By Martin Kelly
The SNP has called for a positive debate on defence in an independent Scotland after what they claim were wildly exaggerated claims that appeared across the Scottish media regarding the future of the Faslane naval base on the Clyde.
In a statement released after news stories appeared in the Herald, the Scotsman and the BBC, suggesting up to 19,000 jobs would be lost if Trident was removed from Scotland, the nationalists pointed to official information already published by Westminster that discredited the claims.

  By G.A.Ponsonby
The MP in charge of Labour’s No campaign has admitted that a reliance on scare stories will not be enough to convince voters to reject independence, according to a Scottish newspaper.
Speaking to the Daily Record Labour MP Anas Sarwar, who is also Deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party, pledged to up the level of debate.

  By Bob Duncan

As we reach the end of a year which has been characterised by scare stories and negativity from anti-independence politicians, say the SNP, the No campaign’s New Year’s resolution should be to raise the quality of the referendum debate in 2013.

The Nationalists have appealed to the Better Together campaign against Scottish independence to raise its game next year by signalling an end to its tactic of scaremongering, and have cheekily assured No campaigners that Hogmanay will continue as normal after independence.

  By Martin Kelly
The campaign against Scottish independence has been hit by an embarrassing gaffe after it emerged a briefing for activists contained a glaring factual inaccuracy.
According to an official document circulated by the Better Together alliance, recent calculations showing an independent Scotland with a smaller deficit than if it remains in the UK, are reliant on the Barnett formula – which it points out would end with independence.

  Scottish Secretary Michael Moore’s position has been branded “totally unsustainable” and he has been accused of “letting down Scotland” after he admitted the UK Government was making no contingency plans for the rest of the UK in the event of a Yes vote on independence.

Mr Moore also revealed that the UK government did not plan to approach the European Commission for a formal view on EU membership prior to the 2014 referendum.

  By a Newsnet reporter

Claims by anti-independence parties that an independent Scotland would be forced to adopt the euro have descended into chaos after UK Prime Miniser David Cameron contradicted claims by his Better Together ally Alistair Darling on rules over the use of the single currency.

Speaking yesterday, Mr Cameron pointed out that some EU members who have apparent obligations to join the single currency have “no early, or immediate or indeed, longer than that prospects of joining the euro”.

  By G.A.Ponsonby and Bob Duncan
A split has emerged amongst Unionist parties over the Barroso EU row after Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie denied claiming that an independent Scotland would be forced out of the European Union.
Speaking on Newsnight Scotland the Lib Dem MSP appeared to distance himself from Unionist claims that an independent Scotland would be expelled from the EU and forced to re-apply.