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  By Martin Kelly
Scotland is substantially wealthier than almost every other part of the UK, even without oil, according to Scottish Labour’s own Devolution Commission, the SNP has said.
The SNP has released details of a report compiled by Johann Lamont’s group which shows that even without north sea revenue, Scotland is the third richest part of the UK.

The document – compiled by Labour’s Devolution Commission – contains two graphs which the SNP has said effectively makes the economic case for a Yes vote, by admitting that Scotland has got what it takes to be an independent country.

Two key graphs [click to enlarge] showing that “Scotland is the third richest part of the UK” – behind only regions in London, the south and east of England – were welcomed by Jamie Hepburn MSP, a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee.

“Labour’s Commission report has fallen to pieces in relation to devolution, but it makes an important point about Scotland’s opportunities as an independent country.

“It highlights that Scotland is more than wealthy enough to be independent – with decisions taken in Scotland rather than by Westminster.” said the MSP

Mr Hepburn added: “To quote Labour’s document, ‘Scotland is the third richest part of the UK’ – behind only regions in London and south and east of England – and that is without a drop of oil included in Scotland’s economic output. With Scotland’s North Sea resources included, our wealth per head is substantially higher than the UK’s.”

The emergence of the graphs will prove embarrassing to the Scottish Labour party after a lacklustre conference which saw the unveiling of the party’s more-powers offer to Scots should they vote No in the referendum.

However party leader Johann Lamont struggled to explain how Labour’s much vaunted tax powers would work when quizzed in a BBC interview.  There were also claims that the Scottish Labour leader’s initial proposals for the devolution of full income tax powers had been vetoed by London.

Lamont was also slammed for a keynote speech in which she appeared to make distasteful references to First Minister Alex Salmond’s marriage and his view of women and children.

Alluding to the relentless negativity from Unionist parties and Scotland’s significant contribution to the UK Exchequer, Jamie Hepburn added: “The Westminster parties have been unable to come up with a positive vision for Scotland, and this report by the Labour Party only serves to reinforce the compelling case for a Yes vote.

“Scotland has raised more tax per head than the UK for every one of the past 33 years.

“Only a Yes vote and independence will enable Scotland to become a fairer and more prosperous country, with the wealth of Scotland working for all the people who live here.”


2014-03-25 02:58

Scotland is so far away from Westminster we have been getting away with quasi-independence “in a fashion” for years even before the parliament & the third sectors remarkable rise via local authorities and the kirk. Thus mitigating the poverty inflicted on some regions of the UK by Westminster’s bad management. If we can do this with our hands tied what can do with them untied.
2014-03-25 07:38

Now we know why JoLa keeps ranting about pooling resources – they’re planning to take even more of Scotlands wealth
2014-03-25 09:12

London’s wealth gets spent in London

Scotland’s wealth too gets spent in London.

That is Labour’s definition of “pooling and sharing” of resources.
2014-03-25 10:07

With the support of a neutral media, as per normal, this would be over by now.
What this may mean is division for some time to come – a standard Unionist ploy.
2014-03-25 11:50

No doubt Johann Lamont will be quoting this latest statistic by her own “experts” at the next FMQs. NOT!
2014-03-25 15:14

A wee bit O/T but I saw on the BBC One o’Clock News that Siemens have announced their intention to invest £160m in 2 wind turbine turbine factories on Humberside. Ed Davey was on proclaiming Hull as being the green energy capital of the UK.

No doubt the Coalition see this as one in the eye to Alex Salmond in his plans to make Scotland Europe’s green energy hub.
2014-03-25 16:56

Another interesting picture.:…/…
2014-03-25 20:26

It’s Scotland’s oil, but it’s London’s money 🙁

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