By Martin Kelly
A pro-independence campaign group is today claiming victory after a London based lobbying group confirmed its intention to campaign against Scottish independence.
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) today confirmed it will campaign on behalf of the Better Together organisation after registering with the Electoral Commission.

  By Martin Kelly
One of the leading advisors to the Better Together campaign has admitted that advice published by the UK Government which it claims supports a decision to block a currency union with an independent Scotland, might be wrong.
Professor Jim Gallagher, who is opposed to independence and has been recruited by the No campaign as a special advisor, made the admission when appearing in front of the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee.

  By Stefan Bienkowski
The UK’s return to a triple-A debt rating “would be delayed” if Scotland chose to vote for independence in September’s referendum, ratings agency Fitch confirmed in a report on Thursday.
Westminster’s promise to honour any existing debt within the United Kingdom in the event of Scottish independence, whilst seeking repayment from an independent Edinburgh government, would lead to a 10 percent increase in the country’s debt to GDP ratio.

  By a Newsnet reporter
The UK Treasury has been accused of cooking up arguments against a post-Yes currency union after it was forced to admit it had no evidence of discussions having taken place between its own senior civil servant and Chancellor George Osborne
Reports in today’s Sunday Herald of a Freedom of Information request stating that there is no paper trail detailing how Treasury Permanent Secretary Sir Nick Macpherson arrived at the decision to rule out a currency union, have been seized on by the SNP.

  By a Newsnet reporter
Comments from an as-yet unidentified UK Government Minister that there will be a currency-union between a newly independent Scotland and the rest of the UK has “holed the anti-independence campaign “below the waterline” First Minister Alex Salmond has said.
Mr Salmond’s claim followed revelations contained in a London based newspaper that a coalition minister had admitted that threats of no currency agreement were merely a campaign tactic and that Westminster’s stance would change dramatically following a Yes vote.

  By Anne-Marie O’Donnell
Pressure is growing on Prime Minister David Cameron to take part in a TV debate with First Minister Alex Salmond after it emerged that polls swinging towards a Yes vote had prompted crisis talks in the Better Together campaign.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, a crisis summit was called on Friday between No campaign leaders because of increasing support for independence. 

  By a Newsnet reporter
Exactly two years ahead of Scotland’s planned day of independence on March 24th 2016, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has set out a timetable for delivering Scotland’s interim written constitution.
As part of her Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture in Cardiff, Ms Sturgeon announced that – as part of the Scottish Government’s ongoing preparations for the transition to independence, should people choose it in the referendum – the draft Scottish Independence Bill will be published before the Scottish Parliament’s summer recess.