By Derek Bateman

My position has not changed…I thought Carney was measured and fair, giving benefits (which as I said earlier he rushed through at the start but that wasn’t what the mainstream media types were after) and he gave an objective assessment of potential obstacles and compromises.

The only question I have about his effort was in trying to compare the Eurozone with the UK.  He missed the key point about the problems with the euro – that it was attempting to tie together disparate economies with totally different approaches to tax and spend.

The northern part has worked extremely well and guess how much the euro has varied in value throughout the crisis? Next to nothing. It is rock solid and arguably safer than the pound. It was the countries in the south which created the problems and that is completely different to Scotland where as even he admitted there is almost total integration. He made the case for monetary union.

The media as ever fell for the briefing line. Remember, the papers yesterday before Carney spoke were full of government briefing that the governor would warn the Scots of the dangers. The dupes dutifully complied, including the London-based BBC.

Carney would show his speech to Downing Street or the Treasury and they would sign off on it beforehand so they knew the content. So the briefing began and the journos simply waited till he hit the button they had been told to prepare for and bingo! they’ve got their story.

Sad to see the BBC falling for it and Peston’s analysis all based on poor wee Scotland failing to pay its debts and having to be bailed out by London and England, didn’t pause to ask himself who ran up one of the highest sovereign debts in the world, currently heading for £1.5 trillion pounds…and who has balanced the books over the last seven years in Scotland? A real contrast with Brian Taylor on Radio Four who gave a seriously measured and balanced analysis minus the London twist.

Metropolitan superiority on show tonight…even on liberal-minded Channel Four where Matt Frei (ex-BBC) ended up taunting Swinney with: Why should WE pay for Scotland’s debts? We? We? Surely you are British, Matt, and this is a shared Union and even after independence, there will be rUK taxpayers in Wales and Northern Ireland? But then they like the Scots, don’t really count, do they?

Not like the London-based English elite. He seemed to assume that it’s him his Anglo-centric chums who pay for everything. Thank you, Matt. Thank you. You are playing my tune. Funny how a programme so committed to a bleeding heart support for every minority on the planet turns into a raging hotbed of establishment bigotry when it comes to Scotland.

I thought Carney laid out almost word for word what is in the White Paper and poor old Alistair Darling is showing why he has gone down as the (second) worst Chancellor in history by declaring that a monetary union which he himself endorsed is a non-starter.

They keep asking what the alternative is. Wouldn’t they get a shock if Salmond told them it was our own currency and we were out of sterling. How fast do you think they can back-pedal? A bucketload of metropolitan arrogance and automatic assumptions of self-justification from the British media tonight – enough to make even Don’t Knows say: If that’s what they really think of us, time to get out.

Courtesy of Derek Bateman


2014-01-30 09:09

I thought Swinney’s performance on Channel 4 last night was truly awful. He is an arch apologist and utterly subservient to the line of questions which blame Scotland for the crash of RBS and that the debt run up by London is our responsibility, in part.
For those who see Swinney as a future Chancellor of Scotland, think again. No complaints on his role currently as manager of a savings bank but beyond that, the man is utterly out of his depth. Having Devo Salmond as his boss, is not helping him either.
2014-01-30 09:12

Well said, Derek.

This morning we see “Carney warning over Scots pound plan” all over the BBC website and their text news pages, although you’re spot on re Brian Taylor being an order of magnitude less biased than the rest of the BBC, with Peston by far the worst and Robinson somewhere in between.

In yet another example of clear BBC bias, it’s no surprise that the Peston page…/… is the one open for comments, with the usual predominance of anti-Scotland ranting.
G. Campbell
2014-01-30 10:36

A bit harsh on Robert Peston there, Derek. I thought he was very fair on BBC News yesterday.

“Enormous stink bomb”, “recession”, “worse”, “fall more sharply”, “big deficit”, “financial difficulties”, “unaffordable”, “bailout”, “strict controls”, “shocks”, “restrictions”, “difficult”, “terrible”, “dire”, “crisis”, “problem”, “Scot Nats”, “costs”, “disproportionat  ely higher”, “really quite scary”, “enormous liabilities”, “very severe”, “no easy option”.…/
2014-01-30 11:40

I don’t listen to Radio 4, but a few weeks ago (Sept/Oct?) Radio 4 was the only station I could get on the way to work. I remember Robert Peston reading a story about the privatisation of Royal Mail, and he was giggling like a puerile schoolboy because the postal workers were going to be on strike on the day their employer was privatised earning them all a few quid in their pocket.
I don’t remember the date, but for a professional journalist, I thought it was appalling to find the issue so funny. Never had much time for Peston ever since.

Jo Bloggs
2014-01-30 16:06

“The media as ever fell for the briefing line. Remember, the papers yesterday before Carney spoke were full of government briefing that the governor would warn the Scots of the dangers. The dupes dutifully complied, including the London-based BBC.”

Derek, do you still think they’re dupes? You’re too kind. I reckon they know full well what they’re doing.
2014-01-31 17:25

O/T but absolutely hillarious to see the EU (Hollande) telling Cameron that if he wants to make significant changes to the UK relationship with the EU then he will have to leave.
Ironic after Cameron told us Scots that if we want to make significant changes to our relationship with England then we will have to leave the UK.
Meantime,it appears,as expected,the HoL have scuppered (much to Cameron’s relief) the proposed decisive in/out referendum on EU membership.
So,for Cameron,no EU referendum and no renegotiation of membership terms in fact NOthing.
Things are going to get very lively south of the border after the upcoming EU elections unless he can do a deal with UKIP.
2014-01-31 22:49

O/T. RE BBC Radio Scotland Morning Call:- This week During debate on The Pound Whilst talking to Brian Taylor, heard Louise White refer to YES supporters as “DIEHARDS”

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