Last Thursday, 28th June, a distinguished panel featuring Patrick Harvie, Lesley Riddoch, Elliot Bulmer, Kate Higgins, Sally Foster Fulton, Willie Sullivan and Ross Martin held a discussion on what a future reconstituted Scottish state might look like.

This event was held in the Scottish Parliament in front of an audience of 100 people, and was filmed with the specific intention of widening understanding of the benefits, or otherwise, a written constitution might bring to an independent Scotland.

By a Newsnet reporter
An independent film company has announced plans to make a documentary on how the BBC report and manipulate political news in Scotland.
The company, Equinox TV which is part of Equinox Scotland Limited – an independent production company – has launched a bid to raise funds in order to produce a documentary that “puts the BBC’s news coverage under the microscope.”

By Bob Duncan
Plans are being finalised by the Scottish football authorities which could see the Rangers newco begin the new season in Division 1, despite huge opposition from rival fans.
Charles Green’s newco, having failed to gain sufficient support within the Premier League to be accepted as “Club-12”, may be ‘parachuted’ into the First Division from the start of next season.

By Bob Duncan
Angry protests are taking place in Japan after the Government announced its intention to reactivate nuclear power plants which were closed down after the Fukushima disaster.
Environmentalists joined with ordinary people as Japan prepares to restart some of the Nuclear power stations which were shut down in May to allow stress testing to be carried out.


Acclaimed cartoonist Bob Smith takes an irreverent look at the independence debate. 

Online nationalists, Unionists, celebrities, the Greens and other assorted political protagonists come under Bob’s satirical microscope.