Labour’s paper on welfare has been fatally undermined by their own policies today – which would see people in Scotland receive lower rates of benefits than people in other parts of the UK.

Despite Labour’s paper today saying that people in Glasgow and Edinburgh should be paid the same amount in benefits and pensions as people in Gloucester and Essex – the party has already announced welfare plans which guarantee exactly the opposite.

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has already detailed plans for a regional cap on welfare – which could see higher benefits paid to people in areas like London compared to other parts of the UK.

Commenting, SNP MSP Linda Fabiani said:

“Labour’s paper on welfare has absolutely no credibility – and has been directly contradicted by the party’s bosses in London and their plans for a regional welfare cap.

“The central platform of Labour’s claims on welfare today was that people in Edinburgh should be paid the same in welfare as people in Essex – but Ed Balls has already confirmed that Labour plans for people in Scotland to receive less in benefits than people in London in the event of a No vote.

“It’s clear that Labour are trying to face both ways on welfare – they say one thing in Scotland and another thing in Westminster.

“But no matter how hard Labour in Scotland tries to hide it during the referendum campaign, the fact is that the Westminster parties are engaged in a race to the right on welfare – and in the event of a No vote it is ordinary people across Scotland who would suffer.

“With a Yes vote we can take a different path – and create a welfare state that supports vulnerable people and is a springboard to a better life – rather than one which punishes people who need support.”


2014-07-09 20:01

Undecided Scots please note that Scots are going to be treated as second class citizens of the Westminster Empire under Labour.

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