By Russell Bruce

The Guardian on Monday published their monthly poll conducted by ICM.  As Newsnet Scotland readers will be aware UK wide polls only provide a small sample of Scottish opinion.

Even the sample at UK level drops significantly once those who are not certain to vote (9%) do not know who they will vote for (23%) or refuse to answer (8%) are excluded.

By a Newsnet reporter
First Minister Alex Salmond hit the US chat show circuit when he appeared as a guest on The Late, Late Show.
Hosted by ex-pat Scot Craig Ferguson, Mr Salmond fielded questions on Scottish history and his goal of independence … against the backdrop of the Arbroath Abbey ruins.

By a Newsnet reporter

With the proposals put forward for the latest round of EU Common Agricultural Policy reform continuing to raise concerns amongst Scotland’s farmers, news of some flexibility emerging in Brussels has been welcomed by the Scottish Government.

CAP funding, in the form of direct support and also grants to aide with diversification of farming businesses and enhance the natural environment, is especially needed in Scotland’s hills, mountainous areas and on the islands. 

By a Newsnet reporter

An independent Scotland could have a thriving and exciting armed force that could evolve to integrate with the existing UK armed forces, according to a former member of the Irish Defence Force.

Declan Power, a Dublin based journalist who served in the Irish Defence Force said that such a force would still be capable of meaningful participation in conflicts around the world and that being part of a smaller force would be no barrier to those seeking promotion to top decision making jobs.

By Dave Taylor

The first thing we learn is not to trust the BBC, or other London sources!

While the easy thing to do is to accuse them of anti-SNP bias, in this particular case they simply seem incompetent in their presentation of Scottish (and Welsh) news. 

That the Press Association is similarly incompetent is not an excuse.