Next week we will be recording Duggy Dug’s final script with Hollywood actor Brian Cox.  As part of our plans for Duggy, we will also be producing a series of special mini-animations.
The plan is to record a string of short, punchy and witty audio-clips of around 10 or 15 seconds in length. 

Once recorded, each of the clips will be dubbed over part of our orginal animation of Duggy in his basket.  They will then be released at periodic intervals in the run-up to the referendum.

But here’s the deal.  We want you to write the scripts.  The Yes community is versatile and creative and more than capable of drafting dialogue that is both humerous and thought provoking.

This is your chance to hear your words spoken by one of Scotland’s most famous actors, whilst at the same time sending your referendum message to the thousands of people who will hear and see Duggy Dug.

So get thinking and create your Duggy mini-script.  Simply post it beneath this article to submit for consideration.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t immediately appear, we will be able to view it our side.

Over to you.


2014-01-30 21:52

Not at all sure it’s the thing you’re looking for, and longer than a few seconds but this was funny on Wings for Burns night – To a Grouse –…/
H Scott
2014-01-31 10:29

Duggy Dug script

‘It’s great living in a family that cares about each other, that makes sure we’re all well fed, in a nice, safe home – and a warm bed ( at this point Duggy snuggles into his bed).
They look out for me (at this point a suspicious noise gets Duggy’s attention) and I look out for them’ (Duggy growls towards where the noise came from, perhaps leaving his bed to go and investigate).
2014-02-03 14:22

Remember folks

Vote YES to make Scottish history.
Vote NO to make Scotland history.
2014-02-03 22:14

Imagine . . . a wealthy oil rich nation who gives all it’s income to an administrative centre over 400 miles away where policies like the bedroom tax are decided. In return, the wealthy nation receives a little pocket money. Sounds fair? [pause] Didn’t think so. [pause] Vote Yes to save Scotland.
Online Editor
2014-02-03 22:36

Many Thanks to all who contributed their mini-scripts. We completed the recording with Brian Cox today [Monday 03rd Feb].

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