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  By Bob Duncan

Archaeologists working on the site of the new Forth Replacement crossing in South Queensferry have discovered the remains of the oldest dwelling in Scotland, a mesolithic roundhouse dating back more than 10,000 years.

Traces of the ancient dwelling at on the south banks of the River Forth were discovered during archaeological excavation works in preparation for the construction of Scotland’s largest infrastructure project in a generation.

By Bob Fairnie
Scots is a deid language. Sae some fowk keeps on tellin us juist like the broken record they’ve been playin tae us for the lest hunner an fifty year. Jings, the maist popular sang ever in the warld, ower the lest twa hunner an fifty year, “Auld Lang Syne”, is screivit in a deid language. Ay, that’ll be richt!

Tha teachdaireachd a’ dol a-mach gu luchd-cleachdaidh na Gàidhlig an cuid sgilean cànain a chleachdadh nas trice airson gum bi a’ Ghàidhlig aig cridhe dualchais na h-Alba anns na bliadhnaichean a tha romhainn.

Bidh Micheal Rùiseal, Rùnaire a’ Chàibineit airson Foghlaim agus Ionnsachadh Fhad Beatha, a’ comharrachadh na Gàidhlig an uair a bhios e a’ bruidhinn aig fosgladh oifigeil a’ Mhòid, ann an Dùn Omhain a-nochd.

By a Newsnet reporter  

The planned cut of two senior English language posts from the BBC offices in Inverness has been reduced to one, according to the media industry news site allmediascotland.   A spokesperson for the BBC told the news site: “As an organisation that has an ongoing dialogue with our staff, we’ve been talking through our efficiency plans with staff and unions as part of the consultation process.

By a Newsnet reporter

A few years ago a group of friends from Milton in Glasgow were chatting over Christmas dinner, reminiscing and thinking about how important family is. Conversation turned to ambitions and how great it would be to make a film. For many folk this would be idle chat to be forgotten the next morning, but not for this particular group of people.

By Paul T. Kavanagh

Newsnet Scotland has a commitment to Scottish language and culture.  But we have limited time and limited resources, so instead we decided to focus our energies on a single project to promote the Gaelic language, one which would speak equally to Gael and non-Gael alike.

For the first time in Scottish history, Newsnet Scotland is proud to make available a detailed map of Scotland, entirely in Gaelic.

Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail (The Royal National Mòd), Scotland’s premier festival celebrating Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage, will this year travel to Dunoon for the seventh time in its 120 year history, last visiting the town in 2006.
The eight day celebration of Gaelic music, dance, drama, arts and literature, which takes place from Friday 12th until Saturday 20th October, is set to attract thousands of participants and visitors.