Newsnet Scotland is run by unpaid volunteers and relies on donations in order to continue.  In the coming months we aim to create a solid revenue stream that will allow us to continue without cause to seeking donations from our readers.  Until then however we survive on the generosity of people who are kind enough to put their money in our account and their trust in us.

Not everyone can afford to contribute and to those who cannot we fully understand.  To those people we say keep visiting, keep reading and spread the word – everyone contributes who visits.

There are two methods of donating, bank transfer or PayPal.

For anyone who wishes to donate directly to the Newsnet Scotland bank account the details are:

Account number: 00117917
Sort Code: 83 26 32


There are two buttons, the donate button is for one-off payments, the subscription button is for regular automatic monthly amounts. Details of donors will be safe and will not be passed on to any other party.

This first button will enable a one off donation of one pound upwards.


This second button will allow an automatic donation to be made each week/month.

Regular payment options