The Yes campaign should be commended for maintaining a strong sense of positivity and vision in its quest to persuade Scots to vote Yes in September.
Activists have helped engage the undecided voters with thousands of events the length and breadth of Scotland, they field questions and provide answers.

The No campaign by comparison have lurched from scare to threat and back again.  The latest tactic is to plead with foreign politicians to make anodyne statements that can be turned into helpful headlines back home.
Obama, Clinton and … most bizarrely of all, Chinese Premier Li have all answered questions from a UK media which is now clutching at straws as it tries to stop the Yes campaign’s momentum.
Whilst predictions of Yes-doom regularly feature in headlines, few outlets have pursued what might happen if Scots vote No.
So what does await Scotland in the aftermath of a No vote?  The latest animation from Duggy Dug seeks to answer this very question.
The fifth, and final animation in the series, sees a sleeping Duggy transported to a future Scotland which has voted No.
An old and grey Duggy reveals what happened to Scotland’s block grant.  What did a No vote mean for the NHS, Free travel for the elderly, the Bedroom Tax, our education system and our EU membership.
Find out how Trident fared and the politicians who campaign on behalf of Westminster.
It’s a part of the referendum campaign that has yet to be exposed.

Duggy Dug – The No Nightmare.

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2014-06-20 17:38

Excellent, and this will be the future if we vote No.
2014-06-20 18:29

That’s what awaits us if we vote NO.

So we must vote YES
2014-06-20 19:00

At the Accord Hospice charity dinner event in Paisley during 2013 Andrew Neil of the Politics Show said:-

“Devolution, the Calman Commission, the Scotland Bill, the Edinburgh Agreement, all of this and more you have, is because Westminster parties are scared of the SNP. If you vote NO you massively change the balance of power and they will not only give you nothing, but will probably take powers away from the Scottish Parliament”.

Honest words indeed from a committed unionist and leading expert on Westminster politics. Consider this scenario: would a Tory/UKiP coalition after the 2015 UK General Election be likely to have extra powers for Scotland on its policy agenda when they may have not have one single representative here? Or when they have the larger constitutional issue of EU membership to tackle?
2014-06-20 22:25

The Westminster Question.

As the ‘Gang of 3’ join forces to promise more powers in the event of a No vote; it appears to me that they make an even clearer case for the necessity of a Yes vote. As they have been unable to agree which flavour of jam they are promising tomorrow, they are highlighting, yet again, how Scotland rarely receives what she votes for.

In the event of a No vote, with a Tory win in 2015 and Scotland voting in the majority for Labour, are the new powers to be the Labour promise since they have secured the Scottish vote? Or do the Conservatives go ahead with their plans, yet again ignoring the will of the Scottish people? The more likely answer is no more powers and a punitive attack on Scotland and her funding for having the audacity to question the Union.

This can of course be avoided. The West Lothian and Westminster questions can be answered simultaneously. The answer? YES!
Yes on the 18th of September.
2014-06-20 22:43

YES is the only sensible option for Scotland.

Should there be a NO majority, Scotland will survive – after all we’ve lived under foreign rule for over 3oo years, what’s new?

The big difference this time is that a NO will see the end of Imperial England and everything they stand for. The utter lack of any kind of media speculation reveals a very scared country.

Let’s spare their angst and just vote YES. Let’s see just how good they really are on their own, will the theory match the shocked reality?
2014-06-21 05:56


Rev Stu has an excellent article exposing the farce of Jim Murphy and The Project Smear’s Battle Bus Lecture Tour of Scotland.

The article contains a series of photos of Murphy and somewhat less than huge crowds at assorted locations but curiously many of the audiences consist of the same faces no matter where the lecture is taking place.

It would appear that lacking any confidence that Project Smear would be able to attract large audeiences he has been forced to take his audience with him as he tours the country – even then most of the seats on the bus would appear to be empty.

Furthermore STV has an interesting article on Wings in the Politics Section of its web site.
2014-06-21 09:52

I agree Gus1940.…/…

I’ve said it before, but even those who find Wings a bit full on for their taste, (I’m not one of them), still enjoy a lot of breathing space and time to sort themselves out because the Rev has his picket line well entrenched and right in the face of the opposition.
I’d quibble about his crowd funding taking days too, spectacular though that might be, because as I recall he hit his £50k target within hours. Spectacular + !
I’m not excusing the coarse language, because I’m not on Twitter (bite me Mike Dailly), and don’t see or follow what is said. But there’s a very thin line between legitimate anger and intemperate outburst, and while it’s his nature to sail close to the wind, by a country mile, for most of the time the Rev is the right side of the mark. Outright abuser? Nope. No way.

2014-06-21 05:58

Love to see Duggy broadcast on TV in the weeks before the referendum. Of them all, I think Duggy’s nightmare might be the least positive, but would be the most motivational. It’s safe to say our rancid media won’t let it happen of course.

Meanwhile, I have to say I am enjoying the World Cup, and the ‘joi de vivre’ of small nations like Costa Rica having such fun upstaging heavyweight nations and confounding the form book. I just cannot imagine such nations electing to forfeit the sovereignty they love with every fibre, and ceasing to exist as independent nations. It defines Scotland’s national predicament as being so utterly contrived and absurd.
2014-06-21 11:50

well said Breeks!

2014-06-21 09:29

There is not any grass roots NO campaigns run by Scots of any meaning. The entire NO campaign operates in a professional (on salary as they have no grassroots support but plenty money) negative “machiavellian” spirit. How can we vote for these people to control our destiny? If they are capable of such measures now to control us – what does the future hold?
2014-06-21 13:14

This Union was only ever a Mickey Mouse democracy – basically a Monarchy with zilch democratic DNA – supported by an Aristocracy also with zilch democratic DNA.
Neither have reason to change anything.

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