By a Newsnet reporter
The SNP has welcomed a new ICM poll for the Scotland on Sunday which shows another significant swing in support for independence – as the momentum behind the Yes campaign continues to grow.
The poll shows that support for Yes stands at 39% – up two points since ICM’s survey last month – while the No vote has fallen by three points to 46%.  When ‘don’t knows’ are excluded, support for Yes stands at 45% compared to 55% for No.

ICM’s poll also confirmed that the majority of people in Scotland do not think the Scottish Parliament will be granted more powers in the aftermath of a No vote – despite finding that 68% of voters believe Scotland should have powers over tax and welfare.

This follows a Panelbase survey commissioned by Newsnet Scotland which revealed most voters don’t trust the anti-independence parties to deliver on any pledges of new powers after a No vote – including 42% who did not trust Labour’s promises, compared to only 28% who did. 

The Panelbase poll also showed that most voters felt any offerings from the No parties would not go far enough.

Today’s ICM poll has led polling expert Professor John Curtice to say that “the No side is beginning to look like a campaign in trouble.”

Speaking to Scotland on Sunday, Head of the Yes campaign Blair Jenkins said: “It is the highest Yes rating in an ICM poll since January 2012, and this poll also suggests that a majority of people in Scotland don’t believe that the Scottish Parliament would get more powers if there was a No vote – that is why a Yes vote is so important.

“It’s yet another poll confirming that more and more people are moving to Yes. More people in Scotland are realising that the additional powers being talked about 
by the anti-independence parties are far too weak and limited, as well as unlikely to be delivered.”

Jenkins added: “We already know that Scotland can be independent. Scotland is the 14th wealthiest country among the developed economies in terms of GDP per head – compared to the UK’s 18th place. And as Scots weigh up the consequences of a No vote, more and more people are realising that we should and must become independent as well.”

A spokesman for rival Better Together told the newspaper: “This poll shows that the gap between Yes and No is exactly the same as it was two months ago,”

The spokesman added: “While we can take comfort from the fact that this poll, like all others, shows that a clear majority of us want to remain in the UK, we need to make sure that we are fighting for every vote between now and September.

“The choice we face in the referendum is clear: do we want to take a huge leap into the unknown with independence, or do we want to have an enhanced Scottish Parliament backed up by the strength, security and stability of the UK?”

Commenting, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“This is another excellent poll confirming that support for a Yes vote continues to grow – with the swing needed to put Yes ahead firmly within our grasp.

“Poll after poll has shown that support for independence is on the rise – and that the No campaign’s negative agenda of fear and scaremongering just isn’t working.

“It is clear from these figures that people in Scotland simply don’t trust the No parties to deliver significant new powers for Scotland – and with the mess Labour has made of its Devolution Commission proposals, it is easy to see why.

“We know that only a Yes vote can give us the powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more prosperous country – which is why Scotland can, should and must be independent.”


2014-03-23 20:24

Bring on the love bombing again.It was hilarious.
2014-03-24 06:35

Quoting mealer:

Bring on the love bombing again.It was hilarious.

Aye, first it was love bombing, then it was carpet bombing, it must be about time for the Royal bombing.

Surely its time for Westminster to drag out the “royals” so we can be told how loyal subjects we are.

2014-03-24 17:58

We will have to wait, the current ‘beautiful couple’ and the miraculous royal baby are currently about to tour New Zealand to lovebomb them as they show signs of nascent republicanism like seeking to change the flag, removing the union flag from the top left corner being a prime mover.

New Zealand is looking likely to become a republic before Australia does. Having just one house of parliament will help that, it just takes a Prime Minister brave enough to take the plunge when the time is right, possibly when Brenda shuffles off this mortal coil and Charlie Boy ascends the throne.

2014-03-24 09:13

A bit off topic maybe but this is a quote from the Douglas Frasers BBC article:
“Revenue from offshore oil and gas is an important part of the financial case for independence. Without it, at current spending and onshore taxation levels, an independent Scotland would be running very large deficits.”

I am intrigued to know as ever how accurate this statement is. It comes from an article littered with very contentious statements and possible misinformation. Nothing new there I guess!
2014-03-24 11:43

As a rule, don’t listen to Douglas Fraser. According to him our oil is an asset we are cursed to have.
Scotland’s economy is in deficit, but a lot more deficit than it should be because Westminster and their policies.

But, when Scotland does become Independent, we will be entitled to our share of the UK state. That should broadly run at around 10% give or take of UK assets, and roughly the same share of UK debt. But, if the UK wants to play the smart Alec about sharing the assets, then Scotland might then offset the value of assets which are disputed against the our share of the debt, leaving Scotland with no UK assets, but no moral obligation to pay our share of the uk’s debt. If the UK want to play silly buggers as they are over currency, then Scotland might walk away debt free, and free to pump more of our oil revenue into an oil fund instead of several years repaying debts.

But, if we have debts, we have assets. Pt2…

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