Shawlands Mela, an exciting event which will be held in Shawlands Academy on 17th March 2012.

The Mela is a traditional south Asian festival where members of the local community gather together.  In recent times it has become a popular way to refer to fairs or shows where the local community gather in a celebration of food, arts, dance and general entertainment.

Before any of our Highland readers think that we mean them, it’s Highland cattle that are in demand.

We may have lost “coo candy” production, but the real beasts are getting high prices from European buyers.  At this year’s Oban sales, prices shot up by 45%, with around a third of cattle sold heading for Germany, Estonia, Italy and Finland.

By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP has reiterated its commitment to removing Trident from Scottish waters as the party’s spring conference today (Saturday) passed a motion committing to the soonest possible timetable for removal of the nuclear weapons system following independence.

By a Newsnet reporter

Stuart McMillan MSP has today (Saturday) been given unanimous support from the SNP Spring Conference in Glasgow with his on-going battle with the UK Government’s planned cuts to the Coastguard services in Scotland.

By a Newsnet reporter

The SNP today (Saturday) kicked off the local election campaign with a pledge that every SNP Council will deliver a living wage for all employees.

The commitment at party conference, which mirrors SNP action in the NHS and Scottish Government will see all SNP administrations elected in May put in place the Living Wage for their employees.