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Organisers of a protest that took place outside BBC Scotland’s Glasgow HQ last week, have announced plans for a second demo.
The group, who are protesting against anti-independence bias in news and current affairs programmes broadcast by the BBC, have revealed a second protest is to take place on Sunday, June 29th at 2pm.

The demonstration follows the success of a similar event that took place one week ago that saw hundreds turn up with banners and placards angry at BBC coverage of the independence referendum.  The initial snap protest followed the beginning of the official monitoring period for the campaign.

Around 350 people were estimated to have attended the initial event.  The official Facebook page set up by organisers suggests that around three times as many may attend the second demonstration.

On their official Facebook page, a statement reads: “The BBC’s coverage is ruining the run up to the biggest decision in our history.  People are suitably sickened by the BBC & other mainstream media and their one sided conveyor belt of scare stories portrayed against our economic prospects, EU membership and the currency of an independent Scotland.”

Questioning the BBC’s claim that it is impartial, demo organisers have listed the following examples of what they say are evidence of bias, they include:

Billed as a ‘peaceful, silent protest’ the first demo had no official speakers in attendance.  However, organisers have revealed that musician/songwriter and campaigner Citizen Smart will be performing at the June 29th demo.

The musician has already compiled a special song highlighting the pro-Union nature of much of the BBC broadcasts in relation to the independence referendum.

The protest comes in the wake of increasing anger at the BBC’s handling of the independence referendum with figures, some openly pro-Union, being parachuted in from south of the border to front programmes.

The claims were reinforced this week when BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor held up a Better Together campaign leaflet after comments were made by US President Barack Obama in response to a question from the BBC.  It later emerged that Downing Street had asked the US President to make a statement on the independence referendum. 

There was further criticisms of BBC Scotland last week when it emerged that the broadcaster plans to replace the popular radio show ‘Headlines’ with a new programme which will be jointly-hosted by a serving Labour MSP and a former SNP MSP.

It is believed the June 29th protest is to be filmed by Russian news channel RT.


2014-06-08 05:22


It is believed the June 29th protest is to be filmed by Russian news channel RT.

This would be the same Russia Today who have suffered at least two on-air “rebellions” (one being a live resignation)ove  r their bias coverage of Russia invading Ukraine?

If I can make it down I will be sure to protest RT just as strongly as the BBC.

Both are guilty of spewing the lies of their state.

2014-06-08 06:27

I remain to be convinced Obama’s reference to a united ally means an ally that is united within itself, as in he supports British nationalism, or whether he simply meant the US and the UK being ‘united’ in the special alliance he was talking about.

I have written to request clarification, and I’ll let you know what response if any I receive.

It may be the ambiguity serves the Americans perfectly, but I repeat, I don’t read Obama’s comments as being overtly pro union. If he was, I feel sure we’d know a lot more about it. The man is remarkably articulate and well capable of expressing his opinion, yet his ‘unionism’ is cloaked in ambiguity.
2014-06-08 07:12

An American commenter on a Guardian thread pointed out that the Nope poster and the nobama hashtag has long been used by the Tea Party in the US.
I don’t think that would go down well with Pres Obama!
2014-06-08 09:49

Right on! RT will just be using the independence issue for their own nefarious purposes. Using RT as an apparently reliable source is naive.
2014-06-08 10:41

Quoting pomatiaH1:

I don’t think that would go down well with Pres Obama!

I agree. Everyone should submit their thoughts on his intervention to…/…

A larger picture of Taylor holding the leaflet would be better, but in case they withdraw it, BT’s President Obama calls for the UK to stay “united” is safe at

Pres. O’s staff are in for a busy week, I suspect.

From The Suburbs
2014-06-08 11:37

Craig Murray well worth a read on BBC lawbreaking and their disgraceful compliance with Cameron over Obama’s comments.
McGillicuddy Dreams
2014-06-08 11:56

It seems Paulo Nutini wouldn’t sing ” I’ve got a license for ma telly” in his pencil full of lead song in his recent live appearance in Glasgow . Should we read into this?
Alien Act
2014-06-08 13:03

Perhaps it is time to have the BBC is biased protests across Scotland with some leaflet handing out.
Everyone who can vote should know what is happening.

Whilst I am here, what about a community TV channel, I couldn’t do it but I am sure someone on here could. As many avenues for the truth as possible.
2014-06-08 13:56

I’m with Breeks, I thought Obama was talking about a continued united relationship between the USA & the UK.

Can anyone clarify if I have this correct on the TV licence payment?

People who pay monthly direct Debit have to pay double for the first six months on start up, therefore the licence has been paid for in advance, so if they stop the direct debit they will still legally be covered?

The £12 could be put aside for the next one.

If a mass of folk did this it would surely send a message to the BBC?
2014-06-08 17:16

How about a mass burning of TV licenses outside PQ.

When young Yanks burned their Draft Cards in protest against the Vietnam War that got plenty publicty around the world.

Folk could always scan their licenses before burning.
2014-06-09 13:19

Sol Tiger

A correction necessary when did Russia invade Ukraine ? the BBC bias extends well beyond coverage of the referendum. Looks like you’ve been taken in by the BBC’s pro western media hype .RT does a good job trying to provide a balance to that pro-western media propaganda machine.
Had RT and Al Jazeera been around to provide that balance George W Bush and Tony Bliar would have been challenged more on their Iraq war motivation.The outcome could have been completely different .
2014-06-09 14:19

I have just cancelled my monthly direct debit payments for my TV licence. My licence is still valid for six months but it still gave me the feel good factor cancelling it.

I’d recommend others who pay D/d to do the same.

On asking why I hadn’t received a document as proof of holding a licence since 2011, I was told it was to save money & they will not issue these again until 2016.
2014-06-10 15:18

Anyone think to ask Ninja Penguin if she would write some lyrics for Jock Scot to sing at the protest?
Over to you Ninja/Jock?

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