By David Lyon

It hasn’t been a good week for Stephen Hester.

Not only has RBS had their credit rating downgraded by Moody’s, but he’s now managed one of the biggest failures in both modern-day banking and IT.

By John Drummond
The SNP should start work on a constitution for an independent Scotland before the referendum or risk a shambles, says the chairman of the Constitutional Commission pressure group.

To paraphrase Justice Louis D Brandies:

“If we desire respect for the constitution, we must first make the constitution respectable.”

By a Newsnet reporter
A bid to honour the man who helped found both the Scottish Labour party and the Scottish National Party is to be launched by MSP Rob Gibson. 
The cross party bid will seek to honour Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, the charismatic Scottish socialist, writer and adventurer.

By a Newsnet reporter

The organisers of this week’s Royal Highland Show on the outskirts of Edinburgh took the rather audacious decision a couple of years back to bill their event as “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

Such trumpet blowing and triumphalism, especially on a global scale, can be somewhat alien to the Scottish psyche.  However, in the world of events promotion, the big birds catch the big worms.

Newsnet Scotland has provided a video of the entire session of FMQs from Holyrood.  The video is followed by the reporting of the session by BBC Radio Scotland.

We invite visitors to form their own judgement on whether the report is an accurate reflection of proceedings.  We also invite visitors to decide whether all participants have been given equal airtime by the BBC.