Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party’s campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, has described the devolution report by the Labour party as a failure of ambition which will disappoint left-leaning voters who seek a fairer and more democratic Scotland.
The Greens are campaigning for a Yes vote as they see the opportunities to rebalance the economy, protect public services, develop a written constitution, revitalise rural life and get rid of nuclear weapons.

The report from Labour politicians rules out devolution of employment law, foreign policy and defence, most welfare benefits, the constitution, immigration and broadcasting.  It also fails to deliver on the expected devolution of all income tax, something Scottish leader Johann Lamont had pressed for last year.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:

“Labour’s description of the UK as a sharing union in which risks and rewards are collectively pooled would have been laughable even before the scandals of bonuses for failed bankers, tax avoidance by the wealthy few, and an assault on welfare and public services. But now it’s beyond a joke – it’s an insult to intelligence.

“This effort by Labour is a massive failure to seize the opportunity the referendum presents. Whatever side you’re on it’s a chance to think big and redefine Scottish self-government. Instead Johann Lamont and her colleagues have chosen to tinker at the edges of a broken system.

“We know from polls that a significant number of Labour supporters will vote Yes, and I expect that number to grow in light of today’s report. Those of us on the left who want to close the wealth gap, rebalance relations between employers and workers, establish a peaceful foreign policy, develop a welcoming immigration policy and get rid of nuclear weapons must vote Yes in September.”


2014-03-19 07:27

How many people would have been convinced by Lamonts incoherent babble on Newsnight last night!
Brewer didn’t even have to try too hard leaving so many open goal chances slip by as Lamont impaled herself on an ill conceived half baked contrivance of a document.
The question is why would anyone vote for a party, a ’cause’ which demonstrates such poor leadership.
2014-03-19 09:07

Lamont is the best they have got. God forbid the rest. A vacous and utterly irrelevent waste of space this ‘launch’ was. How the pundits could make anything ‘positive’ out of it I fail to understand.
Oh, perhaps I can. All the pundits/MSM and the BBC are pro-Union and proponents of Better Together. There’s the answer.
The sooner we are rid of all of them, the better off Scotland will be.
September brings a new beginning.
2014-03-19 09:18

Yes, but we shouldn’t be complacent. Beneath the palpable disappointment, the “Court” has ruled that Devo-Anything proposals will now be considered eligible evidence in the case, despite the fact they won’t be on the ballot, and were in fact killed off by the very people now submitting the arguments. We have collectively bought one very large and tiresome red herring.

Lamont was poor yes, but I felt John Swinney was equally poor in fudging the issue of BBC bias, while more red herrings are regurgitated without question.
Take the volatility of oil prices. The very best cushion you can have to protect your economy from volatile oil prices is to be an oil producing nation. When the oil price soars, as a producer, so does your revenue. Compare that to an non-oil producing economy which has nothing whatsoever to mitigate the surge in oil price.
YES is doing well, but it needs to develop punchy redress to these airwave ‘fillers’ from BTog.
2014-03-19 09:46

Scotland’s journey through a turbulent period with oil prices will be infinitely smoother than the rUK without oil. They have every right to fear volatility, they are the ones who should be alarmed, because bulk storage will be their only contingency.
The pitfall for an alert Scotland is not volatility which affects everyone, but failure to manage expectations. If you base your presumptions on minimal oil receipts, then while it lasts, oil is a perpetual bonus. Be disciplined in times of ephemeral plenty, and use that surplus to build the long term cushion of an oil fund.
Do not suffer the argument we would need to borrow to set up an oil fund. Our deficit is the consequence of decades of criminal incompetence and mismanagement from Westminster, which even now, with the aurora borealis from Norway’s success lighting up our horizon, still values squander over prudence, deceit above sincerity, and greed above all other things. .
2014-03-19 16:16

Quoting Breeks:

…but I felt John Swinney was equally poor in fudging the issue of BBC bias,…”

Indeed I was very perplexed at his lack of coherence on this. Maybe I am missing the point but why was he so reluctant to maybe even imply that there were instances of bias?
I know he may be toeing a diplomatic line and maybe not wishing to become embroiled in what could rapidly become a blame game, a spiral of negative accusations etc but he had an opportunity to send a bit of a warning shot from the Scottish Government that they were monitoring the BBC’s output. Not a good moment!
It wasn’t one of his best performances but he was an intellectual giant compared to the dithering shambles that was Lamont!


2014-03-19 09:28

This is Labour making promises they know they will not be in a position to keep. Why?
Euros in May UKIP will be so successful down South that the Scottish electorate should realise that come UK elections in 2016 it will be a Tory/UKIP government elected. Revenge will be taken on the LibDems and Labour will be lucky to hold their own – most likely lose a few to UKIP.
September 18 the choice is be governed by an Independant Scottish Government or a Tory/UKIP government which will take us out of Europe.
I am for YES.
Russell Ramsay
2014-03-19 12:10

Has the Daily Record deserted Labour?
2014-03-19 21:00

Even Torrance recognises the La Mont proposals are pretty feeble in the grauniad, with The Scottish Labour party is floundering on home rule (The party is promising more devolution if Scotland rejects independence, but the plans will satisfy nobody)…/…

But his closing is rather chilling, with:
Quoting David Torrance:

There is a sense that Labour believes that appealing to the commentariat isn’t the same as winning over undecided voters, most of who will glean a general sense that the party wants to devolve more power. Here they might have a point. Better Together seems content that Labour’s proposals give them enough to work with over the next six months.

All the more important for everyone to make sure everyone they know watches La Mont’s car crash from last night on Newsnicht –…/


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