The pro-independence group Labour for Independence has announced that the first in a series national events which it intends to stage in 2014, will be held in Glasgow later this month.

The event, entitled, ‘A Labour case for Yes, – A Labour vision of Scotland’s future.’, will take place on Thursday 23rd of January in the main conference hall of the STUC (333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow.)

Beginning at 7.30pm it will feature an impressive panel made up solely of members of the Labour Party, Labour grandees and prominent members of the Labour movement.

Speakers already confirmed to attend include:

  • Former leader of Strathclyde regional council, Sir Charles Gray
  • Former Lord Provost of Glasgow, Alex Mosson
  • Former Special Advisor to Jack McConnell, Jeane Freeman
  • Labour for Independence Leader and Labour Party member Allan Grogan
  • Labour for Independence Deputy Leader and Labour Party member Deborah Waters
  • Former Scottish Labour Party Chairman and Treasurer Bob Thomson, who will discuss the benefits of the Common Weal Model in Scotland.

The group intends to stage another five similar events in Scotland’s major cities in the months leading up to the referendum.

Commenting on the event, Labour for Independence leader Allan Grogan said that it would highlight the fact that a vote for independence in September is not a vote for the SNP:

“It is important for people to see that a yes vote this September is not a vote for Alex Salmond or the SNP, rather an opportunity to improve the lives of all people in our country. 

“The fact we have such strong support within the Labour movement is testament to the merits of what independence can bring to Scotland and also towards the restoration of the Labour Party to its founding principles.”

Mr Grogan, who is a Scottish Labour Party member, set up Labour for Independence after becoming increasingly frustrated at party bosses’ continued refusal to acknowledge support for independence among the party’s grassroots.  Mr Grogan said the group was rapidly growing within the Labour Party and continues to recruit a great deal of support from both Labour members and supporters throughout Scotland.

Recent high profile announcements from former senior Labour party figures have suggested a growing disaffection within the Labour party at the party’s hardine pro-Union stance.

On Sunday John Mulvey became the latest senior Labour figure to come out in support of independence following similar announcements from Sir Charles Gray and Alex Mosson towards the end of 2013.

The former Lothian Regional Council Leader and ex boss of Better Together chief Alistair Darling, urged other Labour supporters to vote Yes in the referendum, and said: “I have gone from being a sceptic about the relevance of devolution given all the other major political issues of that time to being absolutely convinced that Scotland’s future now lies with independence.”

Pointing to the benefits that independence can bring to the Labour movement in Scotland, Sir Charles Gray said:

“The sound argument for Scottish Independence is fast crossing the political divide, but the Labour case is at the top and remains there due to the increasing interest by solid Labour voters and active Trade-Unionists who anticipate a post-referendum Labour victory.”

The announcement of the events from the Labour group coincided with a speech by Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who told an audience in St Andrews University that a Yes vote was cross party.

Ms Sturgeon said the referendum “transcends party politics” adding that there was was already “a pronounced movement” away from a No vote among traditional Labour supporters.

“Sometimes from No to undecided, but also movement towards Yes.”

She added: “We all want Scotland to succeed – no party has a monopoly on that ambition.

“If you accept the principle that the best way of ensuring success is to give ourselves the powers that help determine it, then it doesn’t matter whether or not you support the SNP or our specific plans for using those powers.”

“…Party loyalty should not be a decisive factor in this debate.”


2014-01-06 21:51

Excellent news, will be interesting to see how the media cover this event.
2014-01-07 10:59

and pigs will fly before this is covered in the MSM!

2014-01-06 22:10

I agree with you, James01. It will be even more interesting to see IF the media cover this event.
2014-01-06 23:42

I will be interested to see how many labour people the distinguished panel brings out, that will be a real test for LFI and I wish them well. YES campaigners of all parties and none have come out before to support LFI events which have been poorly supported by labour supporters. Here’s hoping Labour supporters are at last seeing the reality of a NO vote and come to get their questions answered.
call me dave
2014-01-07 04:00

This has the potential to be the catalyst that all YES supporters have been waiting for.

Independence will be assured when the many disenfranchised labour voters see that there are respected people within their ranks not afraid to nail their colours to the mast. It will encourage many that they too can take that leap of faith.

Good luck to them.
2014-01-07 07:27

Why is it that, on the many occasions when Project Fear supporters are interviewed about their alleged forthcoming proposals for further devolution, the interviewer lets them ramble on about some sort of promised land without putting the point to them that no matter what Tories, Labour or Liberals ‘promise’ prior to 18/9 their proposals would have to be passed by a majority of MPs at Westminster.It should be pretty obvious to anybody what the chances of that happening are.

It happened again last night on both Scotland Tonight and Newsnight Scotland.
2014-01-07 09:31

This is good news,it is somewhat gratifying to see the rise of a “sensible” labour element.I do not say that because they are supporting Independence,bu  t rather the fact that they are Scottish labour with a vision.

When I have heard some of these people talking, they are reasonable people, not the same as the labour we have seen these last years.Who are fast becoming a lost case.

We can actually see labour as a possible beneficial influence in Scotland once more, rather than being driven by a Westminster agenda,they are embracing solutions for Scotland it’s self.

Which is a refreshing thought, rather than the anti Scottish agenda from all Westminster Unionist parties, despite all they say.
So this can be good for Scotland and for an Independent Labour party in Scotland.

One that solely has a Scottish agenda that puts, for once, the welfare of our people here their paramount responsibility.
2014-01-07 09:44

Great to see that SOME of the Labour party still have integrity.

More power to LFI!

Their increasingly loud voice could be a game changer. I hope Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar are watching this. C’mon Malcolm Chisolm and Henry McLeish you know you can do it!
2014-01-07 12:03

McLeish is a NO.

TV media wont cover the event
2014-01-07 12:41

The more the political spectrum widens the better. We will also need new parties and a truly proportional electoral system. In the new politics driven by independence the old order is “not fit for purpose” and the ideological sky really is the limit.
2014-01-07 13:03

As an SNP member and committed supporter of independence, I fully approve of this growing LFI movement. My only reservation is that if and when Scotland votes YES on September 18th, this will trigger a future flood of carpetbagging redundant Labour MPs from Westminster, seeking seats in the new parliament of an independent Scotland.

The likes of Murphy, Alexander, Curran, Jamieson, Sarwar and, God forbid, Davidson, will not be seeking to contribute positively to building a better Scotland. Having spent their time and efforts denigrating and talking down the very concept of independence, they will not have experienced a Damascene conversion, but rather they will be intent on continuing to further their own selfish political careers at public expense.

Maybe this alarming prospect is why Lamont and her wee band of Holyrood desk-thumpers are so opposed to independence? Just a thought!
2014-01-07 23:12

I’ve suggested before that if there is no official Scottish labour party, then why don’t LFI register themselves as such? Then surely they could control who they accept into their party. Then there would be no flood from westminster…job done!

I am assuming after independence all parties in Scotland will have to be Scottish with a capital “S” and free from Westminster influence and money?

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