By a Newsnet reporter

The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Durão  Barroso, has made a rare statement on EU citizenship for Scots or any other nation or region within the EU which gains independence from the state which currently governs it.

Italian federalist politician Mara Bizzotto asked Mr Barroso if “regional citizens” would immediately lose their status as EU citizens, and the resultant rights and obligations, if the “region” secedes from the member state.

  By Bob Duncan

Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has indicated that the UK government has now caved in on its previous stance regarding any challenge to the independence referendum, even if it includes a question on enhanced devolution.

In a statement in the Sunday Mail, the Lib Dem MP said that Westminster would not contest a referendum held by the Scottish Government, without there being a section 30 order in place, even if the ballot included a question on extra powers for the Scottish parliament such as Devo Max.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
Scottish Secretary of State Michael Moore has given the clearest signal yet that Westminster is growing increasingly concerned with its lack of control over the independence referendum.
In a statement today, the Lib Dem MP issued a veiled threat to the Scottish Government warning of a possible legal challenge should the referendum go ahead without specific legal consent from London.

By Bob Duncan
The Labour Party in Scotland has been accused of adopting confused behaviour this weekend after members campaigned shoulder to shoulder with the Tories, despite claims that David Cameron’s party are “hated”.
Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy (pictured) described how he has always ‘hated’ the Tories, but this weekend posed for photos in East Renfrewshire with Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw.

By a Newsnet reporter

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown delivered the first Campbell Christie lecture at Holyrood’s Festival of Politics on Friday night, giving a speech which had been trailed in advance as a further development of Mr Brown’s ideas on more powers for the Scottish Parliament. 

However his speech was immediately criticised by the SNP as “fatally flawed” and amounting to “little more than a defence of the status quo”.

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By G.A.Ponsonby
Constitutional experts are in disagreement over whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to hold an independence referendum.
Speaking on Good Morning Scotland Saturday edition two constitutional experts failed to agree on the issue that has enveloped the BBC and the Labour party in a row over bias.