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Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood has said an independent Scotland could be a “beacon for social justice” that will show the way for everyone across the British Isles.
In a speech to be delivered in the Mitchell Theatre in Glasgow this evening, Ms Wood will argue that devolution alone is not enough address social inequality.

Ms Wood is expected to say: “Devolution has started to address the political imbalance of the UK, but without the economic levers that come with being independent, there will always be a limit to our ability to deliver just prosperity and social justice.

“We can point to Scotland already as an example in terms of the different way they have prioritised public health and free education. Scotland gives us in Wales and our progressive friends in England opportunities to point to demonstrable examples of an alternative to neo-liberalism and the politics of austerity.

“Just imagine what we could point to if Scotland emerges as an independent country.  Having a new state on our doorstep approaching public services in a different, more progressive way compared to what will be left of the UK.  Pursuing collaboration not competition.”

The Plaid Cymru leader will say that independence will allow Scotland to create a different social security regime – one that will refuse to penalise and punish the unemployed, the sick and the disabled.

She will add: “You are known throughout the world for your oil, your food and your whisky.  But your greatest export to us after September will be social justice, Scotia style.”

Ms Wood’s visit to Scotland was welcomed by pro-independence campaign group Yes Scotland which has said that a Yes vote will kick-start the process of constitutional reform south of the border and strengthen the UK social union.

Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland’s Chief Executive said: “More and more people south of the border such as Leanne Wood, Billy Bragg and Peter Tatchell are joining the ranks of those who believe that a Yes vote will not only be good for Scotland, but for the rest of the UK as well.

“People in Wales are all too aware of how a remote, out of touch, London-centric government at Westminster has time and time again ignored their economic needs, and the same goes for regions of England.

“A Yes vote in Scotland is an opportunity to end that by kick-starting a process of political and constitutional reform in the rest of the UK.

“A social union has long endured throughout all parts of the UK, and I believe that this will be strengthened by an independent Scotland being a good friend and neighbour to the other nations of these islands.”


2014-07-22 06:47

This is a given. It starts with Scotland adopting its own written Constitution. This alone will shake up the British Establishment and force change south of the border.
The absurdity of the feudal English system of governance will be seriously tested with its days very much numbered.
The absurd levels of tax we pay to prop up the current status quo will be gone. Scotland can re-prioritise where it spends its income and almost be default, a fairer and more balanced society will emerge, almost in spite of who forms the next Scots government in 2016.
martin morrison
2014-07-22 09:07

We’ve just been told that George Osbourne has given us £18 million and that this will help create 30,000 jobs. I’d love to see the arithmetic of this on explained.
2014-07-22 23:57

Like bribing a child with an ice cream, never works and it’s the parent having the tantrum here, ie westminster.
18m is nothing compared to the 4billion they will cut from the pocket money they give us from our own earnings. Slash n burn will be there preferred strategy if it is a no vote, god help us then.

2014-07-22 09:09

Scotlands black hole.

Sorry O/T but what I found shows what we are up against.
My sister in law asked me if I knew about something about where many prisoners of war had died and was referred as Scotlands black hole.
I typed that in and was amazed at what came up from the no camp.
If anyone knows about the prisoners story I would like to hear from you.
2014-07-22 10:17

I think she may be referring to French prisoners held in Edinburgh Castle during the Napoleonic wars but might be wrong.

2014-07-22 10:10

Same result, RTP. Not a cheep about anything except gloom, doom and disaster if we claim our birth right.
Despite my asking in several directions, there’s never a word on England’s massive difficulties post Independence. Orchestrated silenced reigns – sshh don’t dare mention our bottomless black hole without Scottish wealth, expertise and skills.
Don’t let them realise we are only able to do street circuses and blow our own trumpets and these are worthless, so just keep the scary tales going – bluff is our only hope.
2014-07-22 10:19

Ms Wood’s participation is most welcome.
But the old question remains: how much of her speech will be reported by the British nationalist media? As much as Rory the Tory’s wee cairn building?
2014-07-22 10:33

Leanne Wood lecture, Mitchell Library:…/3207296


Leanne Wood lecture, Mitchell Library 7pm. Leanne Wood AM, will give a lecture hosted by the Radical Independence Campaign tomorrow, July 22nd, in Glasgow. Wood, a socialist, republican and a proponent for Welsh independence, is the first female leader of Plaid Cymru. We will also hear from Tam Brotherston, a veteran organiser of the UCS work-in who declared for a Yes vote in today’s Daily Record Don’t miss what is looking to be a night to remember.

Dundonian West
2014-07-22 14:40

OT.Commonwealth Games Business Conference opening address by First Minister.
Glasgow today.…/

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