By Fran Willby
According to the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) there will be up to 180MW of global wave and tidal energy projects available by late 2016, with the UK potentially hosting between 70-80 per cent of installations.

Scotland is leading the marine energy sector with seven of the world’s eight tidal demonstrations based in its waters. Many of these technologies were on display last month at Scotland’s premier renewables show, All-Energy 2012.

By Bob Duncan
The Space X Dragon unmanned cargo capsule has returned safely to earth after its rendezvous with the International Space Station (ISS).
The capsule splashed down at 16:42 BST in the Pacific Ocean around 900km from the Baha Peninsula of California.  Fast boats were already at the splashdown zone, and were sent to pick it up.

By a Newsnet reporter

The ongoing doldrums of the dairy industry in Scotland could be banished if a new iniative aimed at international markets is successful.

Scottish dairy farmers have battled for years in a market place where the price they receive for their milk is not much more than, and in some cases less than, their production costs.

A pioneering new invention which encourages children to be tidy by making rubbish disposal fun is being backed by South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine.
Youngsters can now drop their litter into a specially designed bin modelled on a basketball net, making tidiness cool and encouraging them to compete with each other in throwing away things like crisp packets and sweetie papers.

By Bob Duncan
Fans and creditors of Glasgow Rangers were dealt a further blow tonight following accusations of a serious conflict of interest on the part of the club’s administrators Duff & Phelps.
Claims of conflict of interest and failure to disclose pertinent facts were made in a BBC documentary, “Rangers: The Men Who Sold the Jerseys?”, which was broadcast on BBC Scotland tonight (Wednesday).