By Craig Paterson

This Sunday, 22nd of June, the Radical Independence Campaign will hold a National Mass Canvass event.

Over 40 events will take place all across Scotland with the intention of speaking to as many people as possible and raise awareness of the benefits and possibilities a Yes vote can bring to Scotland, with the specific aim of reaching as many undecided voters as possible.

Some of the issues we will be highlighting will include:

  • Own our own national energy so corporations can no longer rip us off–and keep the profits.
  • End zero hours contracts, introduce a living wage and give workers a proper say at their work
  • End tax evasion so that corporations pay their fair share–and invest the money in public services
  • Save £1 Billion a year by not getting involved in pointless wars which kill our young men and woman – and by not paying for another 50 years of nuclear weapons

We have had great success with the Mass Canvass events in Glasgow and Dundee and now want to build on this by taking the level of engagement to as many people in Scotland as possible.

This referendum is a movement of the people, not the politicians, they have come from every walk of life all united by the purpose of wanting real change through independence.

We want to use the Mass Canvass to speak with people who have disengaged from politics. Our belief is that engagement is the first step to winning the Yes vote and it is also part of our wider view of keeping people engaged after the referendum as well. We will be taking voter registration forms round the doors with us and hope to sign hundreds up so that they can cast their vote on Sept 18th.

Independence is just a key to a door that, when opened, can allow us an opportunity to address the endemic problems working class people face of poverty and unemployment. That is why it is of vital importance that we engage with those who have turned their backs on what they see as an out of touch political class who know nothing about the daily hardships people face.

It is time for the people to stand up and be counted, we need the voices of the Supermarket worker, the Cleaner and the Office Clerk to lead the way to a new Scotland. But for that to happen we need to really address people’s concerns, listen to people and show that their issues matter. That they matter.

For too long those in control at Westminster have squandered our natural resources, sold off our public bodies to profit their rich friends and left millions upon millions in poverty all the while spending billions on pointless wars and nuclear weapons.

We now live in a country that requires the Red Cross to deliver emergency food aid while at the same time our MP’s are increasing their salaries and flipping their second homes. Let’s all just think about that for a minute: while the people go hungry and cold Westminster politicians are making the hard choice of which home to sleep in.

This referendum is not about nationalism, it is about which direction we want our society to go in, and at the moment it is heading backwards not forwards. It is time to put the brakes on and start moving towards a socially just, equal Scotland.

The National mass canvass has been endorsed many people including actor David Hayman, who said: “Joining the Radical Independence Campaign is a statement of the fairer more just society that all of us wish for. It is vitally important that all of us engage in the exciting debate that will shape the future of Scotland. Another Scotland is possible, a better Scotland is possible.”

Comedian Alan Bissett said: “Radical Independence have been doing great work getting those not on the electoral roll – those most alienated by the elitism and economic brutality of the British state – to register and vote, but they need your help. The Mass Canvass will be a huge push, which will hopefully see a tide of unregistered voters waking up to the possibility of independence. Get out there, knocking on doors and be part of something historic and vital.”

RIC Activist Cat Boyd said: “As was reported in the herald just before our conference in 2013, the Radical independence campaign is the wildcard in this referendum, and if we go out and convince as many women, young and working class people to vote yes- then all bets are off. This event shows that. We can prove that another Scotland isn’t just possible, but probable.”

We urge everyone who wants a better future to join us in engaging with the people of their local village’s, towns and cities to help secure a Yes vote. Go to to find an event near you and get involved in the June 22nd national day of action.

Radical Independence Campaign  


2014-06-21 20:31

Your work is probably the most important in this campaign, get in there and make it count, ah the best for tomorrow.
2014-06-22 15:05

The Mass Canvass appears to have been a success from the photos on the internet.

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