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Labour fantasy of how Union works

  By George Kerevan
ON TUESDAY we got Labour’s Mark III devolution plan – or Mark IV if you include the abortive 1979 version. My point is not to denigrate Labour’s efforts. In fact, I think these latest fiscal proposals should be examined seriously and on merit. I merely observe that this is Labour’s latest offering – which suggests dissention and … Read More


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UK budget can’t hide continued cuts

Independence is the only way Scotland can properly create opportunities and secure the investment in public services and the economy … Read More

Full tax power discussions herald ‘great opportunity’, say SNP

Evidence given to a Scottish Government committee discussing the benefits of the country having full control over its own tax … Read More

£110 million youth funding

Minister for Youth Employment Angela Constance will highlight that the area qualifies for an allocation from the EU’s Youth Employment … Read More

Glasgow SNP group elect new leader

Glasgow City Council’s SNP Group today (Tuesday, the 18th of March) elected Councillor Susan Aitken as the new Leader of … Read More

PFI contract reviews to save £26 million

Plans to deliver £26 million savings across the 28 existing Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects in NHS Scotland have been … Read More

Boost for Yes after Unison branch debate triumph

INDEPENDENCE campaigners have received another boost as a Unison trade union branch sided “positively with the Yes side”.
Nation-wide branch Skills … Read More

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  By Kenneth Roy 
BBC News Online is the most popular news website in the UK. Its 40 million ‘unique users’ every week – of whom 25 million are in Britain – give it a position in the media market of enormous dominance and authority. That is why anything that happens on BBC News Online should be watched carefully.

And something is happening – something rather odd. Since the appointment of Tony Hall as director-general, the BBC has embarked on a perverse mission to save a failing British institution – the mainstream press.

By David Scheffer
Recently, misleading presumptions about what international law requires and seeming indifference to the necessity of negotiations following a possible pro-independence vote in Scotland on September 18th have framed the referendum debate.  Politicians can always craft arguments around faulty presumptions and then make a dire outcome sound eminently plausible.  But the fate of Scotland cannot be so easily disposed of by the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, the Chancellor the Exchequer.

By Derek Bateman

Getting poor people to register to vote to change their lives is now branded “hatred”. Have Unionists lost all decency or just a little perspective? I don’t care who goes into Easterhouse and the other sprawling estates outside Scotland’s cosy middle circle of professionals, well-paid pensioners, business types and commentators, so long as it works.

Who lives their lives content that thousands of our fellow citizens live such dreary unrewarding lives that they have no motivation to engage with society? The answer is the selfish, the uncaring and the undemocratic.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
They were supposed to be cruising to victory.  Their tactics were basic yet effective, keep posing questions and keep highlighting concerns.
Even the revelation that insiders had christened their own scare tactics ‘Project Fear’ appeared not to harm Better Together as they continued twenty points clear, plodding towards the finish line and certain victory.

By Derek Bateman
What’s going to happen to your pension, the Unionists like to ask. It’s a very good question and they’ve managed to spin it relentlessly to frighten pensioners into thinking Scotland couldn’t afford to pay its way.
Like so much else in this debate, the case is built on a myth. It pre-supposes that Britain’s current arrangements are rock-solid and sustainable…carried aloft on David Cameron’s broad shoulders.

By Paul T Kavanagh

We’re doing things all wrong you know.  After spending the past 18 months or so sneering contemptuously, ignoring all positive arguments for independence, and belittling Scotland’s chances of making it as an independent state, the Observer/Guardian has decided that Scots are not having the debate we’re supposed to be having.

By a Newsnet reporter

On Saturday the Herald newspaper ran a story with a headline that read ‘Blow for Yes as PCS union decides to stay neutral on indyref’.

The story revolved around the result of a vote taken by trade union PCS the outcome of which was that the union would adopt a neutral stance in the independence campaign.

By Colin Fox
Perhaps the key question the European elections pose in Scotland this summer is – will UKIP win a seat here?
While most commentators predict Farage’s racists may top the poll in England (in 2009 UKIP got 13 MEP’s elected and received more votes than Labour) they feel UKIP does not have the support to win a seat north of the border.