the UK government:

The survey results were:

Welfare and benefits
Should be run by the Scottish government: 56%
Should be run by the UK government: 36%
Not sure: 8%

Should be run by the Scottish government: 51%
Should be run by the UK government: 41%
Not sure: 8%

Should be run by the Scottish government: 53%
Should be run by the UK government: 39%
Not sure: 9%


2014-01-06 07:52

And Labour activists are being asked to go round the doors and persuade people that they’re wrong to want the Scottish Govt to decide on tax,welfare and pensions.That we’re better to let the London Tories make these decisions.
2014-01-06 08:39

Unfathomable why the Unionist NO camp would do something so counter-productive to their interests as commission a poll offering the public the choice of the third way they fought so hard to deny the electorate.

This provides yet more proof, if more be needed, that the threat to a YES vote in September comes not from bumbling No camp empty suits but from lying journos of the Fourth Estate who prop them up.

(Those who feel “lying rats” would be more appropriate imagery should consider there are some things you just can’t get a rat to do.)
2014-01-06 08:47

These polls are aimed to hopefully produce the result wanted by their paymaster.
If we want Trident – and the obscene annual cost of it – removed from our budget, the only route is by a YES vote.

This is the position regardless of how many all-singing, all- dancing ‘celebrities’ dutifully sign up to do Westminster’s call to con the Scots.
2014-01-06 09:09

Blair McDougal on BBC Scotland this morning attacking the YES over the poll.Going on about support for YES falling.No mention of YES being 30% and NO at 29%. Not questioned by the BBC of course.
2014-01-06 09:14

Just heard Murdo Fraser lying through his teeth on Call me Kaye’s new named show Morning Call saying Alex Salmond is the head of the YES campaign and it’s only Alistair Darling the head honcho of NO he should be debating with not Cameron.

Murdo Fraser knows full well the head of the YES campaign since June 2012, is Blair Jenkins, not AS, so to take such a clumsy position speaks volumes.

The PM of the UK is in danger of losing the UK and the FM of Scotland has told him to back up his reasons for keeping Scotland within the UK – it’s absolutely clear that the PM should be debating this matter.
2014-01-06 10:45

He also said, and please believe me, that Eck was scared of a debate with Darling.
Leader of the Pack
2014-01-06 12:00

And that was in spite of the fact that Alex Salmond publically announced he would debate with anybody after he had dealt with Cameron.
Its disgusting that the No campaign get away with such blatant lying unchallenged by party politically tainted media.
2014-01-06 16:58

Psychiatrists call it ‘projection’ : )

2014-01-06 09:56

Oh jings, that’s lightened a wet Monday morning. 😀
Leader of the Pack
2014-01-06 10:15

You have to love the irony and sheer hypocrisy of the “Better Together” team.
While trying to convince Scots that their best interests lie with Westminster Government irrespective of who it is each of the separate parties have to convince the rest of the UK that the other separate parties within the “Better Campaign” cannot deliver policies Government or leadership.

It isn’t just a dilemma it is utter ludicrous stupidity and folk will still vote for it.
2014-01-06 11:49

Nice to see that Darling has managed to keep the wolf from the door by his speaking engagements, which netted him £171,956 in 2013. This is on top of a salary of £63,000 plus expenses and allowances, for an attendance of 46.73%- well below average, according to ‘They Work for You’.
2014-01-06 11:52

Have to say these results ring true with my own personnal polling experience of friends workmates over last year.

30% for YES

30% Not Sure but definitely want more power

30% for NO

10 % wont vote

We can win this if we work on those who want more power, and persuade them to YES – get along to you nearest YES shop, get leaflets and get out there !!!!
2014-01-06 12:23

If the BBC ever need new panel members for ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue’, they need look no further than the Better Together ‘leadership’.
Mad Jock McMad
2014-01-06 13:00

Willie Rennie, Culloden Debate (BBC) quote “Devolution could be removed on a whim”.

Will see if I can find the Iplayer/ Ipod file.
2014-01-06 17:11

Quoting Mad Jock McMad:

Willie Rennie, Culloden Debate (BBC) quote “Devolution could be removed on a whim”.

Will see if I can find the Iplayer/ Ipod file.

18 September 2013.
Is this the debate you mean Rennie telling us how they saved the Scottish Banks no word of the monies from USA Banks.


2014-01-06 13:04

The No campaign has no passionate support and poor organisation, but it is basically a Brit government organisation, like the BBC, and it has the power of the media to wield.
Nation Libre
2014-01-06 14:40

[Admin – Please do not post links to online polls.]
2014-01-06 15:31

We’ve all been here before: so let’s learn from 1979!

Conned once by Westminster: shame on Westminster…

Conned twice by Westminster: shame on Scotland!!!!
2014-01-06 16:05

What this poll shows is that independence is there for the taking. The vast majority of undecided want more powers devolved to the Scottish parliament, not a little more, a lot more. When these people realise that the No campaign is at worse advocating no change or at best a little tinkering with the current system they will flock to the Yes side.

The No campaign will have to come up with something before the referendum and this could be their downfall. There is no way they will reach a consensus as each party will be proposing something different. This will result in them bizarrely campaigning against each others options with absolutely no cohesive argument.

On almost a weekly basis now we are seeing prominent ex-Labour figures getting behind the Yes campaign. Not only will this continue but current Labour and possibly Lib-Dem politicians will change allegiance. I can quite honestly see the No campaign disintegrate before our very eyes over the next few months.
2014-01-06 16:52

32% want more powers : the option Alex Salmond offered to the electorate but which the Unionist Better Together parties obstructed while claiming to have backed Alex Salmond into a corner over and denied him the multi option referendum he never actually wanted in the first place.

It would be funny if they weren’t so continually disingenuous about the fact that DevoMAX is dead. It is expired. It has ceased to be. DevoMAX is no more.
call me dave
2014-01-06 17:36

# Breeks

The coalition aided and abetted by Labour will, like Dr. Frankenstein, put together a devo max monster and breathe life into it long enough in an attempt to convince the undecided that all will be well after a ‘NO’ vote.

I believe that folk will see it for what it is.
2014-01-06 20:51

Yes dave, I tend to agree with you.
Possibly BT’s private polling indicates they have shot themselves in the foot by dismissing Devo Max and are now trying to weasel back to it.

2014-01-06 17:22

Of course Darling is Scottish!!
You’re using a very very exclusive definition of Scottishness and one which b t w excludes me!

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