By Mark McNaught

The furious imbroglios which have recently erupted in the independence debate certainly indicate one thing: Scots actually matter for once to Westminster and the foreign-owned and London-based media. Before, they could completely ignore and revile Scots, because they were completely irrelevant to them.

Now, they are plying their vile trade in Scotland by remote control from London. Don’t expect the ‘scandals’ and the ridiculing of Scottish national pride to let up before the referendum. Just tune them out, and keep on keeping on. No biggie.

It’s just the epileptic convulsions of Westminster and the unionist media facing the demise of the United Kingdom, that’s all. Did you expect the Daily Mail and the Telegraph to all of a sudden start practicing balanced journalism, or Westminster to reduce its squalor quotient? Duh.

The Telegraph cooked up ‘Lallygate’ à la Fox News, then the howitzer shills were blasted out by the unionist media. One E-mail from Salmond advisor Campbell Gunn to the Telegraph with an error over Clare Lally’s relatives becomes a media frenzy. The hysteria of the media reaction was matched only by the vapidity and malice towards Alex Salmond.

True slander by Alistair Darling, comparing Salmond to Kim Jong Il and agreeing ‘at heart’ he advocates ‘blood and soil nationalism’, with a pliant media excusing it even though the audio recordings shows the denials to be a complete lie.

Meanwhile the ‘Scotsman’ insults Scots further by calling Alex Salmond waving a Saltire at Wimbledon a ‘stunt’, and Gordon Brown stating that it made Scotland look ‘small’.

I am bewildered by the degree to which pride in being Scottish is so routinely belittled in the media. If you told an American that waving Old Glory was a ‘stunt’, and that expressing pride in a fellow countryman winning was ‘small’, he’d kick your ass from here to New Mexico.

Just try to get your head around all the insulting lies you have been told all your life. Scots are not supposed to be proud of their country or their rich history and contributions to humanity. They might realize they are perfectly capable of governing themselves, and do it much better than feudal Westminster ever will. In fact, a government chosen by Scots might even care about their people, instead of being poll-tax lab rats in a nuke park.  Can’t have that.

As an outside observer, I am seeing more clearly the propaganda machinations which underpin Scots’ unjustified lack of self-confidence. You’ve been fed lies and insults for decades through the fetid UK media, told you’re an alcoholic subsidy junkie who talks funny so must be stupid.

The mainstream media coverage of the independence referendum has been execrable, malicious, insulting, and vapid. Scots are on the cusp making history and becoming a free, sovereign, self-governing nation, and the media is having hissy fits over a Labour party activist whose status was mischaracterized.

There are 90 some days until the referendum. It is imperative that all believing in and supporting independence have faith that Scots will take the referendum seriously, and will ignore the psychopathic media frenzies. It is you who will be voting, not Fleet Street or Westminster. The true campaign is being carried out on the doorsteps, convincing Scots one by one to take their future into their own hands. The mainstream media is very loud satanic death metal background music.

The unionist media is beyond spooked because the lies they used to tell with no accountability are now being instantaneously debunked on social media. They hate that. Wings over Scotland, Newsnet Scotland, Bella Caledonia, BBC Scotlandshire, and other excellent online sites slitting them up a journalistic treat as they drift towards irrelevance and bankruptcy. Can’t be too soon.

Tune out the raucous satanic death metal of the ‘no’ campaign, and get down with some sweet funky independence tunes. Above all, stay positive and polite in convincing your friends to vote ‘yes’, and keep your eyes on the prize.

Think of what Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and other civil rights icons and everyday people risked and went through to get their freedom. Scots can collectively mark X on a ballot, and your destiny is in your hands.


2014-06-19 19:29

Well said!

X marks the spot – Yes!
2014-06-19 19:40

The ”I’m a simple womin fae Clydebank ” fiasco was a turning point for me. I will be canvassing on Sunday and the positive and being nice agenda is out. I will be delivering a positive message accompanied by a series of remarks on what, in my opinion a NO vote will deliver for Scot’s . It’s time we took the gloves off and stopped being whimps taking everything on the chin with resolute inaction in response. Holyrood has become a chamber where the presiding officer has lost the plot. Each week delivers more BBC propaganda.
WE ARE winning votes and losing them to the steady negativity and scare tactics on the Brit Nats. Wake up time all.
If the number of Car Stickers I see reflects the potential YES vote . We are in big trouble. The passive approach being too nice must end . Are Car owners feart to display their sticker?
Robert Louis
2014-06-19 20:29

The article actually states the exact opposite to what you have stated. The key point is, that all the media nonsense is a distraction. The anti independence campaign wants nothing more than to drag the YES campaign down into the gutter with them. We need to stay poisitive, and not fall for the unionist nonsense – for that is what it is.

We are not losing votes to the negativity, in fact the opposite is true, the person by person approach is working, as evidence by the narrowing of the polls.

As for car stickers, I actually see a lot of them, but it isn’t really an indicator of the number of YES voters, otherwise we would, according to almost all polling, expect to see them on over 40% of cars.

2014-06-19 20:14

What has become clear throughout the debate is the very low opinion British Labour have of Scots.
We are,in their opinion,complet  ely incapable of running our own affairs and must be dependent on those very clever people in London to do so on our behalf.
If we agree with them then they are right.
2014-06-19 20:41

Robert Louis . Good to hear you see a good number of YES Car stickers . I drive M8 and M77 average 4 or 5 a week. My point is that IMO the few on display reflects a collective I don’t wish to advertise my view syndrome , an extension of the spineless and timid number within Holyrood and the official YES Camp . We are campaigning for Independence with the all ferocity of a tame and newtered Lion. Where and when will passion become a factor in the campaign.
2014-06-19 23:02

Scotland, as an independent entity, has never, ever, had a chance to shine in the modern world. The world was a very different place at the time of the union. It is time to show what we are capable of. I have never doubted our potential, and have advocated independence all my adult life. Our time is now, September the 18th is our chance. We may never have another.

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