NNS Media Limited (“NNS”) retains the right to moderate all comments, and will remove comments from chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards, user nets or electronic open forum debates in circumstances where a comment includes:

* use of abusive, crude or offensive language;

* personal attacks on other posters and/or users;

* revealing personal information about other posters and/or users such as name, private address, phone  number, email address or other details;

* ‘trolling’, spamming, ‘flame wars’ and/or deliberate attempts to disrupt or derail a thread;

* defamatory remarks and/or comments which could result in NNS facing legal action;

* attempts to promote or gather users for their own and/or another website;

* commercial advertising of any kind not previously approved by the  Directors of NNS;

*  comments which advocate or incite criminal behaviour;

* content which is abusive or which incite hatred on the basis of a person’s race, religion, gender, nationality, sexuality or any other personal characteristic.  This specifically includes both anti-Scottish hate language and anti-English hate language.  This also includes sectarian comments of any kind;

* link(s) to sites containing offensive or illegal material and/or commercial advertising of any kind not previously approved by the Directors of NNS;

* words which are in a language other than Gaelic, Scots or English and whose content cannot be  checked by a moderator.

*comments that do not add to the discussion of the article under which they appear

*articles from other websites.  These should not be reproduced in full but should contain a link to the site on which the article appears

If you are under 16 your comments may be removed unless you have parental permission to participate on this site.

Those with newly registered IDs will be pre-moderated by our moderation team after a new user begins to post comments.  Pre-moderated comments will only become visible once they have been checked and approved by a member of the moderation team.  Periodically, we shall update our membership lists and newly registered IDs whose comments have been approved will be transferred to post-moderation.

When users are post-moderated they become visible to the public immediately upon posting.  These comments are reviewed by our moderation team after they have become public.  Comments which fall foul of the guidelines given above will be removed and the person responsible for the comment may be excluded from all future participation in Newsnet Scotland chat rooms, electronic bulletin boards, user nets or open forum debates.

Moderation decisions are final.  If you wish to complain about the way a comment has been moderated then please use the “contact us” form.  Do not post your complaint on the forum

If you read a post you feel breaks the terms of this policy, please report it via the ‘Contact Us’ Form:  http://www.newsnetscotland.com/index.php/contact-us/submit-article?jid=5