In this interview American Dr Mark McNaught reflects on his motivation for writing for Newsnet Scotland and participating in the independence referendum debate. 

Given the deep yet understandable cynicism many Scots express towards politics, but also given the magnitude of the historical opportunity granted to Scots, he laments on the simplistic and puerile way in which the media has been covering it.

He expresses confidence that once Scots realise how a better society can be constructed, they will vote ‘yes’ overwhelmingly.

Given its relatively small size, Scotland has a unique opportunity to adopt a written constitution which creates a very advanced legal and regulatory structure.  Scots can construct a highly democratic, corruption-free political system.  All they need to do is take it and do it.

If Scots do indeed vote ‘yes’, the British Empire is extinguished, and Westminster will wake up to a very new reality.  While Scots will embark on a mission to create a better society, Mark reveals his hopes that the r-UK will join them in constructing a feudalism-free modern democratic government for their remaining nations.


2014-01-22 16:34

Dr McNaught’s hinnermaist sentence faw’s in wi whit A’ve felt for a lang while – it’s no the English that’s haudin us doon but the Norman genes that’s in the bluid o thair upper clesses.
2014-01-22 17:01

Good and encouraging comments from Dr McNaught.He was good to listen to.
2014-01-22 17:15

Aye Rabbie ye cud be right at that fer a’ that
2014-01-22 17:44

I welled up watching this.

2014-01-22 19:05

Thanks Mark. Independence makes sense. Sometimes it takes an ‘outsider’ to see that most clearly. Just a wee suggestion, I do think that your profile pic needs changed, tho…
2014-01-22 19:17

As a fellow American Mark I find these comments most enlightened and welcome.

I often feel quite ashamed of how the US chattering classes are so down on the idea of Independence for Scotland, but then again grasping foreign policy has never been our big thing.

Again thanks for this erudite valued commentary. Living here now, I only hope the Scottish people take this chance to reshape their future to a transformationa  l image of their own making devoid of historic outside pressure and as all true Americans know this is only possible through Indepenence
2014-01-22 19:31

“How could they not”. I like that!
Excellent interview. Why cant we get contributions to the indy debate from the likes of Mark, instead of the sham debate as witness last night’s so called debate from BBC Scotland?
More a rammy than a debate, with poor chairmanship, allowing constant interruptions from Sarwar.
BBC Scotland have a lot to answer for.
Still no reporting from them or from STV of Prof Robertson’s year long study on media reporting, which showed bias from both of these institutions.
Tonight’s report on the Scottish reduction on unemployment, being a case in point, as Reporting Scotland talked up the UK improvement in the economy, but no mention of the Scottish Government as having played any part.
Not good enough .
2014-01-22 21:10


2014-01-22 20:32

That is how life can be.
Only we ourselves can ensure that it will be so.

We underestimate the massive goodwill towards Scotland and her people that exists out there which will flow when we take control of OUR own destiny.
2014-01-22 22:12

Excellent piece. As mentioned already how do we get this out there, how do we get Mark on tv, and allow him the time to explain to the people of Scotland what an opportunity we have.

Do cinemas still do local adverts? Football stadium big screens?
VDU/big screen advertising in city centres? Petrol stations now have screens advertising in their shops? or if he can have a short dvd made up, crowd funded, issued to the foot soldiers (small production fee) and delivered through doors, at doorstep, at yes events to family and friends etc.
2014-01-22 22:25

Contrast and compare the information coming from Newsnet with that of our national broadcaster. I am pro-independence and have a right to be heard as a citizen of Scotland, the UK and Europe. I have had enough of the derogatory nature of language used in the mainstream to describe me and like minded people. The YES movement is as inspirational as it is aspirational and I am more excited and enthusiastic about what happens after a resounding YES vote and Mark’s piece is on the money. So Freedom Come Ye All!

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